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The Ruler of the Life House for the Gemini ascendants is Lord Jupiter. If Lord Jupiter is in a strong position and is in his ruling period, then you will rise high up in your life, gain wealth, respect and fame; others will look up to you for guidance. Work in banking, social causes can be seen. Natal Jupiter is the sign where your JUPITER was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise. If you were born with Jupiter in Gemini, then your natal house is Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) and during transit, MARS forming conjunction (in Gemini), sextile. Natives born in Gemini Ascendant or Mithuna Lagna have an inquisitive nature, a desire to move around, a need for freedom, and to form connections and gel within their social circle. They tend to appear restless, anxious, and impatient and it is likely because of their constant involvement in multiple tasks.

Gemini Ascendant and Their Physical Appearance

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The physical attributes of Gemini ascendants is characterized by a tall stature with a slender, athletic build and they generally do not have a rigid or inflexible body. They are very energetic and have quick reflexes. They are very quick and limber when it comes to their gait, conversing with others and even when they are eating.

They usually have long limbs with slender fingers. In general they have a characteristic slim figure with a slender and long countenance and a svelte nose and chin area. They may not necessarily be pale but have a healthy tone in their skin which may be reddish or a natural blush. The Gemini ascendant natives usually have darker shades of brown when it comes to their hair colour. Their eyes generally have a hazel or greyish tint in them.

Mental Tendencies of the Gemini Ascendants

Gemini ascendants are curious by nature and have a knack for knowledge and earning. They are blessed with a good, retentive memory. Due to their love for learning and knowledge, they are good conversation carriers regardless of the topic. They usually have a liberal point of view and are helpful when it is needed.

Even though these individuals are always calm, knowledgeable and capable, Gemini ascendants are inherently restless and have impatient personas. They constantly crave for activities which keep mentally occupied and if they do not find one they end up feeling extremely anxious. They prefer to be around people who provide them mental stimulation and who engage in meaningful conversation. They are usually on the lookout for invigorating activities to keep themselves mentally and physically.

Being an airy sign the Gemini ascendant is blessed with a prowess for mental ability surpassing their physical abilities too. Their mind especially is vigorous and fertile. A native of this ascendant is quick to come up with new and fruitful ideas both in their academic and professional fronts. One of the downside to their personality is their inability to control their temperament.

Although they are cordial and calm beings, it is their mood swings which may occur for no apparent reasons that leads them to confusion and hesitancy. Their knowledge and charm could only work for them if they learn to control their mood swings.

“The Twins” is the symbol for Gemini which lends the added dimensions of another personality to their characteristics. This duality of personality enables them with the efficiency of handling two entirely different professions in a single time. Gemini ascendants are not much into following a fixed routine, in the sense that they do not like schedule and pressures that come at work.

Gemini ascendants are sensitive when it comes to their personal space. They enjoy and value their freedom and do not like others infringing on their personal space and independence. They believe in the idea of having a smooth and peaceful life and leave no stones unturned to achieve the same.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and this lends its chemical attribute to Gemini ascendants. Like the chemical characteristics of mercury the Gemini ascendant is hard to be pinned down to one place. They have been influenced by the dynamic nature of mercury making it hard for them to settle at a single point in life.

They are witty and can be outspoken, usually outsmarting the people they are surrounded with. The natives of this ascendant are also likely to take things in their own stride and do not like to make a fuss about the situations in their life.

A Gemini ascendant native has a dynamic and easy going personality and it is this attribute which makes them interesting and attractive to people from different walks of life. They are quite the charmer and are very attractive. In social gatherings conversations with a Gemini ascendant can be engaging and interesting which is entirely due to their wit and overall knowledge of things around them.

The duality in their personas or “The Twin” symbol can be reflected in their energetic and impatient nature combined with a shy, relaxed and reserved personality. They are optimistic by nature most of the times and the betterment of society or humanity as a whole is also their cause for concern.

Health ofGemini Ascendants

A Gemini ascendant is prone to have medical issues related to their hands, fingers or forearms. Their respiratory system and breathing can also be vulnerable so they could be prone to chest and lung congestion from time to time and often fall sick due to the cold, flu and illnesses such as bronchitis.

They are subject to stress and restlessness coupled with negative outlook in life. They are likely to have a nervous breakdown and suffer from chronic anxiety. These individuals can suffer from ailments such as tuberculosis, asthma and anaemia. They should also stay wary of afflictions to the region around their ears. A Gemini ascendant may suffer from minor speech impediments.

Precautions for the Gemini Rising Sign

A Gemini ascendant could really do well physically and mentally if they practice yoga or meditation. Most of their health issues stem from mental stress and extreme mental exhaustion hence any activity to calm their senses or nerves is beneficial to them.

These individuals could also take timely breaks from their normal routine and rejuvenate themselves. People under the Gemini Zodiac need their space due to their intense work regime that usually is the root cause of their stress and nervous breakdown. Thus, a time out from their regular routine periodically could be immensely beneficial.

A Gemini ascendant should also make sure to keep themselves well exercised to boost their immunity and to counter various illnesses that could afflict them. They can focus more on yoga and other fitness routines which can be beneficial for their respiratory illnesses.

Finances for the Gemini Ascendants

The career House of Gemini ascendant lies in the Water signs. Following this, natives of this ascendant have the following alignment:

  1. The Second House in Cancer:

This alignment influences a Gemini ascendant to be dependent on their money not just financially but emotionally as well. They give a lot of importance to their financial security and also this is a serious cause of concern for them.

