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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for January 2021. Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for January 2021 is very much auspicious for the finances. Saturn will give its helping hand. Jupiter also will give additional support. Capricorn personality can expect money from windfalls. Let’s take a closer look at the Pisces 2021 horoscope by breaking the year down into months. Below are short summaries for each individual month. January 2021 starts the year off by giving you a sense of nearly boundless creativity and productivity. Use this time to work on projects, both at work and in your hobbies.

January 2021 is a time for finding and rediscovering yourself.


Let the inner child go wild, free yourself from the restrictions imposed by others, or even yourself.

You will express your talents, and you will become the best version of yourself.


Positioning of the planets in January 2021 will helpe us adopt a new attitude towards romantic relationships and children, find a new way to express ourselves in love, understand and become aware of some art and creativity related talents and find new hobbies.

Astrological events in January 2021 :

  • January 1 : Mercury (in Capricorn) in sextile with Neptune (in Fish)
  • January 5 : Conjunction between Mercury (in Capricorn) and Pluto (in Capricorn)
  • January 7 : Mars enters Taurus
  • January 8 : The beginning of Mercury’s transit in Aquarius
  • January 8 : Venus begins to travel through the astrological sector of Capricorn
  • January 14 : Uranus takes a retrograde turn in Taurus
  • January 18 : Jupiter (in Aquarius) in quadrat with Uranus (in Taurus)
  • January 19 : The sun enters Aquarius
  • January 23 : Venus (in Capricorn) in sextile with Neptune (in Fish)
  • January 24 : Conjunction between the Sun (in Aquarius) and Saturn (in Aquarius)
  • January 28 : Full Moon in Leo
  • January 29 : Conjunction between the Sun (in Aquarius) and Jupiter (in Aquarius)
  • January 30, 2021: Mercury becomes retrograde in Aquarius

January 2021 Monthly Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Aries (March 20th – April 19th)

Challenging aspects surround you this month concerning your personal goals and your loved one.

Frustration could be part of the picture and a reorientation could be called for.

News concerning this could very well be propitious to a complete understanding of the minds, as you could be blowing things out of proportion.

Learning experience could come to you through mate or partner concerning future endeavors though a friend might be too close to this picture.

Any obstacle could be worked out, providing you follow a middle of the road path to understanding.

Taurus (April 19th – May 20th)

Good news concerning your joint resources and investments could be reaching you in spite of some frustration and preoccupation in your part.

A lesson could be learned from this in a very subdued and subtle way.

Someone will give you reassurance in connection to your inner feelings of insecurity and holding back in this matter.

Your higher ideals could be on the forefront this month, bringing some conflicts.

You will have to find within yourself some flexibility, which is very hard for you to do, and be alert to a very important learning experience connected to your work area.

Keep lines of communication wide open.

Gemini (May 29th – June 21st)

Gemini Horoscope For The Month Of January 2021

Your shared sources of income are very much in the spotlight this month, and you could be voicing your worries in reference to your future in this area.

If you listen, a mate or partner could have some interesting input on this matter that could make things very easy.

An old friend could be a part of this picture and will be bringing some good news in this situation.

Keeping an open mind should be extremely helpful.

Reorientation concerning speculation could help you a great deal in your area of personal income also.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

You seem to be on a favorable light for an increase in your personal income do to a raise or promotion, hard work will be recognized.

Mate or partner could bring you some unnecessary worries on this matter and you could give your partner some reorientation in a friendly way but some readjustment will be necessary.

Lack of higher education might present a small roadblock in your way but life experiences could take precedent.

Lessons will be necessary in order to adjust your home life with personal opportunities to increase your shared income.

Leo (July 22nd – August 22nd)

Entertainment and desire to take a trip to a faraway place seems to be very much in your thoughts, though working conditions seem to be causing you doubts about this desire’s ability to become reality.

A lesson very well learned should teach you that there is a proper time for everything and responsibilities must be addressed as first come first done.

Communication with partner or mate could become very animated, but try to refrain from saying too much at the wrong time.

Ambivalent feelings concerning work performance could be forming in you and misunderstanding could play a role; negotiation should clear the air.

Virgo (August 22nd – September 22nd)

The spotlight this January is on your area of speculation, inner preoccupation concerning this area could be annoying to you, reorientation should be very important as there could be hidden angles that are hard to understand concerning joint financial doings.

Negotiation should take place. Open communication at your home base should be very helpful as harmony is present in this area.

A wonderful opportunity for personal financial gain could be at your doorstep and learning will be of great importance in this matter.

