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  • This game teaches basic concepts of Astrology. It was designed by two Astrologers to be an easier way to learn the basics of Astrology and the meaning of planetary/star sign relationships. They seem to have done a good job at that, unfortunately, game play seems to be little more than "roll the die, move pawn, draw card". A nicely designed board, very unusual movement die (Very large.
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The Horoscope Game For thousands of years men have believed that our characters are controlled by the stars.Astrologers tell us that our characters are formed at the moment of our birth according to the sign of the zodiac we are born under. The Astro Twins forecast every sign's horoscope for today, this week, this month, and your love compatibility matches. Find out your health, body, love, romance, career, and money horoscopes.

For thousands of years men have believedthat our characters are controlled by the stars.Astrologers tell us thatour characters are formed at the moment of our birth according to the signof the zodiac we are born under.

There are twelve zodiac signs, and eachof them is represented by a symbolic picture.So, for example, Libra (September22nd to October 22nd) is represented by the picture of the scales:

And another example: the sign of thezodiac called Taurus (April 21st to May 20th) is represented by the pictureof a bull.


Flipping through the cardfile 'Zodiac1',you will find a short summary of the characteristics of each zodiac sign.

Let's Play a Game !

I On the basisof the above mentioned summaries in cardfile

'Zodiac1', as well as on your own knowledgeof the subject,

try to guess under which zodiac signthe following characters

were born:

a)EvelineHill, Eveline's father and Frank ( in the story 'Eveline'

by James Joyce).

b)George Stoyonovichand Mr. Cattanzara ( 'A Summer's

Reading ' by Bernard Malamud).

c)Joe, Kate andChris Keller; Ann and George Deever; Dr. Jim

and Sue Bayliss; Frank and Lydia Lubey.(inthe play All My

Sons by Arthur Miller).

Horoscope Games

Substantiate your choice of each birthsign by using specific examples from the above mentioned stories/ play.

II Working in pairs,compare your choice of the zodiac sign with

that of your partner. Defend your choiceby referring to


specific examples in the above mentionedliterary works.

IIIHaving writtendown (with a processor) your 'diagnosis' of

the character(s)' sign birth, and yourreasons for your

choice, move to your peers'computers,read their answers

and type in your comments. Then, comeback to your

computer, and read your peers' comments.

You may wish to revise and/ or elaborateyour answer

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on the basis of your friends' comments.

IV Read your ownzodiac sign carefully, and write down if, and

in which respects, the description ofyour character fits you

or not. (You may choose to check thecorrespondence

between a zodiac sign and the characterof a person you

know well: a parent, brother/ sister,a friend, etc.)


Write a short essay on the value andvalidity of the

horoscope in the 20th century. Readyour friends' essays on

their computer screens, and type inyour comments. Then

Horoscope games and quizzes

come back and read the comments yourpeers wrote on your

computer screen.


Try to ascertain, together with yourpartner, whether and to

which extent, your peers' essays andcomments have

altered your opinions on the issue.