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Chinese Astrology - Find The Secret of Your Life

Feb 03, 2021 Fortune Angel is the Chinese Five Element Astrology software including professional 10-God Chinese astrology birth chart, 10-Year Major Cycles, Cycles of Love, Dating Tool, Years to Watch, Love Matches for all persons in the database, Daily Chinese astrology, Peeking any Year and any Day. It's a good tool for learning Chinese Astrology. Indian Moon Sign Vedic Astrology, Get your daily astrology free online horoscope. Discover about Vasstu, Astrology, Indian Astrology. Get a complete and accurate indian astrology free horoscope online. Astrology on the Web Astrological Glossary, a comprehensive dictionary of astrological terms, from A to Z. This is the first sector of the glossary, covering the letter A. Use this glossary just like a dictionary to look up the meanings of words you come across on this website, or in your astrological reading.

This is Chinese Five Element Astrology. It is from the theory of Chinese Yin-Yang Five Elements. This is different from the fortunetelling of the Chinese Zodiac Signs. It's required your correct birth time to build a Four-Pillars-Eight-Characters birth chart. It will calculate the Five Elements inside the Chinese Zodiac Signs and then analyze your destiny. It will tell you which of the Five Elements could bring you good luck. By searching for your Lucky Element in the Chinese astrology calendar, then you will know which years are your good years. In China, Chinese Five Element Astrology is called Ba-Zi fortunetelling.

By clicking the Submit Button in the following form with your birth data, you will find three valuable secrets about yourself. One is the Lucky Element from your Five Elements. The second one is The Rise and Fall Chart of Your Life. The last one is the Lucky Element Guide to help you to improve your luck for the rest of your life.


The Rise and Fall Chart of Your Life

  • Enter your birthday, birth time using the western calendar
  • Use standard time, not Daylight Saving Time
  • Enter Time Zone of the birthplace
  • The City Longitude is optional
  • Use negative for west longitude. e.g. -118.15 for Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Select the gender
  • Press Submit button to reveal Chinese Five Element Astrology

Master Tsai's Recommendations

The followings are our sample of Chinese Astrology readings. We analyze the Five Element distribution in the birth chart and then determine the Lucky Element. We predict the good years using the Lucky Elements. To know what will happen, we need to know the meaning of the Ten Gods. If The Chinese Five Element astrology is too complicated, then read the 2021 Easy Zodiac Prediction.

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Check Your 10-God Birth Chart

2021 Easy Zodiac Predictions
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Free Chinese Horoscopes

East West Astrology Compatibility

2021 Chinese New Year of the Cow


Chinse New Year is on February 3, 2021 in China timezone. The Chinese Zodiac Name is White Metal Cow. According to Chinese Five Elements theory, Cow is in the Earth group. People whose Chinese horoscope birth chart has a weak Earth element will have good fortune in 2021. Peek your 2021 Chinese Zodiac Prediction for Year of the Ox..

2021 Chinese New Year of Ox

Chinese New Year's Eve is on February 11, 2021, and February 12, 2021, is Chinese New Year Day. China will be 4718 years old. 2021 is a Golden Cow year. The first day of Chinese Spring is on February 3, 2021. Chinese name this date Li-Chun, which is the first day of the Chinese Zodiac Year of Ox. Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days long, which is called the Spring Festival. The last day of the festival is the Chinese Lantern Festival, which is on Friday, February 16, 2021..

Free Daily Chinese Horoscope

If you know your Chinese Astrology Lucky Element, you should check the Daily Chinese Horoscopes. This application tells you the happening events regarding your career, money, reputation, and love. You even you peek your horoscopes on a future day. So you can plan for future events..

Fast Love Match

Free Chinese Horoscope Love compatibility Match using birthdays has been serving millions of users since 1999. It's much more accurate than Chinese zodiac signs matching by birth years. Try the love compatibility test with anyone you know using our Fast Love Match..

2021 Baby Gender Prediction

East West Horoscope Compatibility

East west astrology compatibility chart

Choosing Baby gender for 2021 newborn baby using the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart? Chinese Lunar Calendar for Baby Gender prediction is quite complicated. Sometimes, it has 13 Chinese lunar months. We strongly recommend using the Revised 2021 Chinese Baby Gender Calendar for planning the next baby gender. The Chinese Baby Gender Predictor can calculate Chinese lunar month and Chinese age..

Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology Software

East West Astrology Compatibility Chart

Fortune Angel is the Chinese Five Element Astrology software including professional 10-God Chinese astrology birth chart, 10-Year Major Cycles, Cycles of Love, Dating Tool, Years to Watch, Love Matches for all persons in the database, Daily Chinese astrology, Peeking any Year and any Day. It's a good tool for learning Chinese Astrology. More Career, Money, Fame, Marriage predictions in the Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology Software..

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East West Astrology Compatibility Characteristics

    • Becoming an Astrologer
    • The Fundamental Concepts
      • Astrology Basics
      • The Planets
      • The Signs and Houses
      • The Aspects
      • The Moon's Nodes
    • Approaching a Chart
    • Methods of Prediction
    • Comparing Charts for Compatibility
    • Keys to Chart Synthesis
    • The Politics of Astrology
    • An Introduction to Vedic Astrology
    • General Principles of Vedic Astrology
      • The Signs
      • The Houses
      • The Nodes
      • Yogas
      • The Ascendant and Lord of the First House
      • Significators of Life Themes
      • The Strongest Planet
      • Aspects
      • Nakshatras
      • The Art of Synthesis
    • Vedic Tools of Prediction
      • Dasas
      • The Iyer Method
      • Prashna
      • The Timing of Relationships
    • Websites on the best astrology programs
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