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There was never a more irritating group of people. You go around consulting your almanacs, saying, ‘Oh, I can't walk toward the east today, because my horoscope says it's unlucky!’ But then when it's a matter of something affecting your entire lives, you simply look the other way.”.


  • If you’ve dreamed of being a geisha your wife or girlfriend, it is good, your relationship will be significantly improved. Geisha (geiko or geigi) are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain male customers.
  • Geisha is a perfect definition that describes the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Thus, seeing a Geisha in dreams mean that you will find a loyal life partner or you are already enjoying a healthy relation with your partner. Geisha dreams are also related to your overall professional and personal relations.
  • Daily horoscopes are prepared by astrologers taking into account the planetary configurations for the day. Most people, whether they admit it or not, are addicted to reading their daily horoscope first thing in the morning in the newspaper, or online.

During the coming twelve days it will be as well for you to mark time, and think carefully about any important plans you want to make – whether these are personal, concern your family, or are connected with your work.

Consider every possibility, every possible development. After your 2020 birthday, you’ll be entering an extremely positive and rewarding phase, during which you are sure to move forward and make progress.

Provided you’ve used your time well and make your plans with care, you’ll eventually have cause to feel vary satisfied – especially where your bank balance is concerned.

The planets are working very hard to ensure that you have some entertaining times during November 2020. Your energy level is increasing by the day, and after the 22nd Venus will add to your powers of attraction, and he or she will find it difficult to resist you.


Your social life continues to dominate your life, and you’ll have little or no time in which to rest up.

This will certainly be fun, but you’re bound occasionally to feel a bit weary In addition, during the first week of November 2020 you’ll have a tricky problem to solve which will tax your brain. So take your time in living through all this: consider all possibilities, and don’t rush into decisions.

You don’t usually like coping with detail, but surprisingly, in this case, you’ll rather enjoy the niggling and demanding complexity of your situation.


You’re probably feeling pretty pleased with yourself at the moment, and you can rest assured that the recent helpful influences on which you’ve been calling are still very much working in your favour.

The planets’ advice is to continue to push ahead, putting any new ideas to colleagues and like-minded associates.

Joni patry astrology chart calculator. They can’t fail, and neither can you. All’s well with Capricorn at the moment, and recent and future successes will ensure that all will be well with your loved ones too!


This should be a remarkable month where your career and personal ambitions are concerned.

The more you concentrate on these areas the better. Don’t discard any idea – even if at first it seems completely crazy.

Aquarians who are studying (either at University or for pleasure) will make progress and certainly impress their tutors. Aim to write that dissertation, report or essay between the 12th and the 17th .


The time is right for you to think about making some new investments. Ideas about this will come flooding, and you’ll intuitively feel where it’s right to put your cash.

You’re unlikely to go wrong, but a winning streak could all too easily get the better of you during the first 11 days of November and you might get a bit carried away.

So whatever little (or large) gamble you’re enjoying, try to cash up while you’re still doing well.


As far as you and your lover are concerned, at the moment’life is just a bowl of cherries’, as the old song goes, and it will be easy for you to keep it that way.

Your sexual appetite will be sharp and compelling, and lucky he or she with whom you enjoy spending it.

That is, until after mid-month, when if you have a ‘skeleton in the cupboard’ it could come dancing out to spoil things.

Take it out and bury it somewhere once and for all. Then settle down to an even nicer bowl of cherries with your lover – but be careful not to spill all that juice!


Things could get a little out of balance between you and your partner. You really do need to tread very carefully, and not allow even the smallest twinges of possessiveness or jealousy to creep up on you.

Any negative emotions you feel will be completely unjustified, and if you are rash enough to act on them or even express them in words, you’ll regret it, and have to make a huge apology.

That kind of thing is all far too disturbing and enervating, so avoid it!


According to your November 2020 Horoscope, this month tt’s just a case of keeping hard at it tidying up routine jobs and resolving the odd problem.

While much-dreaded boredom will certainly catch up with you at times, think how virtuous you’ll feel when you’ve got every task and problem resolved, and had that satisfactory blitz on your desk, and wardrobe.

