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House 1 is the house of the awakening consciousness. It is the first point of the Eastern angle and horizon, from where the sun rises. This house will express the core of who you are, your spirit, your body (i.e., physique, complexion, appearance), and who you really are. In traditional Hellenistic astrology, the first house is the helm. The planets are all in specific signs in the sky when you are born. So, once you find out your Rising Sign, you can see what house in your natal chart that each of those planets fall in. This will bring those planet’s meanings into your houses. The Order of the 12 Houses of Astrology. If you take a closer look, you'll notice how the order of the astrological houses takes after the formative way of a human's life, from the first drive of individual being (the first house), to realizing what is mine and yours and how to utilize what one claims (the second house), to figuring out how to communicate inside the constraints of our. The astrology houses define central themes of your life. Each house applies to specific points about your life, like emotions, feelings, jobs, relationships, ideas, travel, circumstances and so.

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This is a Brief overview for the 12 Houses of the Zodiac and the general life lessons for each house, as well as a general overview/meaning of the Degrees in each of the houses.

GENERALLY the degrees in in each house represent the following:

1-9º Formative Development
10-19º Integration life lessons
20-29º Lessons in Mastery

FIRST HOUSE (Aries ruled by Mars)

Ascendant, how you are seen, presentation, armor, persona

1-9º Physical Body
10-19º Self
20-29 º Early Environment

SECOND HOUSE (Taurus ruled by Venus)

Resources, Self worth, material possessions, sustenance

1-9º Money
10-19º Possessions
20-29º Earning ability

THIRD HOUSE (Gemini ruled by Mercury)

Conscious mind, lower mind, perception, thought patterns, relationships, communication, neighbors, family members

1-9º Brothers
10-19º Sisters
20-29º Short journeys & Communication

FOURTH HOUSE (Cancer ruled by Moon)

Exemplore 12 horoscopes. Emotional conditioning, early childhood, nurturance & support

1-9º Home
10-19º Support
20-29º End of life

FIFTH HOUSE (Leo ruled by Sun)

Creative self expression, power to co-create, popularity, sports, romance, children, risks, investments

1-9º Social life
10-19º Pleasure
20-29º Children

SIXTH HOUSE (Virgo ruled by Mercury)

Work, proper care & health maintenance, daily routines, clothes, health, responsibility to details

1-9º Work
10-19º Service
20-29º Health

SEVENTH HOUSE – (Libra ruled by Venus)


Close personal relationships, marriage, business agreements, contracts, commerce, karmic working out

1-9º Open opposition
10-19º Public relations
20-29º Partnerships

EIGHTH HOUSE – (Scorpio ruled by Pluto)

Houses In Astrology Meaning And Definition

Other people’s money, inheritance, business partners, mystical experiences, deep psychological & emotional issues

1-9º Taxes & Debt
10-19º Regeneration
20-29º Death

NINTH HOUSE – (Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter)

Collective mind, Higher mind, rules & regulations, teaching, publishing, social conscience, wisdom, higher intuition, inspiration, philosophy & religion

1-9º Higher Education
10-19º Law
20-29º Long trips

TENTH HOUSE – (Capricorn ruled by Saturn)

Career, executive power, status, marriage, profession, authority, awards, recognition

1-9º Authority
10-19º Profession
20-29º Status

ELEVENTH HOUSE – (Aquarius ruled by Uranus)

Group associations, community, friends, creative group expression, and humanitarianism

What Do Houses Mean In Astrology

1-9º Friends
10-19º Hopes
20-29º Dreams & Wishes

TWELTH HOUSE – (Pisces ruled by Neptune)

Collective unconscious, unconscious mind, emotional memories, automatic responses & attitudes, self deception, karmic patterns & issues, religious retreats & solitude, mental institutions, hospitals, mystical inspiration

1-9º Limitations
10-19º Secret Opposition
20-29º Self Undoing

Please let me know if you find this information helpful and how it may relate to your own personal astrology chart.


The Astrological Houses

When an astrologer looks at an astrological chart, they are looking at various components of the chart. One of those happens to be what is called the Houses.

A chart is plotted on a circle which is referred to as “the wheel” and within the wheel, sit twelve Houses.

The Houses represent various environments of life and in theory, any possible environment of one’s life can be found within one of the twelve Houses.

Obviously each House represents numerous possible environments. Listed below are the traditional arenas of life described by each of the Houses.

So now, when you hear about a planet residing in or transiting through a House, you’ll have an idea of the particular reference.

