Exalted Planets In Vedic Astrology

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Its even more better if associated planets are in own or exaltion sign. Ex: for Capricorn lagna, 9th lord is Mercury if posited in 9th also gets exalted in virgo sign. Here both conditions are fulfilled. Lagna and 9th lord saturn, mercury in 9th is good and also mercury is exalted here. Planets/ Grahas in Vedic Astrology: Navagraha There are seven planets (grahas) in Vedic astrology They are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Two more chaayaa grahas (shadow planets) are listed: Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are axis and mathematical points. They are also called the north and south nodes or the head. In vedic astrology, there are specific signs where a planet will be naturally exalted or debilitated, meaning very strong or very weak. Look in what signs your planets are located (you can find this in your reading, below the charts and before the “General” section of the reading itself) and check out the following list.

Vedic Astrology Week of Exalted Planets AND Strong Malefics

Is it any wonder we are still feeling a lot of intensity and pressure now. Sun and Saturn are in direct opposition AND exalted – showing both the need for individuality AND compromise – showing both hubris AND humility.

Vedic Astrology Week of Exalted Planets AND Strong Malefics _ VIDEO

Mars is also in Aries, with the Sun, ruling Sun, Venus, Ketu and now Mercury. So in fact Mars is really king now – the general is running the show, which feels like a military dictatorship at times. Mars is also moving int a direct aspect / opposition with retrograde Saturn in Libra (and Rahu).

Exalted Planets In Vedic Astrology 2020

Venus is joined these fiery planets (Sun, Mars and Ketu), so the compromises are harder and harder to come by. And now, Mercury has also moved from Pisces (where he was debilitated) to Aries, where he is also in danger of incineration.

And that about sums up the week ahead!


5 Tips to Help you thrive in this environment Horoscopo de libra para manana.

  • It is a good time to be on purpose, and move forward with those things that require your courage and honesty.
  • Make sure to get enough rest
  • Make sure to drink enough water
  • Early morning is a very good time for spiritual practice now, as is Sunset.
  • Physical exercise can be very important now, or else you might get really frustrated

Exalted And Debilitated Planets In Vedic Astrology

Exalted Planets

I taught a webclass on exalted planets last year that I am re-running. You can either watch it now or set up a time in the next several days to watch

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