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The Election Commission of India has announced the full schedule of voting in four state and one union territory assembly polls. The assembly polls will be conducted between 27 March to 29th of April and results will be announced on the 2nd of May 2021. Out of these 5 states the West Bengal elections will be the most fierce and politically very important. For astrologers it would be very difficult to judge the outcome of these assembly elections for many reasons including the non availability of the horoscopes of top leaders of these states and regional parties. Earlier in 2016 i had discussed on my blog why the birth data of Mamata Banerjee is deceptive and should not be trusted at all. Many astrologers would be making predictions on the same basis of the horoscope of Mamata Banerjee cast using her official birth records, which gives 5 January 1955. Some astrologers are taking Leo and some Sagittarius as her birth ascendant. But when the day and year of birth in the official birth data is wrong then how come we can cast the correct horoscope for her ? As per chief minister Mamata Banerjee ‘She is 5 years younger than her official age’. This fact is published in her biography and was covered by the national media in January 2012. When we google keywords, “Mamata Banerjee younger than her age” we get so many news reports about this matter like the links given below.

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The published biography of Mamata Banerjee is available with the title ” My Unforgettable Memories” where she tells us “I was not even 15 when I wrote my school final examination and would have been disqualified for being underage. So, my father gave a fictitious age and birthday to get around the problem. The result: a new birthday and five years added to my real age,” writes Banerjee.

Astro App is the first Astrology Software for the Web. Online Astrology Software. It contains all the features of an advanced astrology software. Astro App does not have to be installed or maintained. Sanyasa – meaning of. Sanyasa, this word is mentioned for the first time in the Mundaka Upanishad, it is the path of renunciation.A Sanyasi is one who has risen above the mundane ambitions of a householder and also the silence and penance of a recluse. The Ashtkoot Compatibility System is a system that has its roots in India and is primarily used in Vedic astrology. “Ashtkoot” simply means “8 factor”. The scoring within this system is based on the position of the sidereal Moon (Lahiri) of the two people and the 8 factors are scored on the integration of these two Moon positions. The Ashtkoot Compatibility System is a system that has its roots in India and is primarily used in Vedic astrology. “Ashtkoot” simply means “8 factor”. The scoring within this system is based on the position of the sidereal Moon (Lahiri) of the two people and the 8 factors are scored on the integration of these two Moon positions.

Apparently ‘Didi’ was born on October 5, instead of January 5, as the book says that her mother had once given her a horoscope with that date mentioned in it.” When Banerjee once confronted her mother over the mistake in her official date of birth, she had replied, “Darling, we are not city-bred people. Neither you nor your elder brother was born in a hospital. Where would I get a birth certificate detailing your birthday and year?”.

As per my humble understanding astrologers should not cast the horoscope of Mamata Banerjee using her official birth data which is deceptive and fictitious only.

In West Bengal BJP leader Dilip Ghosh is challenger to the Mamata Banerjee for the post of chief minister as Left-Congress alliance is too fragile to give any competition to the incumbent government. The horoscope of BJP chief in West Bengal is given below.

Horoscope of Dilip Ghosh

1 August 1964, 02:52 am at Gopiballabhpur, West Bengal
Longitude: 86E 54′ and Latitude: 22N 13′
Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari: Ketu 0 years 8 months and 10 days
The Gemini lagna horoscope of West Bengal BJP chief Mr. Dilip Ghosh is very strong. The lagna lord Mercury is in the 3rd house in mutual aspect with 9th lord Saturn. Moon as the 2nd lord is in conjunction with 7th and 10th lord Jupiter making a decent Gaja Kesari yoga in the 11th house of gains. But the aspect of retrograde Saturn on the Moon in both Rashi and Navamsha is a blemish. The 7th house has Ketu under aspects from Mars and Venus. A malefic Sun is in the 2nd house. These yoga’s kept him bachelor and he also lives separately from his family. I had got the birth time of 03:00 am originally but i made a correction of few minutes to make in Makar rising in the Navamsha which is better explaining why he is living life of a bachelor. He was a “Pracharak’ in the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangha (RSS) from a very young age.
Dilip Ghosh comes from a humble family and he claims to hold a diploma in engineering from a polytechnic collage. See the 5th lord Venus is in deep conjunction with 6th lord Mars. A case against his education qualifications was filed with the elections commission of India since the polytechnic collage concerned had given a reply in the RTI that Dilip Ghosh has not passed any course during 1975 and 1990. Notice here the conjunction of 5th lord Venus with 6th lord Mars showing a controversy about his education credentials. Never the less there is no dispute that he is unmarried yet which also get confirmed in both Rashi and Navamsha charts of Mr. Ghosh. As per Jaimini system his Darakaraka is Venus which is in conjunction with Ganatikaraka Mars and also with Rahu. The Karakamsha is Sagittarius so this bad conjunction take place in the 7th house from it.
His enigmatic Rahu-Venus-Rahu period is running from 25 November 2020 to 8 May 2021. Rahu is strongly placed in the Gemini sign in lagna. Mercury is the dispositor of Rahu which is in excellent Raja Yoga. Under his leadership BJP will perform very well in West Bengal assembly polls. But in Navamsha his dasha lord Rahu falls in the 12th house from Janma lagna. In transit Rahu will be moving in the Taurus which is 12th house from lagna. So he may narrowly miss the chance to become the chief minister as his party may not get the required number in the assembly polls. But he can become a cabinet minister at centre in Modi government in the coming months.