12 Houses

The sign on the cusp of the first House, also known as the ascendant, is often referred to as the “rising sign”, as it is the sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. The ascendant or rising sign represents how one comes across to other people, both in their general approach to a given situation as well as physical appearance. So it relates, in part, to one’s health, one’s general disposition, how a person carries themselves, and their opinion of themselves.

This is the House of assets and resources. It represents our money, how we earn it, how we spend it. Additionally, it represents what we have that is valuable to the outside world. This doesn’t just mean what we possess, but what we have internally that we can offer to to others, that others perceive as valuable.

Houses In Astrology Meaning

This House represents short distance journeys, primarily those that can be accomplished within less than a day’s travel. In ancient times, travel took much longer so it’s important that we put things into perspective regarding how we travel now, compared to travel eons ago. Therefore this House refers to travel that is fairly regional, such as within neighboring states. It is associated with traffic and methods of transportation. It also refers to our neighbors, our siblings, how we communicate as well as the messages we share, the process of learning, writing and speaking and sharing information. It is associated with journalism, magazines, books, literature in general, libraries, news, newspapers, post offices, radio and radio stations, reporters, lower education, such as primary or secondary education.

12 houses in astrology

This is the House of our home, our roots, our heritage, our family and our parents. Both the fourth House and the tenth House are considered the parental axis. In some circles of thought, the fourth House cusp represents the father in a female’s chart and the mother of a male’s chart and vice versa for the tenth House. This is also considered the midnight portion of the chart, since this is where the sun resides during the late evening hours from about 10 pm to midnight. Therefore it is also referred to the midnight of life, as in the years of life prior to death. Being the lowest of all the Houses and essentially hidden from view, it is considered to be private, It is also considered to be the outcome of a matter.

This is the House of children, pregnancy, romance, the celebration of life, the theater, entertainment, adornment, gambling, hobbies, creative talents, our desire to be on stage and to be recognized,

This House represents our daily routines, employment, co-workers, service and those who provides services such as laborers. It is also associated with health, parts of the body that may be vulnerable to health problems, our diet, and therefore food.

This is considered the House of the “not self” and therefore represents those with whom we interact on a regular basis. So it represents partners, be they business or marital, those with whom we consult, such as counselors or experts outside our own area of specialization. It is associated with contracts, legal matters, opponents in a legal matter or in a competition such as an election. Therefore it is considered the House of open enemies.

This House is often referred to as the House of sex, inheritance and death, all of which are accurate. It rules other peoples’ money, such as the finances of our partner, taxes, insurance, all of which fall under the category of shared resources. It rules any matters associated with death, such as the manner in which a person dies, wills, inheritances and undertakers. It also represents surgeons and surgery as well as the outcome of lawsuits. This astrologer also suspects that this House is associated with the process of psychotherapy and the subconscious as well as dreams, because this is the House naturally ruled by Scorpio, which represents things that are hidden from view. Classically dreams are considered ninth House matters and psychotherapy is considered to fall under the rulership of Aquarius and Uranus.

This is the House of long distance matters such as long distance travel, which is travel beyond one state, as well as foreign travel and foreign countries. Occupations associated with travel also come under this House’s rulership, such as travel agents, ticketing agents, and the like, as well as imports and exports. It also rules higher education, colleges and universities, our philosophical belief systems, our religious beliefs and our faith. Law, attorneys and judges also fall under this category, as does the field of publishing. Broadcasting, marketing and promotions also fall under this House, in this astrologer’s humble opinion.

This House represents career, business, the court of law, bosses and decision makers or essentially those to whom one answers, authority figures, government officials, royalty, parents and especially the father in a male’s chart and the mother in a female’s chart. It also represents your fame, honors and recognition, worldly attainment, status, reputation.

This House is associated with our social life. It represents groups, associations, clubs, society, friends and colleagues, politics, one’s ideals and desires, and income from business.

Like Neptune, the natural ruler of this House, the categories associated with this arena are somewhat illusive. Classically it is considered the House of behind the scenes activities, hospitals, prisons and imprisonment, institutions, self undoing, how we become our own worst enemy, charitable institutions, crime and criminals, drugs and drug addiction, seclusion and places associated with seclusion such as monasteries, nunneries, and the like, meditation and reflection, the occult. It represents secrets and those involved in secrets, such as private investigators, secret affairs, secret names. This astrologer also feels that our guardian angels fall under this category, as they are hidden from view and help us gain perspective on our paths.

Astrology: The 12 Houses And Their Meaning


What Do Houses Represent In Astrology

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