Feb 14 Astrological Sign

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Feb 14th Astrological Sign

  • Zodiac Sign February 14 Zodiac Sign February 14 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Your birthday shows you to be friendly and charming, an intelligent Aquarian with a warm heart. With grace added to your individuality, you possess refined social skills that can aid you in your overall success.
  • Zodiac for February 14 February, 14 astrological sign is Aquarius. Read the main characteristics of Aquarius on this webpage.

February 19 – February 28

The zodiac sign for February 14 is Aquarius. Astrological symbol: Water Bearer. Lady gaga astrology sign. It is representative for people born between January 20 and February 18 when the Sun is in Aquarius. This symbol suggests freshness and progress and the compassionate nature of these natives.

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February 1 (1st)Aquarius
February 2 (2nd)Aquarius
February 3 (3rd)Aquarius
February 4 (4th)Aquarius
February 5 (5th)Aquarius
February 6 (6th)Aquarius
February 7 (7th)Aquarius
February 8 (8th)Aquarius
February 9 (9th)Aquarius
February 10 (10th)Aquarius
February 11 (11th)Aquarius
February 12 (12th)Aquarius
February 13 (13th)Aquarius
February 14 (14th)Aquarius
February 15 (15th)Aquarius
February 16 (16th)Aquarius
February 17 (17th)Aquarius
February 18 (18th)Aquarius
February 19 (19th)Pisces
February 20 (20th)Pisces
February 21 (21st)Pisces
February 22 (22nd)Pisces
February 23 (23rd)Pisces
February 24 (24th)Pisces
February 25 (25th)Pisces
February 26 (26th)Pisces
February 27 (27th)Pisces
February 28 (28th)Pisces
Astrological sign for feb 14Feb

Feb 14 Astrological Sign

Aquarius Jan’ 20-Feb’ 18

Feb 14 Astrological Sign

Those born under the Aquarius sign are generally erratic. Their behavior and temperament are so unpredictable that it is impossible to define their personality type. However, they usually make wonderful first impressions. At first sight, an Aquarius will come across as a most charming and well-mannered person. People find them very interesting company as they are active and adventurous by nature.
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What Is February 16 Zodiac Sign

Pisces Feb’ 19-Mar’ 20

Gifted with a wild imagination, Pisceses have an unrivalled talent for story telling or anything artistic for that matter. They also have a great capacity for love and the depth with which they feel sometimes makes them extremely sensitive. So be very careful when relating to a loved one born under the Pisces zodiac sign as a harmless remark can prove to be incredibly hurtful to them.
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