Horoscope For The Month Of January 2021 Custom Cast Jp

Libra (September 22nd – October 23rd)

Home affairs seem to be on the forefront this month, friends could bring some disruption that could create agitation in your part.

A friendly adjustment should take place as this could bring disagreements with mate or partner, but open communication should bring harmony between every party involved.

An opportunity for a good source of speculation could be presented to you and the desire for quick action could be present.

Reorientation on this area could be advisable before jumping into anything — mate or partner will not see eye to eye with you on this matter.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)

News concerning your goals could be reaching you this month and preoccupation about this could set in as negotiations at work would be necessary.

Harmonious circumstances connected to a money matter appear to be present.

Try not to look at the situation with rose color glasses as you could be led down the wrong path.

Your experience and hard work will be a direct cause of news that could mean a good money source offer to you, but do not hurry .

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

A short trip to a far away place for entertainment purposes could be on the agenda for you this month of January 2021.

This could cause some worries on your wallet as desire to travel is greater than your ability to allocate the funds to do so right now, but you will find a way to make adjustments and have your cake and eat it too.

The New Year 2021 could be ushering unexpected news concerning mate or partner.

The nature of this news could bring difficulties on your budget so adjustments will be also necessary.

Capricorn (December 21st – January 19th)

Your personality will be very much in the forefront this month. You will be judged by your peers according to what you decide to project, and deception an illusion could be present.

An unexpected pleasant development could surprise you. Adjustments in your line of work could be necessary in order to increase your earnings potential, and you will be putting your best foot forward to do so.

Emotional desire to get certain things resolved at home will manifest itself; cooperation and understanding should be of the most important to avoid unnecessary friction.

Aquarius (January 19th – February 18th)

Your privacy seems to be very important to you at the beginning of the month.

An unclear situation seems to be baffling you as things appear to be forever changing.

These changes could become very favorable to you.

Cooperation while communicating with siblings or close relatives should be taken into consideration and an agreement related to speculation with joint resources could be reached.

Around the middle of the January, tension and uncertainty connected to your mate or partner could be a reason to give you worries, but harmonious circumstances will be surrounding you.

Pisces (February 18th – March 20th)

A desire for some expensive entertainment will be felt, but a reorientation of any plans will be necessary.

Friends are giving you a false impression in this area as the illusion seems to be present, and rapidly changing plans could surface.

A realistic approach in the matter of personal and shared resources should be taken and be negotiated to everyone’s best interest and satisfaction.

Sense of duty and responsibility should come to the forefront in this matter.

Your work area could be a reason of preoccupation on your part, but open communication will be present and favorable results could be attained in reference to your personal income.

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May Monthly Horoscope for Each Sign

Astro Overview for May 2021

Under the sky of May we encounter the pragmatic influences of Taurus, the subtlety and fluidity of Mars’ actions in Cancer, as well as the eruption of Gemini’s ideas and curiosity. During the first part of the month we are actively concerned with materialization and productivity. We focus on life’s tangible aspects and pursue practical goals. We need security, continuity and the feeling that we have enough resources for a comfortable life. As the fast planets begin their transits through the sign of Gemini, our priorities shift. We start concentrating on the development of the intellect and the skilful handling of language. Just like eternal students, we might try to gather as much knowledge as possible. Let us therefore follow the chronology of May’s astrological events!

Taurus-Aquarius square: material security in unconventional frameworks

On May 3, the Sun and Mercury in Taurus form stressed aspects with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Our individual definitions of material abundance and security confront social rules and boundaries. Mass reforms and the uncommon quality of these times call for changes in our financial strategies. We are looking for modern means of survival and comfort, but we also need to respect the laws of nature and simplicity.

Mercury in Gemini: agile mind

On May 4, Mercury enters Gemini, one of the signs it rules. From this moment on, our perceptions become receptive to a wide variety of stimuli. Our challenge will be to gather as much information as possible and then to communicate it eloquently. We could act like curious students and like dedicated teachers as well. We might find ourselves in a messenger role. AstroFidelia recommends not to skip the process of listening carefully to others just because we feel the impetuous desire to express our own ideas.

Venus in Gemini: love and friendship

On May 9, Venus joins Mercury in Gemini and brings a youthful, friendly rhythm in our relationships. We pay attention to and value the intellectual level of the people around us. We are easily conquered by those who master the art of interesting and funny conversation. Curiosity pushes us to initiate conversations with new people. In love, predictability bores us. We appreciate variety and are open to flirtations.


