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The monthly energies invite the children of the zodiac to reflection and then to action! A cluster in Taurus with the Sun until the 20th and Mercury, Venus and Uranus all month, invites everyone to take their time, to ask and weigh their decisions. From the 21st, the Sun in Gemini accompanied by Mercury and Venus until the 31st, pushes us to act even to react. However, Mars in Cancer all month does not invite us to any shocking actions but rather to take care of our loved ones and above all to take care of our home and our family. The absence of a fiery energy announces a month during which the passion will not be preponderant. Jupiter breathes his evolution to the Aquarians of the last decan, he enters Pisces on the 14th and completely changes the climate. Saturn always in Aquarius supports progressive ideas and collective projects, for the second decan of the air and fire signs. Sensitive actions and important thoughts!

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