A Gemini ascendant also loves to splurge, likes to spend on friends and family but is quite thrifty when he/she needs to spend it on other things in life. A Gemini ascendant native can be very possessive of their finances and equally possessive when it comes to their assets.

  • The Sixth House in Scorpio:

The alignment of the sixth house being in Scorpio positively impacts a Gemini ascendant in being tedious workers. It also renders them highly dependable and responsible as employees. This level of relentless working and singular focus could however lead to a poor social rapport with their co-workers and employers.

It is also because of these social hindrances that natives of this ascendant would rather work on their own without having to fulfil any obligations or formalities.Being inherently curious and having a deep capacity for knowledge, these natives would prefer to work in fields related to research, journalism, science, finance and research.

  • Pisces is in Tenth House:

Pisces being in the tenth house brings about the indecisiveness in deciding on their singular career path and the unwillingness to settle down. Gemini ascendants are good at multitasking and they do not entertain a single career option.

They can excel in whichever field or profession they choose but the difficulty lies in choosing a single vocation, eventually their emotions take the better judgement when it comes to settling to one vocation. They usually choose a work where they could express themselves artistically or something which helps society or mankind as well.

Love and Marriage for the Gemini Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant Male

A Gemini ascendant man is a friendly and interesting person but they may not be the ideal lovers due to their mood swings and their lack of restraining their desires. A native of this ascendant tried hard to heed to his true calling. He is burdened by the idea of commitment and his feelings and emotions are usually hay wire. The opposite sex has ample reasons to feel insecure around a Gemini ascendant male.

A Gemini ascendant lover is never the kind of person who is emotionally dependent on his partner and expects the same from his lover. In fact, it is a turn off and a cause enough for a Gemini male to desert his partner if they are emotionally demanding. A Gemini ascendant therefore finds it difficult to stay with a single partner as his preferences and emotions are ever changing and evolving.

His partners may end up felling insecure or jealous as he has many admirers around him. Women are attracted to his intelligence and good looks and in return he is confused and does not know which person is best suited for him.

A Gemini ascendant also enjoys dating numerous women and flirting around. With not much self restraint around him this native male could end up facing serious repercussions in his marriage.

Gemini Ascendant Vedic Astrology Articles

His lover or wife will have a difficult time comprehending life from his point of view. He believes in unadulterated freedom with no obligations or self restraint. It is his relentless charm and love for life that initially attracts his lover or partner.

A Gemini ascendant man is not bothered about who is the dominant partner in the relationship and they are more interested in the games of seduction. Hence their women will have a difficult time trusting them as they believe that a Gemini ascendant man will cheat on them or will not be loyal to them as a husband.

A Gemini ascendant male will be a sincere lover or husband later in his life when he himself is convinced of his woman’s love for him. He is attracted to women who are strong, responsible and does not bombard him with questions all the time. A Gemini ascendant may not reveal their feelings quite often but they are caring lovers and husbands.

They do not necessarily like the homely girl but like their partners to be outgoing and creative like them. They are always turned on by women who are pragmatic. A Gemini ascendant may have to go through a divorce a few times in his life and this is mainly due to his inability to settle down at one place or with one person.

Gemini Ascendant Female

A Gemini woman is attractive and charming to the opposite sex. She is of a relaxed temperament with a positive outlook in life. This woman has the ability to make others feel good with her charm and flirty behaviour. A Gemini ascendant woman will date more than one person at a time and will choose the one she finds the most interesting.

The native woman here does not believe in early marriage and goes through various experiences in different relationships. Her sense of privacy and freedom is important to her and she will eventually marry later in life taking good care of her husband and children. She can be an interesting mother and educate them well.

However like her male counterparts, a Gemini ascendant female will marry a couple of times in her life as she falls in love quite often. These individuals are unpredictable and are naturally sensual. She likes being complemented and flattered. She is also attracted to men who are independent and intelligent and not just good looking. Her happiness lies in travelling and socializing after marriage. She also likes unrestrained physical pleasures and she is not an inhibited individual herself.

The person dating her needs to be patient and if she feels like it she can easily cheat on her man with no remorse. She is the kind of partner who will be really excited in the initial stages of a relationship but will lose interest soon after.

She likes men who are easy going, has new ideas and has big dreams. A conservative person is not the right choice for her. She loves variety when it comes to her relationship and this keeps her energized and happy.

Ideal Match for the Gemini Ascendants

The natives of the Gemini ascendants are ideally suited with the following signs: Halloran software astrology.

Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius.

Domestic Life for the Gemini Ascendant

A Gemini ascendant native likes to have a systematic and well organized home. They can also be harshly critical to their family members if they do not act or live in accordance to their level or standards. These individuals tend to be more intellectually critical of their family members as they grow old. In short they would like a disciplined family.

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Professions for the Gemini Ascendants

A Gemini ascendant has the gift of the gab and is great at communication. Hence, they

are ideally suited for jobs which would require these skills, such as writers, journalists, reporters, teachers or professors. Gemini ascendants would also make good actors and politicians.

Gemini Ascendant Vedic Astrology Articles Compatibility

Lucky Days, Numbers and Colour for the Gemini Ascendant

The lucky days for Gemini ascendants are:

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The Lucky Numbers include:

1, 2, 7 and 9.

The Lucky Colours for Gemini Ascendants are:

White, Pink and Red.

Gemstone for Gemini Ascendants

Emerald is the lucky stone for the Gemini ascendant. However one should wear this only after having full knowledge about this gem.