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The Face as a Whole of Face Reading: By observing the face of a person as a whole, we can get a keen idea of how his life would be in general, starting from childhood till his old age. Forehead – A forehead reading can give you insights about the condition of a person’s heart, bladder, and small intestines. He has expertise in face reading, palm reading, black magic removal, government job predictions, vastu predictions, negative energy removal, horoscope reading, marriage & matchmaking astrology, auspicious muhurat predictions, and many other astrology fields. Meet Top Astrologer Pt. N K Sharma Ji and Get the best Face Reading Predictions. Face Reading is a ancient technique to analyze a person’s character or characteristics on the calculation through their facial features. Secrets of Face Reading with Astrology: Face reading method has been going on in India since ancient times. In olden times, people can analyze nature and character by just looking at face.

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There are a few blessed souls who by merely looking at people can predict with high levels of accuracy. To some, it comes as a siddhi (power), and for a few it comes out of experience. The art or science of face reading is an age-old method of predicting human lives, and has been used by people as a reliable method of astrology.
In India, face reading is termed as Samudrika Lakshana, and in China it is called Siang Mein. There are many articles available on this subject, and one of the best books have been written by Gopesh Kumar Ohja and R G Rao.

Comparing the human face with that of animals is one method in which the reading is done. Another method is to check the energy field of the person. If an astrologer is able to detach his perceptions from facial and bodily features of the client, he would be able to classify people in certain patterns which could then be used to predict the future.


There is another method wherein the horoscope is cast looking at a person?s body.

Each body part is associated with a particular house – according to Indian astrology – for instance, the right eye represents the father, left eye represents the mother, and the nose represents the brother.

The Second house of the natal chart signifies the face, the Third house signifies the shoulder and the Fourth house signifies the chest region and also the mother.
If you find a person with crooked teeth, you can easily say that his Second house is affected. If the right eye is more powerful than the left, then it can be said that the person?s relationship with his father would be better than that with his mother. If you find a person limping, his Saturn would be wrongly placed.

The thigh region signifies the 9th house, and if a person has a cut or a wound on the thigh it can be told that the person will have difficulties with father, teachers and gurus.

Grand square astrology. Human face can be divided into 12 parts, and events can be predicted based on them. This fundamental is based on the principle that the whole can always be related to parts.
Few facial combinations give amazing results. For instance if a woman has curly hair, thick lower lips along with a masculine voice it can be predicted that she will not have a happy married life.

For celebrities like prime ministers and presidents, there is a term called Raja Lakshana. This will tell you about the intensity of a person?s success and failure in his life.

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Face Reading Indian Astrology Birth Chart

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According to the ancient Chinese facial mole studies, not all moles are bad. Most of the moles serve as a warning or reminder so you can be more vigilant to protect yourself from harms, this is especially true for those moles that can be seen easily.
The “good moles” symbolizing good luck and fortune are usually hidden or not easily seen. The color of mole is darker than skin. Moles have dark black, black, light black, gray, brown, purple and red colors. The pure color of black or red are good moles. Moles mixing with red, white or yellow colors are unlucky signs in people relationship. A shining and smooth mole with good brightness is considered as good mole. A mole with hair indicates the mole is alive, which is a sign of good mole. A male should keep the hair. A female can trim it.
If you consider getting rid of the mole on your face, check the reading before you do. You may come to appreciate it more. Also removing the mole will not change your fate, but knowing what challenges that may come will help you handle it better.Face reading indian astrology compatibility

Face Reading According To Indian Astrology

Face Reading Indian Astrology Compatibility

Find the location of the mole from the picture, and check the reading below.

Face Reading Indian Astrology In Hindi

  1. Cannot get along with parents, boss, or the elderly. Try to keep a respectful distance with them.
  2. Same to 1. No respect to parents, boss, or the elderly. Try to keep a respectful distance with them.
  3. Same to 1. Try to keep a respectful distance with them.
  4. (above the eyebrow) – May encounter misfortune brought on by family or friends, or may have bad luck with money.
  5. (in the eyebrow) – Very smart, creative or artistic. Will have wealth and fame, and have good luck with money.
  6. (on the eyelid) – Tend to have conflicts with family, and have problem keeping money.
  7. Have financial hardship. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances.
  8. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances, and prevent accidents.
  9. Unlikely to have or to be with children or grandchildren.
  10. Tend to be troubled by long term or severe illness.
  11. Always worry and work hard for children, but may not be able to enjoy a good relationship with them.
  12. Do not reside at one place for long, move around a lot or have unstable environment.
  13. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances, and prevent food poisoning or diet problems.
  14. Be cautious with your actions to prevent loosing good reputation.
  15. Be mindful of your well being when traveling abroad.
  16. Life may be short, so live it to the fullest. Avoid any criminal acts.
  17. Tend to have foot problems. Need to prevent water-related accidents.
  18. Prominent and rich.