Gemini Moon Sign Horoscope

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Jun 01, 2020 Gemini is a mutable sign, associated with changeability and adaptability. Gemini moon is constantly growing and evolving, making it hard for the fixed signs of the zodiac - such as Taurus and Scorpio - to keep up with them. Gemini daily horoscope - Our regularly updated predictions give you a detailed analysis of what the day holds ahead! Read your Gemini zodiac reading and enjoy your Gemini daily horoscope, if you are in doubt about your future. We have you covered!

Marriage Compatibility Quote: Cops and robbers is fun when you're a kid, but now?

Airy Gemini Moon is like a breeze or a tornado that picks up everything. It needs to be in the know and be in the loop. Watery Scorpio is like the deep dark ocean. You have no idea what is swimming in it, and whatever it is could thrill you or kill you, or both. Scorpio Moon needs to penetrate and meld. Put them together and you get.. a waterspout, which is neither as strong nor as intense as they are separately.
And here you were thinking it was going to be something sexy.
Scorpio Moon wants to know what Gemini Moon is thinking, but no matter what, Gemini Moon gives the wrong answer. How can that be? Gemini Moon was sincerely thinking about having another beer and going to bed; it truly, genuinely isn't hiding anything, it swears! But Scorpio Moon isn't satisfied. It really can't believe that Gemini Moon doesn't spend all its time having deep, pensive thoughts. Gemini Moon wants to watch a comedy but Scorpio Moon finds it insipid and uninspired. Gemini Moon can't understand why Scorpio Moon can't simply relax and enjoy something once in a while. It's not supposed to be art; it's supposed to be amusing.
Yes, having an argument at midnight over the relative artistic and cultural value of a talk show is entirely possible in this home, with Scorpio threatening to leave, and Gemini Moon calling its bluff. Scorpio Moon threatens to reveal Gemini Moon's secrets, but Gemini Moon has no secrets. Scorpio Moon stays, thinking that one day - ONE DAY! - it will finally have some leverage. Gemini Moon doesn't play mind games. It just doesn't have anything to hide.

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Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: Or growing old despite each other.

Gemini Moon and Scorpio Moon have two very different ways of communicating and approaching life. Scorpio Moon needs to penetrate below the surface to see what's really going on. Gemini Moon takes everything at face value and weighs it all against each other to determine what is really going on. Gemini Moon never reads between the lines, and Scorpio Moon never actually listens to the words people say.
This is how a typical Gemini Moon and Scorpio Moon argument goes:
Gemini Moon: That's what I said, isn't it? I said I would take out the garbage.
Scorpio Moon: But that isn't what you meant!
Gemini Moon: But that's not what I said.
Scorpio Moon: But you meant that you don't want to take it out.
Gemini Moon: But I point-blank said I would take out the garbage.
Scorpio Moon: You think I'm lazy, don't you?
Gemini Moon: I never said that.
Scorpio Moon: But that's what you meant!
Gemini Moon: I give up.
Scorpio Moon: I was right all along! If you don't want to be with me, just say so!
Gemini Moon: You're crazy.
Unless there are other factors that ease their communication, like easy aspects between their Mercuries, they just keep shooting each other and missing until they're out of bullets.

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