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the condition of the moon in your natal chart says a lot about your comfort zone, what makes you feel comfortable, what you return to at the end of a day. where do you let loose? where do you run when you are in need of retreat?

Noo dont worry at all! ️ vedic is a different school of astrology;v; they also deal more with nakshatras - in addition to rahu and ketu, so if we’re talking about side-real we can just. Call it side-real skdjk ️. Chloe (Gemini) Izzy (Cancer) Megan (Pisces) No compatibility, squad rates, or other basic things u can look up on google pls:).

moon in aries/leo/sagittarius/aquarius, 1st/5th, sun/moon aspects: comfortable with themselves, doesn’t need to recharge often, frequently steps out of comfort zone.

Honestly i think Yoongi is for you.maybe is not even your bias but seeing your placements he just came to mind. Looking at your placements the first think i noticed is that you have 3planets in a water sing,this can make you have a dreamy aura overall and veryin tune with your emotion so you may like someone who’s sensitive as well and holda emotins in hight regard. See a recent post on Tumblr from @irklytes about horoscopes. Discover more posts about zodiac, astrology, virgo, scorpio, aries, aquarius, and horoscopes. See a recent post on Tumblr from @saturnianneptune about astrology. Discover more posts about zodiac, horoscope, socihoro, taurus, astro notes, pisces, and astrology.

moon in cancer/taurus, 2nd/4th house, moon/venus aspects: security and comfort intrinsically linked, physical comfort is essential, homebody.

moon/venus aspects/jupiter, in 6th house, in cancer/taurus: comfort eating, self-care is important.


moon in gemini/libra/sagittarius/aquarius, 7th/11th, moon/mercury aspects: comfortable around others, able to adapt and “change” comfort zone as needed.

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moon in 12th house, in aspect to neptune/saturn/mars: a sense that they are not comfortable anywhere, loss of feelings of comfort/safety, most comfortable completely alone.

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moon in taurus/virgo/scorpio, 6th: finds comfort in routine/ritual, has a relatively small comfort zone or difficulty trying new things.