Mars (Cancer) sextile Uranus (Taurus): new and unconventional actions

On May 12, we might feel enthusiastic, strong, courageous, daring unusual movements. Some of these actions may be related to family and home. We feel the excitement of starting something new or inventing a new style of doing something that is already part of our routine. At the same time, we should be able to avoid risking more than we are comfortable with. AstroFidelia recommends using this energy in order to build protections and secure defense systems.

Jupiter in Pisces: faith in ideals and spirituality

Cancer January Horoscope 2021

On May 14, Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces for about two and a half months. During this period we will focus on spiritual experiences, developing compassion and idealism. Artistic circumstances bring us enthusiasm and optimism. The stronger our empathy and sensitivity, the more confident in ourselves we will become. But this universal generosity must not make us easy to fool. With Jupiter in Pisces, the risk of illusions and different forms of escapism increases.

Sun (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn): transformation of self-image

On May 17, we can consciously access unsuspected inner powers. This newly discovered force leads us to transformations and progress, but its action is rather subtle. We might feel enlightened about our true nature, while on the outside we radiate magnetism and mystery. Some issues related to power, manipulation and control may emerge. We can also feel that public authorities and institutions have a direct impact on us.

Sun (Gemini) square Jupiter (Pisces): unlimited expansion

Around May 21, it is advisable to avoid a certain predisposition towards lack of measure and naive optimism. Skillful words may contradict what our soul recognizes as being true and moral. At the same time, AstroFidelia recommends keeping an eye on spiritual pride and on people who identify too much with the role of victim or savior. We can take advantage of this aspect by trying to understand logically some abstract concepts in the religious, spiritual or artistic area.

Saturn retrograde (Aquarius): review of procedures

From May 23 on, Saturn begins its annual retrograde period, which will last until October. During the following months we will concentrate on our inner structures. We will build boundaries and rules, carefully contemplating how our lives really function. We will also have time to analyze and rethink procedures and limits that were imposed on a social level during the previous stages of collective reforms.

Venus (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces): ambiguity in relationships

On May 27, our desire for romantic perfection is very high. We dream of a mystical love, but we are prone to lose sight of reality. There is a contrast between the mesmerized image we have about certain people and what they actually think or say. Although we may feel confused in some relationships and our feelings are rather blurred, this aspect can bring us moments of artistic inspiration and experiences full of refinement.

Mercury conjunct Venus (Gemini): the art of conversation

Around May 29, we have the opportunity to experience the beauty of communication. Messages from various acquaintances reach us and bring us joy. We are more inspired in creative writing and express our thoughts with pleasant words. We reflect on our relationships. We can also invest in our beauty, becoming more attractive and easily noticed. We improve our artistic techniques and skills by attending dedicated classes.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini: inner dialogues

On May 30, Mercury turns retrograde. From this moment on, we become more introspective and focus on clarifying old information that needs revision. We can resume communication with people we haven’t heard from in a long time. While our attention to the outside world is almost blurred, our inner universe becomes clearer. We approach information and communication from unusual perspectives.

Mars (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces): subtle victories

At the end of the month, on May 31, we might feel the need to fight for our ideals. We are led by faith in something higher than our selfish interests. This way we can make impressing altruistic gestures. On the other side, we are prone to imagine all these without putting our intentions into concrete actions. In order to succeed in materializing our purposes, it is helpful to connect to high sources of inspiration.

Being endowed with these clues, we can now welcome May with joy and a business-oriented spirit. Under the protective wings of Taurus we will manage not to lose sight of reality and practical objectives. At the same time, the Geminian energy makes sure we stay well-informed and intellectually active. Family and home themes come to the fore under the influence of Mars in Cancer, while Jupiter in Pisces from the middle of the month invites us to explore the spiritual and artistic realms. Surprises and variety are waiting for us to reach them.


Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Taurus until May 20, 8:38 p.m., when it enters Gemini;
  • New Moon in Taurus on May 11, 8:01 p.m.; Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26, 12:14 p.m.;
  • Mercury transits Taurus until May 4, 3:50 a.m., when it enters Gemini; it starts to retrograde in this sign on May 29, 11:30 p.m.;
  • Venus transits Taurus until May 9, 3:02 a.m., when it enters Gemini;
  • Mars continues its transit through Cancer;
  • Jupiter transits Aquarius until May 13, 11:37 p.m., when it enters Pisces;
  • Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius and starts its retrograde period on May 23, 9:21 a.m.;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptune continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluto continues its transit through Capricorn.

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