Gemstone Remedy Vedic Astrology

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The Ascendant, or AC, or Rising Sign, lies on the left, on the eastern horizon, where the Sun ascended into the sky at dawn. The Descendant, or DC, sits on the right, on the western horizon where the sun descended under the horizon at dusk. These two angles may rule opposing Houses, but they connect, rather than divide, a chart's separate halves. Horoscope ascendant and descendant moon. The ascendant and descendant, MC and IC are called the angles in astrology. They are among the most important components of a horoscope. The sign on the ascendant and descendant, MC and IC is highly personal, let alone their degree, which changes every four minutes. In order to calculate them, you need to know your exact time of birth.

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Gemstone Remedy Vedic Astrology

Gemstone Remedies: Gemstones provide us divine powers, auspicious rays and energies. Various gemstones reflect different energies which have the potential to bring changes in our life. A gemstone of yogakari planet strengthens that planet and brings auspiciousness in life. Gemstones also are a crucial part of the astrological remedies as they act as a talisman against any evil or negative effects of the various planets for an individual. Gemstones help the native to strengthen and increase the power of their benefic planets.

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How Do Gemstones Work?


Gemstone Remedy Vedic Astrology Chart

Each planet has its unique corresponding astrological gemstone which radiates thesame cosmic color energies as the planet itself. The gemstones work by reflectionof positive rays or absorption of negative rays.

Wearing the appropriate gemstone can increase the corresponding planet’s positive effect on it wearer as the gem filters and allows only the positive vibrations to penetrate in the wearer’s body.

Gems Remedies Vedic Astrology

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