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Indian Astrology – the science of predictions based on the planetary positions on the horoscope (Birth chart) –is one of the oldest culture of Indian civilization. The Indian astrology or Vedic astrology as it is popularly called has been in practice for many centuries. The predictions based on Indian Astrology are considered to be more authentic and comprehensive as it defines clearly the position of the planets and determines the effects of the same at any given time.

Astrology is the study of the planetary positions and broadly describes in detail the relation of planets to the life and events on the earth. It is based on the scientific calculations to determine the influence of the heavenly bodies on one’s life. In fact, the characteristics, the features and the happenings both good and bad that take place in each and every stage of an individual’s life depend upon the planets and their positions. By studying astrology in depth one can understand clearly and explain the present condition as well as predict the future based on the set patterns of the combinations of the planetary positions.

How to read Dashamsha Chart in Astrology:- Dashamsha chart is the tenth division of each zodiac sign in vedic birth chart horoscope & it highlights your full career life achievement, success, promotion, income earned by self effort career, best career field name in details manner. Systems Approach to Vedic astrology = SA. Time of Birth = TOB, Place of Birth = POB, Date of Birth = DOB, Time Zone = TZ. The above are the ‘birth details’ of the birth chart. By Horoscope is meant the Rasi chart & the Navamsa chart as well as the entire gamut of the Divisional divcharts.

An important topic in addition to the topics I have covered for a student of astrology is – Special Lagnas or Vishesika lagnas

As you know by now that Udaya lagna (rising sign) along with Moon lagna and sun lagna & Arudha lagna are always important for a comprehensive analysis of a horoscope, Parasara delineated some “Special” lagnas (Vishesika) lagnas that should be seen in order to analyze particular aspects of life like power/ name & fame or Wealth/ affluence in a native’s horoscope.


The mathematical analysis of deriving these lagnas is an advanced topic and not the point of discussion in this article. This article is designed for a beginner to make aware of these lagnas and not to overlook them while analyzing the horoscope holistically. For now rely on your software’s ability to correctly calculate these lagnas and know that these lagnas are very sensitive to time of birth, which should hence be known as accurately as possible to rely on this analysis.

Basic methodology remains the same – Treat the special lagna sign as the lagna and analyze all the planets and Yogas from there, very much like you would analyze from the rising sign (ascendant)

I) Hora Lagna (HL)


Shows up as HL in the JHora software. This lagna is to be utilized to analyze the financial status or well being of the individual. Treat the sign in which HL is placed as the lagna and analyze the horoscope from it. Important is to see the strength of the HL sign lord and placement as well as aspects on that lord and the sign. Also look at the 2nd house and 11th house from the HL sign and their lords as well as their placement. The stronger the better. When HL lord is exalted and well placed, especially in a non dusthana (6,8,12) position from the HL sign, it bodes very well for the financial status of the individual.

Dont forget, however, that this analysis is in addition to guaging the strength of 2nd lord from lagna and Arudha lagna as well and not independent of it. Example is the chart of Warren Buffet below (Click to expand view)

Gk in vedic astrology characteristics

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Note HL in Gemini at about 12 degrees. Firstly HL sits in a Kendra sign and deposits Jupiter as well as Mars which are functional benefics for the Saggitarius ascendant.

Most importantly Mercury as the ruler of gemini is exalted in Virgo. Mercury is in 10th from lagna and 4th from HL (both kendra positions) and causing a strong Bhadra mahapurush yoga. It is also placed with its friend venus. Hence HL lord is exceptionally strong and placed centrally.

2) Ghati Lagna (GL)

Shows up as GL in the JHora software. This lagna is to be seen for analyzing the power and authority of an individual. Indirectly that can also refer to the status of individual in society as well as his/ her rise in career.

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Gk In Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Look in the Warren Buffet horoscope again. GL falls in Virgo! Needless to explain in detail as we just discussed the position of Mercury which is very strong. So both GL and HL fall in Mercury signs, the rule of which is deeply exalted and strongly placed in Kendra. Further note that GL falls in the 10th house itself. Which is by default the sign of professional success and power in a horoscope. This triply reinforces the analysis of Mercury as lord of 10th in 10th being great.

Gk In Vedic Astrology

Hence for an astrologer looking at Mercury placed exalted in 10th causing a mahapurush yoga and hence good rise in life, noticing that GL coincides with 10th house should strengthen his belief in his prediction of a great career and social status of an individual

Lets take another example of Bill Gates. See the horoscope below-

HL is in Capricorn. Ruler of Capricorn co-rules the 2nd house from HL and is saturn. Saturn is exalted deeply in Libra and in the 10th house (kendra) from HL causing Sasa yoga (mahapurush) from HL lagna. Not just that, saturn is deeply conjunct its best friend Venus which is also in its Mooltrikona sign and hence very strong itself. Considering HL as Capricorn, this is a double whammy in positivity. It causes Malavya mahapurush yoga as well as Sasa yoga and a conjunction of 2 deep friends both of which have great dignity.

Now look from Arudha lagna (AL) which is the image to the world. AL is virgo with mercury exalted in the lagna itself causing bhadra mahapurush yoga. 2nd to Virgo for wealth is Libra sign in which saturn is exalted and venus in own sign. This corroborates the reading from HL

Now look at GL or Ghati lagna power/ fame/ authority. In this case GL lies at 28 degrees in Libra. The lord of Libra is Venus in own sign at around 28 degrees! not just that, it is joined by an exalted best friend Saturn at similar degrees! This shows tremendous name fame and rise in career. Dont forget when you look at the horoscope treating Libra as lagna, saturn becomes Yoga karaka as it rules 4th and 5th signs and hence a great functional benefic. When such a benefic is deeply exalted with its best friend Venus in its own house, this is a tremendous and powerful Raj Yoga of success.

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3) Indu Lagna (IL)

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To be utilized exactly like HL explained in #1 above. It is used to see the financial well being of an individual. Note that Planets placed in Kendra or Kona position from IL give good wealth in their dasas whereas planets in 3,6,8,12th from IL will cause financial problems to an individual