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Nov 20, 2020 FILE – In this Feb. 7, 2020, file photo Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, center, speaks as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., left, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Elizabeth warren zodiac sign

The Next Four Years

See full list on astro.com. Dec 03, 2019 Elizabeth was born under a Taurus Moon, demonstrating that she cares deeply about the physical world. As the first earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus is connected to all tangible resources, including.

Earlier in the year when governments enforced various levels of lockdown of populations, I was asked as an astrologer “when it would end.” As the lockdowns began very close (and this country almost exactly) to Saturn the planet of contraction … Continue reading

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Democrat Elizabeth Warren is running for President.
She announced this intention on December 31st, 2018. Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope provides some fascinating insights. And provides clues about her chances of winning the 2020 election.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know her birth time.

But we do know (Wikipedia bio) she was born June 22nd, 1949, in Oklahoma City. So let’s create her horoscope chart for that date and location. And set it for noon. Which is usual practice when we don’t know birth times.

Without birth time the chart can really only a provide a general overview. And we have to (mostly) ignore the Moon’s position. Likewise ignore the house positions, including her Ascendant (rising sign).

There are at least two interesting aspects in Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope.

The first is that she has Sun conjunct (‘next to’) Uranus. This is in the zodiac sign of Cancer (green oval, above).

The second is her Mercury-Mars conjunction. Which is in Gemini (red oval).

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Sun-Uranus conjunction

Elizabeth Warren Horoscope

Sun-Uranus conjunct indicates – for anyone with this aspect – eccentricity, abruptness. And a certain restlessness. They have a galvanising sense of who they are. My late brother being one example of Sun-Uranus – he enjoyed being contradictory! It can be someone whose ego and sense of self (Sun) is unpredictable, sudden, unusual (Uranus). Unique.

Sun-Uranus indicates someone ‘full of surprises.’ An innovator on some level. Also someone who may seem inconsistent. Therefore likely to switch between options, quickly and suddenly. Positively, this can be welcomed as much-needed innovative and a revolutionary sense of identity. Or, negatively, it can someone who is inconsistent and abrupt.

This Sun-Uranus conjunction in Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope is in the sign of Cancer. This is a water sign, ruled by the Moon. Her Moon is very likely to be in Taurus, even though we don’t know her birth time.

So her Sun-Uranus pair ‘looks to’ the Moon for guidance. The Moon is like their CEO. And a Taurus Moon values reliability, consistency, endurance. There is thus an underlying emotional need for consistency and reliability behind this unpredictable side of her nature.

This is a good thing. The Moon is strong (‘exalted’) in Taurus, and it provides grounding. Grounding and moderation for a potentially erratic Sun-Uranus combo.

Mercury-Mars conjunction

Mercury is (broadly) about thinking, ideas, communication. It is what we say … and how we say it. Much depends on the sign Mercury is in. And aspects other planets make to it.

Elizabeth Warren Horoscope Ohio Astrology

Warren’s Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini. So Mercury feels right at home. So her mind and thinking is lively, sharp and strong. She is ‘mercurial’ and thought-focused. Full of ideas.

Mars alongside (conjunct) Mercury adds to this. Mars brings force, dynamism and drive. And a kind of ‘warrior’ mentality to the way she operates. And Mars here makes Warren’s words and ideas more powerful and punchy than they would be otherwise. Which is a good combination for a lawyer. Law is a big part of her life. Mars-Mercury is a good combination for someone who has to ‘push’ ideas. Someone who wants to communicate forcefully. And to fight using words.

Mercury-Mars trine Neptune

This Mercury-Mars combination receives a trine aspect (about 120 degrees) from Neptune. This is shown by the blue arrow, above. This is reminiscent of Donald Trump’s Mercury. His is in a square aspect (about 90 degrees) to his Neptune.

Neptune to Warren’s Mercury-Mars adds idealism and the ability to forcefully (Mars) communicate (Mercury) a vision or fantasy (Neptune). Trump’s Mercury-Neptune square means this is an ‘always on’ attribute for him.

Warren’s Neptune trine Mercury-Mars means this vision is more ‘on call’. It is not as active. She will use it when she sees fit. It is a useful combination if you’re running for high office. Because you can pitch ‘your dream’ to the American people. And do so with force.

Looking ahead: Inauguration Day 2021

Let’s look ahead to January 2021. Around the 20th of that month is when the President is sworn-in. There is an interesting planetary lineup at that time for Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope.

Elizabeth Warren Birth Horoscope - Astrologers' Community

We can see it by using the chart below. It looks a little weird. That’s because it uses ’90 degree dial’ method of display. It shows all conjunctions, squares and oppositions … as conjunctions. Which sounds a bit odd. But it does make everything visually clear.

The inner circle shows Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope. The middle one is Solar Arc Directions (SADs) for January 20th, 2021 at noon in Oklahoma City. And the outer circle are transits for that date.

The green oval shows SAD Sun-Uranus aspecting her natal Mercury-Mars conjunction around this time.

This means her innovation, eccentric and dynamic self (Sun-Uranus) reinforces or combines energy with her forceful communication (Mercury-Mars). It would be a good time, if she is elected, to give a forceful speech. One that promotes a ‘new beginning’ in United States politics.


The grey oval shows a possible SAD aspect to Warren’s Moon. But since we don’t know her birth time, the Moon’s position in her horoscope could be up to 7 degrees either side of the position shown here. So this SAD Mars to Moon is very much a ‘maybe’ at best. It would indicate – if true – a strong emotional drive at this time.

Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope: summary

Will she win?


I don’t know. Well, at least not yet. It really depends on the astrological setup of the other candidates. It’s a bit like a running race. You can’t pick the likely winner until you know the condition of the athletes involved.

Freewill astrology scorpio horoscope. There might be other candidates whose astrological signatures have a stronger indication of becoming President. Or Trump might win a second term.

We’ll get a better picture in the coming year, as other candidates step forward. But for now, we can say that Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope has some interesting alignments around election and inauguration. The planets certainly indicate she is a ‘contender’ with the ability to convey a powerful message with an underlying vision.

One final interesting thing is Jupiter in Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope. Which is at the exact degree of the (transit to transit) Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020. That conjunction is very significant. Because it marks a return to the ‘Air sign era.’ A new beginning. Not only for the world, but also the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle for Elizabeth Warren.

So, read my previous article about 2020 to learn more.