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  1. Discover how we predict and deciphered Gold Market Prices using 2,000 year old Ancient Chinese Astrology system. All done WITHOUT using complicated.
  2. Sign Mesha, planets Sun & Jupiter are the natural significators of gold. When Sun remains in Leo it is rainy season & gradually gold price comes down because the demand for gold in India, particularly among Hindus, is linked to marriages. When it is a dull season for marriages, demand for gold declines.

In Brihat Samhita of Acharya Varahmihira the principals of financial astrology or commodities pricing and on career guidance through astrology has been discussed in many chapters. In the Chapter number 15 named ‘Nakshatra Vyuh Adhyay’, the Acharya has mention various commodities and professions that are signified by all the 27 Nakshatra’s from Kritika to Bharani. The Chapter number 16 ‘Graha Bhakti Yoga Adhyay’ mention about the commodities signified by various planets, Chapter number 39 ‘Sashya Jataka Adhyay’ gives principals for forecasting winter and summer harvest, then Chapter number 40 ‘Dravya Nischay Adhyay’ lays down the rules for commodities that comes under various signs from Aries to Pisces. The Chapter number 41 ‘ Ardhyay Kandam (Teji-Mandi)’ is the most important as it contains the astrological combinations for forecasting commodities prices on the basis of solar ingress and planetary transits with respect to various signs. So the study of Chapter number 15, 16, 39, 40 and 41 of Brihat Samhita of Acharya Varahmihira is very important in the context of financial astrology. The later authorities have discuss financial astrology on the basis of the rules framed by Acharya Varahmihira in these chapters of Brihat Samhita. The Bhavishya Phala Bhaskar is one such example which is a work of early 20th century at present available in Hindi at present.

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It is very important to note here that these days many astrology teachers are conducting workshops, both online and offline, to sell financial astrology courses and predictive techniques based on Nakshatra’s and Rashi’s but they mostly do not disclose with their students from where they have got these predictive methods. I get numerous emails from astrology students who attend these short term courses or workshop and later regret their decisions. I suggest them to read classical texts and develop predictive skills based on self learning or join some good astrology institute for a systematic learning of this subject.

Many a times i have made forecast about various commodities and on the economy of countries on the basis of astrological principals given in Brihat Samhita and Bhavishya Phala Bhaskar. In this article i will discuss few rules in brief and will also give some forecast about economy and commodities prices for coming one year.

But one thing the readers should bear in mind that Hindu astrology do not deal with any principals about forecasting the ups and down in stock markets. In ancient times there was no such things as stock trading so it is very obvious that our classical text do not deal with this matter. It is only some observations of modern astrologers which sometimes make them forecast about markets successfully.

Saturn-Jupiter conjunction and Global Recession

In the January 2020 issue of Express Star Teller magazine I had forecasted a major global recession and possibilities of millions of job losses on the basis of a Brihat Samhita principal about Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. On this blog that Brihat Samhita principal was discussed in the article posted on 23 October 2019 with title ” A planetary route to global economic crisis’.

As we all know that corona virus pandemic has brought the biggest economic crisis since the great depression of 1929-33, from which almost all the countries of the world are now suffering. The condition of India is most difficult because it has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. The growing unemployment and economic crisis can create major civil unrest in India and many other countries starting from the year 2021 is what we now can foresee it astrologically. I have been forewarning about this on astrological basis since a year that global economy will recover from this crisis only in the last quarter of 2021 and in year 2022 there will be very high economic growth when Jupiter will move into Pisces sign after April 2022.

Role of Sun and Jupiter in forecasting Gold Prices

In Chapter number 16 the Graha Bhakti Yoga Adhyay of Brihat Samhita the Acharya Varahmihira has mention Sun as the Karaka for gold. In Chapter number 40 Dravya-Nishchya-Adhyay, Varahmihira mention Aries (Mesha Rashi) and Capricorn (Makar Rashi) as the signification of gold in the sloka number 2 and 7 respectively. Apart from this Jupiter is also to be taken as the Karaka for metal gold and for banking services. Varahmihira mention specifically in the Chapter number 40 stanza number 10 that if malefic planets like Mars and Saturn comes in the 3,6, 10 and 11 from a Rashi then products signify by that Rashi will see an increase in their prices.

Now see this below given graph on gold pries from November 2019 to October 2020. Later Year in November 2019 Jupiter has entered in its own sign Sagittarius. Sun was transiting from Scorpio (from mid November to mid December) and then in Sagittarius (from mid December 2019 to mid January 2020). So Jupiter and Sun both were in their comfortable sign’s during November 2019 to January 2020. Thus gold prices where low at that time but when Sun moves into Capricorn, its enemy sign, after 16th of January 2020 then gold prices started rising. As i have explained above the principal of Brihat Samhita that Sun is the Karaka for gold along with Jupiter. The sign Aries (Mesha) and Capricorn (Makar) should also be studied for gold prices.

