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  1. . Gemstone recommendation. Recommends beneficial gemstone based on your horoscope. Gem carat weight. Gives you the exact carat weight of the gem that you should wear. Quality of gem and its fixing. Recommends the right metal in which the gem should be set. Preparations before wearing gemstone. Tells you how and when to start.
  2. Suggesting a gemstone to client for Lagna lord, 5th lord, 9th lord or 10th lord is also very common practice among the astrologers. Some astrologers have no hesitation, even in recommending a gemstone for Neech or debilitated planet in horoscope.

Gemstone Recommendation tool finds stone (ratna) according to your date of birth. Get free Birthstone suggestions by month and analysis of your janam kundli (birth chart) to find which gemstone suits you. Love marriage indication in vedic astrology.

Astrologers will suggest gemstones based on the 1st, 5th, 9th house lords from the ascendant, known as yoga karaka planets in the Janam kundali. When these places are not strong, our ability to think logically is influenced. The rays of the gemstones enable us to think properly by enhancing the strength of mind and soul. Gemstone should not be worn for 6th, 8th & 12th house (lord) planets.

Some western astrologers suggest wearing gemstones based on the 10th house. The most effective gemstone for a person is the one depending on the Kendra of Natal horoscope.

S. NO Planet Gemstone
1Sun GemstoneRuby
2Moon GemstonePearl
3Mars GemstoneRed Coral
4Mercury GemstoneEmerald
5Jupiter GemstoneYellow Sapphire
6Venus GemstoneDiamond
7Saturn GemstoneBlue Spinel
8Rahu Gemstonehessonite garnet
9Kethu Gemstonecat’s eye stone

What do people believe about gemstones

  • They diminish the past reactions of karma.
  • Protect against gloomy accidents and unfortunate events
  • Minimize the influence of opposing planets and negative energies
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Minimizes stress and calms down the mind
  • Minimizes nervousness and depressions.

But these may or may not be true for everyone. It is said that gemstone has some effects on people only when the sun rays reflecting/passing from the gemstone fall on the human body during work. But today many jobs are performed in closed rooms and offices and hence the effect of gemstone may not be relevant.

How to Wear Gemstones

Before wearing gemstones we should purify the mala of the gemstone. There are many methods to do it. The procedure should be easy to implement and support a happy life.

Prior to this process, the particular gemstone should be carried for 3 days and 3 nights to check for bad dreams and negative energies. If there are none, the below-mentioned procedure must be followed –

Step 1: Soak the mala for 24 hours in Coconut Water or Cow Milk or Gomutra (Shudhi process)

Step 2: Wash the mala and expose it to the sun’s rays for 12 hours (Full day).

Step 3: Expose the mala to the moon’s rays the same night for 12 hours (Entire night)

Step 4: Perform Archana and Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva at the temple.

Step 5: Donate the offering (Prashadam) to at least 11 pandits and/or 11 hungry people.

Step 6: Keep fast on the day you visit the temple, donate the food that you eat in a day to a needy, and sleep using a washed (clean) blanket on the ground.

From the next day, the mala can be used just as we use a ring.

Consider the gemstone as a sacred item (Just like a god) and make sure that you don’t carry it to inappropriate locations, and beware at times you’re wearing it as you have to maintain its sanctity. During ancient times, kings, scholars, and other people who wore gemstones treated them with the utmost sanctity. Removed them prior to sleep and kept them away while attending events like death, funeral, etc. The sanctity (pavitratha) of the gemstone containing mala or ring is always maintained. Today, it is impossible to follow these rules while carrying a gemstone.

Gemstone as discussed earlier has effects on our thoughts when we wear it while working and sun rays interacting with the gemstone are a must. But today, the white-collar jobs are performed in closed rooms and offices and hence the effect of gemstone may not be assessed.

We personally do not suggest you wear any gemstones. But, if you want to wear them, it’s your wish as it may work as stone therapy or fashion wear. The gemstone may have a negligible effect on your thoughts, but it can be well suited as a fashion accessory.

Disclaimer:Using gemstones or any remedies is up to your personal preference. this tool only checks and give results according to inputs (birth details) given by you. Remedies may or may not work as expected by you. You need to test yourself Our tools/software may or may not show correct information do consider the second opinion with any other astrologers regarding stones before buying. By using tools/software’s on our website you completely agree with our terms and conditions and privacy policies also consider reading disclaimers before using our website. At the time of Horoscope reading or any other way, We don’t recommend stones, Pooja, Pariharas or Remedies.

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Free Astrology Gemstone Recommendation Compatibility

Gemstones are often referred to as treasures from the womb of earth. The cosmicvibrations receive and emit electromagnetic influence in a person's life. Smoothcoloured river rock can be considered the first type of stone ever used by mankind.In no time hunters started carrying pretty hunting stones with them and startedcalling it their lucky hunting stone. Since years stones and gemstones have playeda very important part in human lives. Ancient history and mythology has referencesabout talismans and amulets of various shapes, sizes and uses made out of gemstone.Getting appropriate gemstone guidance and wearing the same can be a life changingexperience. Gems are known to influence people's lives in ways more than one. Theytouch all aspects like the emotional, physical, mental and financial. Astrologersuse gemstones to strengthen the weak planets in a person's birth chart or strengthena particular aspect of a person's life.

Astrology and Gemstones


Science of Gemstone astrology is based on the fact that cosmic forces of planetsgovern human body and life. The cosmic structure of our birth chart defines howmuch of a help we will get from destiny in the course of our lives. Our birth chartand the position of planets make our physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual,and even karmic self and are the key deciding factor of the gemstone one shouldwear. Our birth chart is made up of some real powerful planets and some that arereally weak. An Astrologer is that link between you and your lucky gemstone. Hecritically analyzes an individual's birth chart and the effect of each planet andassigns the gemstone to enhance a particular planet .The enhancements in the particularplanetary using a gem will at times help remove the malefic effect of planets. Gemstones are known to affect an individual's emotional and mental state of being andalter the course of destiny in an individual's life.

Free Astrology Gemstone Recommendation Samples

Use of Gemstone

  • Remove obstacles in fields like finance, marriage, carrier, fame, luck, income andwealth etc.
  • The electromagnetic vibrations of the gems interact with and influence the auraof our body while touching our skin.
  • They have dual effects: spectrum effects and other is by radioactive effects.
  • Gem power is absorbed in the individual aura this helps resist any negative vibrationsfrom external sources.

What should a gemstone recommendation include:

  • What gemstones suit you
  • Weight of gemstone
  • What is the right metal for you
  • Instructions to wear the gemstone - day, time and date
  • Mantra to keep it pure and energized

Gemstones for different planets

Scholars of Astrology believe that each gemstone represents a particular planet.Depending on the position of planets in your birth chart (natal chart) one canchoose from the list below. However it's best to consult a learned astrologer beforewearing a gemstone. Just like medicines wearing a wrong gemstone can adversely affectthe individual in concern.. .Have a look at the list below to know which gemstonerepresents which planet.

  • Sun-Ruby
  • Moon-Pearl
  • Mars-coral
  • Mercury-Emerald
  • Jupiter-Yellow sapphire
  • Venus-Diamond
  • Saturn - Blue Sapphire
  • Rahu-Hessonite
  • Ketu-Cat's Eye

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Free Astrology Gemstone Recommendation For Today

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