Aim to keep stress and irritation at a minimum, to avoid headaches or upset stomachs. Don’t fret – life will get back to normal from the 21st . ***


Your powers of attraction are like a vigorous magnet, and specially strong this month – so if you’re looking for a new partner, or wish to rekindle an old, nostalgic love, you really will get exactly the result (male or female) you most desire.

Your imagination is working in a very creative and colourful manner, so whether you express yourself as a painter, poet, actor or inspired cook to know that you will move forward and your achievements will be up there with the best.


The time is right for entertaining at home and getting out your very best tableware.

Your efforts make every party you give great fun, with your guests relaxing and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

There’s also an accent on families. Perhaps some welcome newcomer is about to arrive, or perhaps you are planning a wedding? Whatever is about to happen will bring much happiness.


A decision you have to make will throw you into a very thoughtful mood. Don’t be distracted – as the issue is likely to be quite an important one.

Having thought things through thoroughly – and from the 22nd there’s a very good chance that you’ll get increased support from your partner or family – you really will know what to do and how and when to do it.

The result will surprise you – and probably sooner than you think possible. You’ll feel cheered and elated.


You hardly need your astrologer to tell you that your love and sex life will be extremely colourful and very rewarding.

There’s no need to force any issues, especially if you’re attracted to a new partner – because of those lively planets you’ll have bouquets of roses by the score on your doorstep during the second week of November, and shortly afterwards there will be fireworks of all sizes and colours.


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Sometimes an interest becomes an obsession, and then a life calling. When Australian anthropologist Fiona Graham first came to Japan, she was a 15-year-old exchange student. But in time, she became Sayuki—a working geisha. Metropolis spoke with Sayuki about the trials and rewards of being Japan’s ‘first Western geisha.’

Tell us about the first time you dreamed of being a geisha.

After I got my doctorate in Social Anthropology from Oxford, I started making programs for broadcasters like the BBC. I proposed a program about geisha; the project took on a life of its own from there, and I debuted as Sayuki—which means “transparent happiness”—in 2007.As with any geisha over the age of 21 or so, I debuted directly as a geisha. It turned out that it was impossible to make a program as the newest geisha in Asakusa. I couldn’t ask questions freely of my older sisters, or ask them to participate in filming in the way that I would have needed to do as a director. So I had to put the program on hold and concentrate on becoming a geisha.

What was the hardest part of your training?

I went through a very strict, very old-fashioned training, where I went very heavily into debt for a whole year before I could debut. There was a lot of financial pressure on me and a lot of uncertainty about whether I would really be allowed to debut, which made my training very stressful. One of the biggest challenges facing the geisha world is how to finance the training of new geisha in the months before they can formally debut and work, during which time they have to pay for lessons but do not yet get paid.

What were the pluses and minuses of the book and film Memoirs of a Geisha?

Memoirs of a Geisha was based on very extensive interviews with a real geisha, so I think a lot of the details and color came from that real-life experience. It’s a pity that many people don’t register that it was a novel, not a nonfiction account, and that it was set in the pre-war period, not now.

Geisha Aries Horoscope

What are the most common misconceptions about geisha?

So many misconceptions! The first misconception is that geisha are involved in sex work. Courtesans were involved in sex work, and geisha were not supposed to compete with the courtesans, even in old times. In modern times, if one wanted to be a prostitute, there would be many easier ways to do so than becoming a geisha! Many Western women have stereotyped views that geisha “pander” to men and are submissive. Geisha have always been working women, largely in control of their lives, even in earlier times.

What kind of people do your performances attract?

My smallest banquets are one customer, and my largest has been a thousand customers; the youngest customer one year old, and the oldest in their nineties. Anyone can come to a banquet, and there are many other uses for geisha than just banquets. Geisha are often at the openings of new shops or businesses, we have entertained at trade fairs, we have performed at Narita Airport for the openings of new routes, and we can visit expats’ homes to do private birthday parties. We love to travel overseas too.

What kind of expectations do foreign customers bring to your performances?