Now notice this graph again, sometimes in the mid of March 2020 when Sun moves into Pisces which is its friendly sign then gold prices become low again. But then in the first week of April Jupiter move into Capricorn sign joining Saturn and Mars there. Jupiter, which is secondary Karaka for gold, got debilitated and afflicted by malefic again rose the prices of gold as we can see in the graph. In the period of mid July to mid August when Sun was in Gemini along with Rahu the gold prices were high. Later Sun moves into Cancer after 16th of August and came under the aspect of Saturn which was in Capricorn. Sun got afflicted and gold prices again started rising as we can see in the graph. I had forecasted the high prices of gold in many of my blog post on the basis of these transit principals and also eclipse horoscopes.

Solar Ingress of Libra horoscope

17 October 2020, 07:06 hours at Delhi

Now Sun has entered into its sign of deblitation which is Libra. Here Sun is uncomfortable and is under affliction from malefic planets. Notice the aspects of Saturn and Mars on the Sun in the horoscope of Sun’s entry into Libra. In the Tula Samkranti chart Sun is with Moon and Mercury. The affliction to Sun in Tula Samkranti chart again shows rise in gold prices from the end of October month which may continue till the mid of December.


As per the Hindi classical text Bhavishya Phala Bhaskar Sun’s transit in Libra bring high prices of gold and dry cereals. Thus it increases the inflation and prices of good grains rises. In present scenario it is highly likely that China can attack the Indian borders any time before mid of November this year which will results in panic in the Indian stock markets. The fall of stock markets then will bring investment into gold thus brining a high price of this precious metal which is regarded as a safe investment.

Gold prices are also likely to remain high during mid of January to mid of March in year 2021.

Saturn and Prices of Crude Oil

Gold Price Astrology Today

The prices of crude oil is likely to remain low as Saturn the Karaka for crude oil will come in conjunction with Jupiter a benefic planet. Ever since Saturn has come into Capricorn, in its own sign, since the last week of January this year the price of crude oil has remain very low in the international markets.

See the above given graph of crude oil prices data for last 10 years from 2010 to 2020. It has been found that when transiting Saturn moves into watery sign Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces then production of crude oil increases and its prices goes down. However, when Saturn comes into fiery sign Aries, Leo or Sagittarius then production of crude oil get disturbed and prices may fall. But we also need to consider some other factors like association or aspect of other planets on Saturn and also economic scenario using Hindu New Year horoscope for forecasting about crude oil prices. In year 2015-2016 when transiting Saturn was into Scorpio the prices of crude oil were low as the production was very high at that time. The prices of crude oil then were around $30 to $40 per barrel. In year 2018 and 2019 when transiting Saturn moves into Sagittarius, a fiery sign, then prices of crude oil again started rising as production was disturbed internationally. We can see this in the graphic given above. In year 2020 there were exceptional circumstances when Saturn-Jupiter conjunction took placed, which is a classical yoga for ‘Durbhiksha’ or recession, resulting in the sharp fall of crude oil prices.

Now prices of crude oil are likely to rise in 2022 when Saturn gets retrograde in Capricorn sign. There will be boom in global economy due to which demand for crude oil will increase and its prices may goes up more than $60 or $70 per barrel then.

Gold Price Astrology 2020


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The prices of gold in year 2022 will fall drastically and so in year 2023 it will remain very low. The transiting Jupiter in Pisces and Aries during year 2022 and 2023 will bring down the prices of gold significantly. That would be the best time to make a long term investment in gold for about 4-5 years.

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The long term trends on gold prices are forecasted on the basis of the transit of Jupiter. See the above given graph of gold prices for 10 years from 2011 to 2020 in USD. The prices were the lowest when Jupiter was transiting from Cancer and Leo signs in year 2014 and 2015. The Cancer is the sign of exaltation of Jupiter and Leo is its friendly sign. So during 2014 and 2015 the prices of gold were the lowest. It started increasing when Jupiter moved into its enemy sign Virgo in year 2016. Horoscope colors of the day. A sharp increase in gold prices came only when Jupiter got afflicted by Ketu in the last quarter of 2019 and also in 2020 when Jupiter was in conjunction with Saturn. This major trend can now only be reverse when Jupiter moves into its own sign in Pisces after April 2022. This is why i had mention that significant fall in the gold prices can only come in year 2022 and 2023 when Jupiter would be most comfortable in transit.