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Gemini and Taurus Compatibility does not seem likely Air and Earth signs never get along. Air and Earth signs never get along. Earth is often like a dark, stuffy room, while Air needs freedom and currents running anywhere in order to survive. Taurus Compatibility Taurus and aries Taurus and taurus Taurus and gemini Taurus and cancer Taurus and leo Taurus and virgo Taurus and libra Taurus and scorpio Taurus and sagittarius Taurus and capricorn Taurus and aquarius Taurus and pisces Most Popular on Yes / No Tarot. Taurus and Gemini compatibility score: 3/5 This match isn’t a winner but it isn’t catastrophic either. Taurus is stuck in their ways, not very talkative, while Gemini personality is all over the place, very talkative. Therefore, this match has work to do.

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Gemini Man and Taurus Woman -- Do you understand each other?

She embraces stability; he can't exist without change. She aims towards future security, while he can't think past the present second. She gravitates towards a quiet kind of evening, but he prefers the New Year celebrations. Needless to say, this combination is not the most compatible in the zodiac. She needs someone steady, and he is maddeningly capricious. He wants a woman with a mind like a quiz show, and she wants to be loved for what she is. He'll stand her up, forget her phone number and maybe even her first name. With him, there's only one thing that she can rely on: the fact that he is utterly unreliable.

Gemini Woman and Taurus Man -- Difficult!

She is freedom-loving and flippant; he is security-oriented and serious. she loves to test and tease, and at any given moment she will have a thousand little games up her sleeve. As he can only deal with a home-loving woman or one who lays her cards face up, she is enough to give his a psychosomatic case of lockjaw. She has a convenient habit of forgetting that men are people. Therefore, if he moves too slowly, she'll treat him as if he were a tree. She's compulsively capricious and is an irritant to his sense of stability. He is confining and suffocating to her sense of freedom. This relationship is best confined to that between a bank manager and his customer, where he is limited to helping her with her bounced checks and complaining that she never balances her accounts.

Given below is today's, (Wednesday, March 17) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Taurus & Gemini zodiac combination.

There is an element of surprise today. There is a hint of expectation in the air. You can feel it. You wonder where it originates from and what it may be. In pursuit of that, you may spend more time in paying attention to yourself as you feel that whatever the surprise is may catch you unawares and you want to look good for it. Therefore, it may be a good idea to groom yourself and spend a good amount of time in a spa or any rejuvenation treatment.

On the other hand, your partner senses the suspense and is on the same lines as you. Therefore, it might be a good idea to go for a spa treatment together or indulging in practices like yoga. The day does not call for direct bonding, but indirect bonding. Instead of biding the time talking to each other, focus on the quiet moments when you are together as the silence will have a lot to say. The little happiness’s will be more important e.g. holding hands or a loving embrace. Little gifts or tokens of appreciation shall be well received. Let the day be all about you and your partner.

As for the suspense, it may come from an indirect source such as family or friends. Whatever it is, it shall be positive. Therefore, do not be alarmed. Instead, hopeful anticipation is the keyword in this case. The day is lucky for you. Spend it well.

Lucky colors – lemon yellow, peacock blue
Lucky numbers – 3, 12, 16, 21, 39

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