Empty House 6 7 Vedic Astrology

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Empty House 6 7 Vedic Astrology

Houses in astrology and their lords in Kundli. Know the Lords of all 12 Houses; Lords of Houses in birth chart as per Vedic astrology. Below is the list of 12 houses in astrology and their lords.

12 House in Janam Kundli

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Maharishi mahesh yogi vedic astrology nyc ny. There are 12 houses in Janam Kundli. Meaning of respective houses in Hindu Kundli and their importance:

  1. House 1 in Kundli – House of the Self – Tanu Bhava
  2. House 2 in Kundli – House of Wealth – Dhan Bhava
  3. House 3 in Kundli – The House of the Siblings – Sahai Bhava
  4. House 4 in Kundli – House of the Home/Mother – Bandhu Bhava
  5. House 5 in Kundli – The House of Children – Putra Bhava
  6. House 6 in Kundli – The House of Enemies – Ari Bhava
  7. House 7 in Kundli – The House of the Spouse – Yuvati Bhava
  8. House 8 in Kundli – The House of Death – Randhr Bhava
  9. House 9 in Kundli – The House of Fortune – Dharma Bhava
  10. House 10 in Kundli – House of the Career – Karma Bhava
  11. House 11 in Kundli – The House of Large Sums, Gains and Friends – Labh Bhava
  12. House 12 in Kundli – The House of Enlightenment – Vyaya Bhava

Empty House 6 7 Vedic Astrology

Rashi & Their Swami (Zodiac & Their Ruling Planets)

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  • In the traditional Vedic calendar system the tithis are used as dates, so one’s birthday would be on the same tithi as they were born, the relationship between the Sun (Father) and Moon (Mother) would be the same on one’s birthday as it was the day of birth. In this way, the Gregorian dates have no astrological relevance.
  1. Maish (Aries) – Mangal (Mars)
  2. Vrish (Taurus) – Shukra (Venus)
  3. Mithun (Gemini) – Budh (Mercury)
  4. Kark (Cancer) – Chandra (Moon)
  5. Singh (Leo) – Surya (Sun)
  6. Kanya (Virgo) – Budh (Mercury)
  7. Tula (Libra) – Shukra(Venus)
  8. Vrishchik (Scorpio) – Mangal (Mars)
  9. Dhanu (Sagittarius) – Guru (Jupiter)
  10. Makar (Capricorn) – Shani (Saturn)
  11. Kumbh (Aquarius) – Shani (Saturn)
  12. Meen (Pisces) – Guru (Jupiter)

Empty House 6 7 Vedic Astrology 2020

Please note that while calculating the house-lord we carefully observe the planets in the each house. For example if Aries is in the first house, Mars is the first house ruler (see chart above).

By Roya Backlund

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Empty House 6 7 Vedic Astrology Chart

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