Oath Taking horoscope of Mamata Banerjee

Late marriage vedic astrology krs horoscope. 27 May 2016, 12:45 hours at Calcutta


How To Find Dispositor Astrology

The above given horoscope is the oath taking chart of Mamata Banerjee when she had become chief minister of West Bengal for her second term. It is very carefully selected Muhurat as in the fixed lagna Leo Jupiter is strongly placed and so is the lagna lord Sun. But the Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 4th house of throne is a disturbing feature. Moon is in the 6th house in Kemadrum Yoga is the biggest weakness of this oath taking chart of Mamata Banerjee. In year 2016 West Bengal Assembly elections Mamata Banerjee’s party had one 211 seat out of 294. While Congress had got 44 seats and left parties could manage only 26. BJP at that time had won only 3 seats but got 10.16 percent of votes. Since then BJP is making progress in the state and in 2019 general elections they had performed exceptionally well in West Bengal. Now apply the tranist of planets on the oath taking chart of Mamata Banerjee as per Bhrigu principals. Transiting Saturn and Jupiter on natal Moon in Capricorn are not good for her. Rahu is transiting over the natal Sun in her oath taking chart explaining threat to her party. But on the 5th of April Jupiter will move into Aquarius which will influence the 7th house of the oath taking chart of Mamata Banerjee giving her major relief.


1 January 1998, 11:00 hours at Calcutta, West Bengal

Final Dispositor Vedic Astrology Calculator

Longitude: 88 E 22’ and Latitude: 22 N 34’

Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Moon 2 years 11 months 15 days

The Pisces lagna horoscope of Trinmoola Congress Party (TMC) is very strong as there is a beautiful exchange between lagna lord Jupiter and 11th lord Saturn. Then we have this conjunction of 5th lord Moon, 9th lord Mars, lagna and 10th lord Jupiter and the 3rd and 8th lord Venus in the 11th house of gains which explain the success stroy of this regional party. In the Dasha of Mars (December 2000 to December 2007) party supremo Mamata Banerjee had make her mark in the politics of centre as she was a minister in the cabinet of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and later in Manmohan Singh government also. Trinamoola Congress Party had become a strong regional party during that era of coalition government in Indian politics. Like many other regional parties it has been part of both Congress and BJP led alliances in the centre.

In Rahu-Jupiter Dasha in Vimshottari (August 2010 to January 2013) TMC created a history by uprooting 34 years long Left Party rule in West Bengal. It was in May 2011 when TMC had miraculously won the assembly elections in West Bengal defeating CPI (M) led Left Front during her Rahu-Jupiter-Mercury in Vimshottari. The Bhukti and Antra lords Jupiter and Mercury both are very strong in the horoscope of TMC.

Interestingly the zodiacal sign of West Bengal, as per late B.V. Raman, is Gemini from where Saturn was transiting in the 4th house and Jupiter was in the 10th house in Pisces. So in 2011 when there was change of government in West Bengal the transiting Saturn and Jupiter were at the Virgo-Pisces axis i.e. at 4/10 axis of its zodiacal sign Gemini. Now during the assembly elections this year the transiting Saturn would be in Capricorn at the 8th house from the zodiacal sign of West Bengal. Jupiter will come into Aquarius, in the month of April, at the 9th house of West Bengal’s zodiacal sign. So the transit Saturn position is worrisome for the incumbent government while Jupiter’s better placement is a saving grace when we study it from the angle of zodiacal sign of this state.

At the time of assembly elections TMC would be under Rahu-Venus-Jupiter in Vimshottari from January 2021 to June 2021. Rahu and Venus are in the 6/8 position which is bad for this party who is losing its members as they are flocking into the rival BJP camp since last two years in large numbers. But then Bhukti lord Venus is exalted in Navamsa and Antra lord Jupiter is also strong in Navamsa lagna. The transiting Saturn over the Janma Nakshatra of TMC in the birth chart and in Navamsa it is in the 8th from her Moon is not good. So its performance will be very average as compare to last election results in 2016.

In Chara Dasa Gemini-Cancer will be running from March 2021 to August 2021 in the horoscope of TMC. Atamakaraka Jupiter is in the 8th from Gemini and Amatayakaraka Mercury is in 6th from it which is not good. But the Bhukti Rashi Cancer is the 5th house from lagan and it get Jaimini aspect of Amatayakaraka Mercury which can bring them back into power but with reduce majority in 294 member legislative assembly. TMC may manage to form the government with secret help with Congress Party which is fighting this election in ally with Left Parties.

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