Gandanta Vedic Astrology

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There is a frequency red zone between 26-30 degrees of a water sign that borders on a fire sign. The sanskrit term is Gandanta. Mars is currently moving into this zone and will not be in the clear until the new moon eclipse on November 13th, 2012. What makes it more significant is the fact that Mars is still dancing with Rahu exaggerating all of it in a well, intoxicated way.

Vedic Astrology classics say that retrograde planets are strong. The quality of the planet changes when it turns retrograde. Retrograde planets are closest to earth; therefore their impact on the individual is the strongest. Strong to do what? When planets retrograde over the gandanta points. Saturn will transit the gandanta point between. Jyotisha is often called 'Vedic' astrology'. This name may be a misnomer, since 'vaidik' priests of ancient India actually used a a particular lunar astrology in their rituals which is quite different from the solar Jyotisha that is widely used today. Gandanta means knot and occurs at the point when the zodiac transits from a water sign to a fire sign. This infused energy of water and fire gives instability and a sense of unpredictability. This knot from water to fire from the Nakshatra of Jyeshta to Mula is about. Bali Vedic Astrology. Search for: Home. SOLAR ECLIPSE – SCORPIO GANDANTA DECEMBER 11, 2020. Planetary News SOLAR ECLIPSE – SCORPIO GANDANTA DECEMBER 11, 2020. December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020. Bali Vedic Astrology.

Gandanta Vedic Astrology

Did you see that storm? Did you see something very different about that particular storm? I did. That storm system seemed to be a conscious entity that moved up the coast and strategically made it’s way to a specific location. There is so much mystery in this cosmos. We are only 2% conscious! Come on. Really!? We exist in the cosmos with other ‘lifeforms’, like storms?

Gandanta Point In Vedic Astrology


In conversation so many seem to throw out the idea that there are mechanisms to create weather patterns and earthquakes. I am not sure where the truth lies in that arena, but I do know one thing; Mother Gaia has all the power. Free daily cancer horoscope astrostyle. She can shrug us all off any moment she wants. We are hosts on this lovely planet. If we are subject to a major storm we are asked to pay attention. Personally I love New York, but it makes we wonder what is going on in that city that it keeps getting hit with the dark forces.

The internet is like a conscious weather generator too! This wonderful tool has created such an interlinking of humanity that we are all now working together to pray and direct energy. It’s incredible really. Seems we are living in an era where the nations war departments who are generating economy through warfare are now in competition with the global mindheartweb of the internet connections. We live in interesting times!

It is clear now that the there really is no difference between the consciousness of the entire body and one cell. The intelligence is not defined by size. Everything is contained within. Part = The Whole. So, if this is the case, the resonant frequency that emits from your heart and mind is uber powerful. YOU are the WHOLE. There is an extension of that theorem and that is above so below and as below so above. If this is the case, this Mars Rahu Gandanta transit will be outside us, but also within us.

The magic of this dimension is that we have choice. Knowing where the Mars Rahu Gandanda transit will be in your own chart is where you can work consciously with the comic flow. For all of you who are already working with me, I encourage you to take a moment to remember where this cycle hits in your own chart. This cycle is overpowered high octane emotionally intense rockin sexy energy. Harness it for your own growth and link globally to help keep the planet balanced!

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Gandanta In Vedic Astrology

Our main aim is to remove all negative thoughts about Astrology, which is incorporated in everybody’s mind since they are born. Do you know there are certain way, your chart can be made without even knowing your actual details. Yes, the way you behave, the way your physical body looks, the way you talk, the way you see the world, the way you walk. This all comes from different planetary positions and combinations. Imagine when i say saturn denotes boundaries and venus represents music. Now think what this combination of saturn and venus can make. It can be speaker , isn’t it ? . Speaker has boundary which has music inside. Now placement of this combination in different houses can lead to different interpretations.

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Now you might be thinking whats with this name “Gandanta”. Gandanta is a Sanskrit word that is derived from gaNDa meaning joint, spot, knot and anta meaning end, termination, dividing line. In Vedic Astrology, we take this to mean the knot at the dividing line. This knot at the dividing line occurs between water and fire signs of the sidereal zodiac. The reason there is a dividing line is because there is an abrupt stop and re-start at these junctures because there is not a Nakshatra to carry the energy from one sign to the next. These three locations of the zodiac between Cancer & Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius, and Pisces & Aries are where gandanta occurs.