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how to take your astrology from Copernican to quantum • about Pluto’s Tribe of 8 Dwarf Planets: Eris Sedna Makemake Haumea Quaor Orcus Ixion Varuna • about the maverick Centaurs: Chiron Pholus Nessus Hylonome Chariklo Asbolus • how the Centaurs and Black Holes reveal your deepest emotional and spiritual gifts and the Dwarf Planets your transpersonal mission • how to integrate the Plutinos and Centaurs into your Birth Chart to make your birth mandala come alive as a personal evolutionary tool • how to discover new layers of meaning in your past and guidance for your future.
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Haumea In Libra Astrology



Makemake Meaning In Astrology

Haumea has been classed as a dwarf planet, but just what else is a dwarf planet or planet or asteroid is a matter of current debate. However, astrologically these discoveries will symbolise change in collective consciousness as we move into the 21st century.

Haumea's orbit is tilted on an angle, elliptical, and long. It takes Haumea 285 years to go around the Sun once. Compare that to Pluto's orbit of 248 years, and you can see Haumea is considerably further away from the Sun than Pluto, and hence a lot colder. Like / Tweet Haumea Astrology Haumea is a lately discovered planet that is of a tiny size, especially when compared to those of the other planets. It is due to the meager size of planet Haumea that it is categorized more as a dwarf planet or an asteroid.


The Astronomy

Haumea, discovered by astronomer Mike brown of Cal Tech, was announced to the world in July 2005 as the fourth largest Kuiper, behind Eris, Pluto, and Makemake.Itis composed of pure rock with a pure ice shell, has an ellipsoidal shape, is about the size of Pluto in length and has an orbital period of 285 Earth years. It spins extremely rapid end-over-end at a rate of 3.9 Earth hours. Haumea maintains a state of equilibrium due to its rapid rotation. Although not round, this why it is classified as a Dwarf Planet.

Haumea is one of the strangest objects in the Solar System. In the very distant past another object probably slammed into Haumea at high speed, and this giant impact led to all of its odd properties.

The Astrology

This 4th largest Kuiper belt planet is as important and as powerful as Pluto.Haumea’s straplineis “the Terrible Gift” – terrible as in awesome, dangerous and disturbing. Haumea catalyses dramatic tipping points and is prominent in the birth charts of people who bring about extreme change or whose life is one of conscious or unwanted transformation. In event charts, Haumea is either dramatically good or horribly difficult, as Haumea catalysed events sweep away the past and usher in the vastly different.

Unrecognised until now, Haumea was travelling with Pluto at Pluto’s discovery, so Pluto was given many of Haumea’s characteristics of ruthless transformation and renewal. In this game changer discovery, Pluto isnow about control and power while Haumea is irrevocable change- the sort of eventthere’s no going back from. Huber astrology chart free download.

A search of the internet reveals that some astrologers have been misled by the name-a Hawaiian princess- welcoming Haumea as a benevolentarchetype of birth, fertility, new life and claiming her as a Goddess, but if you trace Haumea’s influence back through history, a very different picture emerges.

  • Haumea was conjunct the Sun when the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs exploded- changing the world as we know it. The destruction part of the Big Bomb was Haumea. Haumea’s discovery date holds a clue.
  • The large Dwarf was identified just days after the 2004 Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people. The lack of a tsunami warning system in the Indonesian and Indian sea-coastal areas was in this way painfully revealed. Since then, such a system has been implemented.
  • Barely two months after Haumea was introduced to the public in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and devastated the region. Since then many powerful storms striking the U.S. plus other unusual global weather pattern disruptions, droughts, floods, have further fuelled the argument that climate change is real and should cause mankind to prepare and take steps to offset its effects as much as possible.
  • ISIS is the epitome of Haumea. They don’t threaten, they kill, no compunction. They don’t want to control or intimidate. They want to destroy, period.

Of course, Haumea also sets off sweeping positive change. Here are some recent stunners to pop up in the news:

  • Gay marriage acceptance : Apparently a majority of people in most countries really do believe in everyone’s basic human rights.
  • Marijuana law reform: People are beginning to appreciate that there are exceptionally good uses for medical marijuana, and several US states have even approved recreational use.
  • A tolerant Catholic Pope: Pope Francis has surprised the world with statements refusing to judge gay parishioners and even suggested that atheists could go to Heaven. Some hope this pope might instigate the change of age-old doctrine and make the church more inclusive and considerate of its followers’ needs.

At a meta level, Haumea’s propensity is to intercede to create a radically new birth in consciousness and to express a new level of awareness about what is truly life supportive, especially regarding the use of the fundamental primordial forces of life.Haumea motivates action to reorient destructive use of power, resources and patterns of behavior into a nurturing force that supports and protects .At a personal level, Haumea impels a powerful and directed application of our raw personal attributes and resources to create or recreate.

Haumea Astrology

People with Haumea in challenging aspect include: Caligula, Hitler,Stalin,Osama Bin Laden , Charles Manson

People who have brought through positive change-often paying the price for it: Martin Luther King Howard Carter, Mozart, Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Goethe,Emily Dickinson,Nicholas Copernicus

People born between 1947-8 have a conjunction of Saturn Pluto Haumea in Leo; between 1951-1957 Pluto conjunct Haumea in Leo; and those born in 1962 Uranus Haumea at the cusp of Leo/Virgo.

Look up your own Haumea natal position in this ephemeris. Add link to Astrodienst Haumea Ephemeris


Currently, transiting Haumea is at 22 Libra opposite the Uranus /Eris conjunction in Aries.

This conjunction provides us with a major question and plenty to speculate. What is the effect when the extremely revolutionary and dynamic forces of these two planets synthesize? Uranus and Eris are also opposite the dwarf planet Haumea, another dynamic force. The Haumea-Eris opposition is a longer term event, which started in late 2014 and continues through 2018. In addition, massive Jupiter joins Haumea in opposition to Uranus-Eris in 2017. “As Eris impels us to open our eyes to see a greater truth hidden by lies and deceit, or simply by self-deception or limited perception, Haumea impels us to reorient the use of power for destructive purposes to create a new life, a new birth in consciousness. The more we do one, the more it challenges us to do the other. This is the oscillating effect occurring throughout the 2014-2018 opposition. It is the push to question whether what we are doing is merely acquiescing to a modality of life dependent upon an antiquated system for our survival, or are we creating a new system that supports sustainability for all life and one that will lead to a healthy, prosperous and enlightened human race” Nick Anthony Fiorenza.

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