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The year of 2021 will give Taurus a great ability to understand others. People born in this earth sign are usually enterprising, wilful, and confident, and with these abilities, they will also inspire their surroundings. They will feel a deep desire for change, which will turn their life for the better. Almost every area of life will go through re-evaluation, and there won’t be anything standing in the way that could stop their plans.

March 2021 Monthly Horoscope Overview for Taurus: March is strong for your social life, dear Taurus, and excellent for progressive ideas and initiative in business or with money and practical matters. New or improved ways of earning, spending, and saving money can emerge. Read your Free Taurus Daily Horoscope and accurate astrological predictions online today. Know the issues and trials that may arise in the stoic Bull’s life.

With the onset of spring, Taurus will feel the need to transform the areas of their life that they are not completely satisfied with - anything that is not in harmony with their standards will have to go away. They can also rely on great mental strength that will give them even more motivation. The horoscope implies that you can expect enormous twists, especially at work and in relationships.

Introduction to March 2021 Horoscope Forecast February 28, 2021; March 2021 HOROSCOPE FORECAST by Dadhichi Toth February 25, 2021; 2021 YEAR OF THE METAL OX CHINESE HOROSCOPE FORECAST February 12, 2021. Taurus 2021 Horoscope – Love, Money, Health, Career Taurus zodiac sign starts on April 21 and ends on May 21. Taurus people love nature, animals, they set up a garden, and they are very happy if they can work on a piece of land.

In summer, Jupiter will be in Pisces, meaning Taurus will stay rather secluded and out of the centre of attention. Despite that, they will lend their helping hand to anyone needing it, thanks to which, they will be able to build several honest relationships, not only friendships. In this period, you will be very content with yourself, nothing will be able to throw you off.

In the second half of the year, the horoscope will make your thinking progressive. You will have so many ideas, and often, at times, you won’t even be able to identify their origin. That’ll make you a star in the working life no matter what you do for a living - your revolutionary ideas could positively influence the future flow of your work.

2021 will also have a smoother progression provided Taurus slows down in extreme demands that they impose on themself. Nobody’s perfect, and if you get to a point when you feel literally trapped in your obligations, we recommend yogic breathing techniques, meditation or drinking herbal teas. These activities will calm your mind down before you embark on yet another challenge.

By the end of the year, your flexibility will be through the roof, meaning you will easily adapt to any unknown situations. You feel like you’re ready for anything, and this inner power will be felt by every Taurus. The horoscope 2021 will bring a lot of social challenges that will be absolutely mastered. Enjoy the final months in a conflictless, relaxed environment of the family circle.

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Taurus zodiac sign starts on April 21and ends on May 21. Taurus people love nature, animals, they set up a garden, and they are very happy if they can work on a piece of land.

Is 2021 a lucky year for Taurus?

Taurus 2021 horoscope indicates that you will have an excellent and lucky year in terms of sentimental but also professional life. The year 2021 will be marked by a change in these sectors.

Which months and days are lucky for Taurus in 2021?

February, April, and May are the best months to explore new places and try to gain as much knowledge as possible.

The Taurus people are in love with music and art, they are sociable, and they have a very developed sense of humor. They are sensual, romantic, but also very stubborn.

Under the influence of Uranus, incertitude and change can occur in the life of Taurus this year.

The conjunction of Venus with Pluto, which will take place three times in 2021, will increase the need for affection and love of the people born under the Taurus sign.

It is likely to have an employment opportunity, and the person you get in contact with will want to be your mentor, so you can start your own business one day.


Venus is not only your ruling planet, but will go through its bi-annual retrograde this year.

Horoscope Daily Taurus 2021

It will remain in your financial sector from early April until early August. This day is specifically highlighted for some change in your financial status.

Negotiations proceed until an important contract is signed or decision made late in June. Late November into December is a boost to end your year 2021.


Will Taurus get married in 2021?
The Taurus people, who are part of a couple, will look at their partners from another angle, the relationship will get a new fresh breath, and they will decide to get married. Taurus women might bring a child into the world.

Will single Taurus find love?
The single Taurus will have all the chances to find their soul mates in 2021. To manage this, we advise them to get out of the house more.

This is a definite area of improvement for you especially for those relationships where people from different places or nationalities come together.

Growth is seen in this area, with August and September at its highest. May can be the month where some change occurs.


Will Taurus get a job ?
You will encounter many obstacles and your nerves cannot deal with them. It is essential to be tenacious and to demand what you believe you deserve.

You might change your profession in 2021 if the current one bores you, and the present routine pulls you down. In the last months of the year, you need to display more seriousness and don’t mix personal and professional life!

Some change in profession could happen early in the year, but only if you were born just as the Sun entered Taurus.

3 February to 21 March is the time for more action to be applied in your work area and you make excellent progress. More variety could enter this area in June/July.


What should Taurus eat in 2021?
Eat: cranberry, beetroot, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, onion, radishes, pumpkin, nuts, beans, horseradish.
Avoid: heavy foods, carbohydrates.

Free Horoscope For Taurus 2021

Those born 3-7 May will need to look seriously at their alcohol or medication intake this year. This group could be prone to infections related to a weakened immune system. Sugar and sweet foods may be an issue for all born under Taurus but you can make some change in diet April – June that helps.

Taurus 2021 Horoscope Month by Month


Last month the planets influenced you and your partner. This theme continues due to help from Venus.

The time is right to increase your enjoyment of each other – either sexually or intellectually – or both.

India west horoscope. If joint finances and investments are under discussion, aim to come to decisions on the 11th – the New Moon.

By the end of the month and this particular astrological phase, you will realize you’ve moved forward and maybe made some changes.


You’re normally a pretty calm person but when pushed to the limit you can go off like a volcano!

Watch out for potential eruption-inducing situations this month, although it will seem difficult when your efforts are being frustrated. But remember, if you channel all that energy wisely you can move mountains.

From now and for the next twelve months you might experience issues concerning your home. This could mean the actual place you live or matters relating to your upbringing and family.

You may have to be the rock that others cling to sometimes, but try and share this huge responsibility.


According to your horoscope, in June 2021, the energy of love is blown toward the earth and into the hearts of those open to receive it.

This infusion helps to counterbalance the forces of hatred and rage we now see prevailing.

Honor the Goddess Venus. Attune to her through your five senses. Take Hibiscus from the California Flower Essence line, a remedy for deeper love and for the healing of all our relations.

Taurus Man :

In 2021, you have the chance to finally accomplish your objectives, to be recognized for your qualities, to prove who you are, and to overcome the all the obstacles that stand in your way to success.

In love, you are protective, always making sure to fulfill the wishes of your partner, and concerned about her well-being.

You are prone to fantasize rather than make your fantasies come true because you fear to reveal your hidden naughty nature, but your partner will make you understand that you are free to express yourself.

Taurus Love Predictions

Don’t let work take over your life, spend more time with your loved ones.
Some of you will avoid mixing business with pleasure.

Taurus Woman :

Always loyal, you understand the evil machinations of others, but you make sure not to intervene. However, when you decide that you had enough, your outburst will set things right.

Professionally, your work is interesting but too discouraging, and it will eventually wear you out.

Taurus 2021 A Good Year

As the Taurus Horoscope 2021 tells us, at the beginning of the year, you will get bored with your partner, but rest assured that it will not last, a pleasant event will have the effect of rekindling the passion.

Horoscope Daily Libra

The single natives will go to some dates that will get them upset.

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