Many don’t know what to expect, or expect a very formal occasion. Geisha love to drink, and love to have fun, and most of our banquets are very lively occasions. It’s very easy to book a banquet or to call geisha to your own venue, just by contacting We only need to know your numbers and your maximum budget per person, and can make all the arrangements for you.

You were denied the chance to be “geisha mother” because you are not Japanese.

I left Asakusa after four years to establish my own independent geisha house because my geisha mother became ill and retired, and I was not allowed to become a geisha mother on the grounds of being a foreigner. I had initially planned to train as a geisha for a year, but at the end of the first year, I had only just debuted. And so I asked and received permission from the Geisha Association to continue as a geisha from that point on, under the same obligations and rules as any other geisha. So it was a shock when they did not apply their own rules about me becoming a geisha mother.

However, I still worked with Asakusa geisha at a banquet at an Asakusa teahouse the day after this happened, and have continued to work with Asakusa geisha and at some of the Asakusa tea houses all the time since then.

Geisha Sp Horoscope

Will the geisha tradition be able to continue without opening up to foreigners like sumo?

Any foreigner can arrive at a sumo stable and learn Japanese while they train. But the geisha job is a talking job. Geisha must be witty, wise, humorous, understanding, and provide perfect service in the context of Japanese society. It is simply not possible to do that without near-perfect Japanese. It is also illegal for a foreigner without long-term residency to work as a geisha, and if they attempted to do so, they would be putting their geisha house at risk.

Geisha Horoscope

Since I debuted, several [geisha] foreigners married Japanese. Thus, with long-term residency, [they] have worked as geisha in the countryside, where it is acceptable to be married. But that would be impossible in a town district. Apart from a Peruvian in Yugawara, these foreigners have now all quit. Many foreigners are attracted to kimono and dance, but being a geisha is a great deal more than just dressing up and performing.

At least one geisha house in Tokyo has succumbed to economic pressure and started running a companion business—kimono-dressed hostesses, something normally utterly unthinkable for geisha to do. I was told they have been ostracized by other geisha houses who did not want to share a geisha office in the same geisha district as a house doing this. One can imagine that such a geisha house in dire straits might try to recruit novelty foreigners with little or no Japanese skills as a publicity stunt, so it is a good thing that Japanese law protects against this cheapening of the geisha world.

Geisha work mainly in their own geisha districts, and fees are set in each geisha district so that geisha are protected from having price wars with each other and with other districts, thus destroying their own livelihoods. One can imagine a situation where a rogue geisha who didn’t understand these traditions and was solely focused on profit might enter, but this would be a catastrophe for the geisha world.

Tell us how Japan’s tourism boom is affecting geisha.

Geisha Horoscopes

For a period, at least some Japanese customers were not so interested in geisha in white makeup, and numbers of geisha correspondingly declined. But there is a revival going on now, and younger Japanese customers are quite similar to foreigners in their lack of knowledge of, and curiosity about, geisha; and see geisha as representatives of tradition as much as drinking companions. Tourists are actually wonderful customers for geisha, because they want to see the genuine article and appreciate the art of geisha.

Being a geisha must be very expensive. Tell us about some of the costs entailed.

A geisha in a high-class district can be wearing $10,000 of kimono when she meets her customers, so there are very significant expenses in our attire. There are also heavy expenses for lesson fees. Geisha in Asakusa only learn from the top masters in each school and must pay lesson fees continually, whether they attend or not. My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months after I became a geisha, and I had to frequently travel back to Australia to relieve my mother in looking after him. When I came back to Japan each time, I would face a mountain of accumulated fees for lessons I had not been able to attend. Eventually, [I] had to give up dance and tea ceremony lessons at the geisha office, and concentrate on music instead, which I could practice alone wherever I was.

One of the challenges in the geisha world is how to raise new geisha. I have had eight trainees in the last years who have gotten to the stage of attending banquets. I would like to see companies helping sponsor young geisha, in the same way that sumo wrestlers are supported. I am very open to offers to help my next young trainee start her career!

What do your mom and dad think of your career?

I grew up partly in Japan with a Japanese family and attending Japanese schools, so my real family has long had to accept that I chose a life that was not quite average!