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Sun is the foremost of all planets in astrology and is regarded as the king of the planets. It is the life-giving force behind everything, and even in astrology, it is considered the primary reason behind the existence of life. Sun is one among the nine planets in astrology and is of chief significance in all Hindu traditions where hardly any ritual goes without a salutation to the Sun God or Suryadev. Sun represents the soul and the self. It is pure and positive. It also represents the outer self or the personality that people exhibit in society. Sun is a potent planet in astrology. When it is placed favorably, the person achieves fame, reputation, and good health—it makes leaders and rulers out of them. However, if Sun in astrology is adversely placed in the birth chart, the person will either be too shy and timid and of a sickly constitution, falling ill too often; or be of a very dominant and aggressive personality. Thus, it is crucial to correct any lacking of Sun in astrology—whether too strong or weak.

Astrology is a very wide subject with many many layers of interpretation required to understand all the meanings provided by a persons natal chart (where all the planets were at their precise time of birth) in conjunction with the positions of the planets today, or at a time of importance for that person. The planet Sun in astrology has a pivotal role. As planet Sun is the head of the solar system, we also consider it as the most powerful and authoritative planet in the science of predictive astrology. Generally speaking, the planet Sun in astrology signifies power, position and authority. Astrological importance. The moon is called a planet in the astrology as it has got impact on human being and all living beings. The moon is considered to be the most important planet in the birth chart according to Vedic astrology. The ascendant or Lagna is the most powerful house in the horoscope.

Why Are Planets so Important in Astrology—and What Do They Mean? In astrology, planetary alignment is significant in more than one way. First of all, the position of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth reveal significant information about how you see the world, your habits and traits, belief systems, and strengths and weaknesses. Jupiter and Saturn are known as slow moving planets. Far far away astrology. Each planet has its precise function in the natal chart, and represents a specific energy. The planet’s effect is influenced by the sign it occupies. Zodiac signs and the Houses in a horoscope give special quality to them.

Planet Sun – Vedic Story

Surya or Sun is the one who dispels darkness and brightens up the world. He is said to be born of sage Kashyap and Aditi. He rides on his chariot to fight the evil of darkness and bless the world with light. He has ascribed a chariot driven by seven horses, with Arun holding the whip to control the horses and shield the world from the harsh rays of the Sun. In ancient traditions, he is one of the chief deities, and the hymn that is considered to be one of the most potent—the Gayatri Mantra, as composed by the sage Vishwamitra—is in veneration of the Sun God. He is also given several other names, including Aditya (son of Aditi), Jagat Chakshu (eye of the world), Bhaskar (light maker), Savitra (procreator) Divakar (day bringer), to name a few. While in the later Vedic age, Vishnu overshadowed many other gods and deities and became the chief god of worship; Surya remains remarkably relevant to this day as several people begin their day with the worship of Surya Narayan. One such practice is recommended to those who have a weak Sun in their astrology charts—to please the Sun God and earn his blessings.The Sun God is said to possess immense powers. When cursed by his father Sri Krishna, Samba did a long penance for Suryadev, as only the Sun God could have relieved Samba of the curse befallen on him by Sri Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu himself.

Planet Sun in Astrology

In astrology, Sun is the ruler of the 5th house, the ruler of Leo, or the Simha Rashi. Sun is the center of the solar system and is also the center of astrology. Sun is the king of the planets in Vedic astrology. Sun takes 12 months to complete one cycle of the astrological house, and as such, has a transit of 1 month in each house or Rashi. Sun’s direction is the East direction, and the day is Sunday. It is associated with Orange. Those who have Sun adversely placed in their astrological chart are prescribed the remedy of wearing light or bright colors, like white, yellow, orange, or pink. Sun is associated with metals like gold and copper, and stones or gems like a ruby. It has a pungent taste. Sun in astrology has a hot temperament. People with a strong Sun might often lose their calm relatively quickly. When the Sun is exalted, or when it is in its own nakshatra, the cost of gold rises.The friendly planets of the Sun include Mars, Moon, and Jupiter. The Sun has enmity with planets like Saturn and Venus. Sun is in a neutral state with Mercury.

Sun and Saturn

Saturn is known as the offspring of the Sun, but it has a hostile relationship with Saturn. Sanjana was the wife of Sun, but she left him as she could not tolerate his ego and pride of the Sun. Before she ran away, she created her replica, known as Chaya. Saturn is the offspring of Sun and Chaya. Sun did not realize the change for a long time. But once he did, he started hating Chaya as well as Saturn.Moreover, Saturn (Sani) was dark and lame. Saturn also developed a very bitter relationship with his father because of the humiliation he faced from his father. Generally, when Sun and Saturn are placed together or conjunct or aspect, in the natal chart, the native will have issues with father and elderly male figures in the family.

Sun and Venus

Likewise, Venus is known as the guru for Asuras, while Sun is from the Deva clan. According to Vedas, Devas and Asuras have opposite interests. Sun and Venus do not have a good relationship in astrology. If Sun and Venus are placed together in a house, it denies happy love and marital life.Get your detailed marriage prediction by date of birth.

Sun and its various forms

Sun is at an exalted state in Aries at 10 degrees and a debilitated state in Libra at 10 degrees. The Mahadasha period of the Sun is of 6 years. Sun is in its purest form mainly at sunrise and also at sunset. It finds the directional strength in the 10th house in the astrological chart, and its directional weakness in the 4th house.Sun being the illuminator, it lights up or highlights the qualities associated with the given house. If the Sun in astrology is in the 1st house, the person is likely to have honey shaded brown eyes, a mustache and beard, and thinner hair. If Sun is in the 5th house, the male child is expected to excel in his arena. If it is in the 10th house, the chances of succeeding in one’s career are very bright. There is also a chance for a government job even if the Sun is debilitated. Get a FREE 60-page personalized horoscope

Importance of Planet Sun in Astrology

Sun interacts with the different planets placed in the same house during its transit of 1 month in that house. The interaction is based heavily upon the proximity of the Sun and the other planet. If there is a great distance between the two planets, Sun with its rays will illuminate the planet and bring out its best features. If, on the contrary, Sun is placed close to the other planet, it is said to have a burning impact on the qualities of the given planet. As such, whatever quality the closer planet signified will be diminished or be nonexistent for the person. Sun is considered to be a warrior. It also governs leadership qualities. As a result, many ruling dynasties in ancient and medieval India associate themselves with Sun to assert greater power and authority. The Ikshvaku dynasty or the Suryavamshi is considered the solar dynasty and is a part of the Kshatriya class’s origins. Lord Ram is from Surya vamsa, and Lord Krishna is from Chandravamsa. At a later age, many Rajput clans also claimed proximity to the Sun. Sun is associated with the qualities of respect and fame. Those who have a favorably placed Sun in astrology often achieve great heights, fame, and recognition among the people. Sun also signifies health, vitality, and lifespan. Those with a sickly constitution or lack of willpower, issues with the government, are also seen as a weak Sun product.Sun is also the signifier of the father and other masculine figures in the family lineage. It is thus also associated with the birth of a male child. When will you get a job? Find now!A strong Sun results in a pleasant personality. Such people are successful in their lives. They are very good at communication, and if in the field of communication or mass media, they make excellent progress and reach great heights in the professional sphere. Sun also has a lot of significance in the human body. It governs the head, brain, eyesight, heart, lungs, chest, stomach, bones, immune system, and the white blood cells (WBC) in our blood. So, when the Sun has a negative influence, the native has to be very careful about the organs in the chest area.Those who have a strong Sun in astrology have promising careers in leadership roles like politicians, bureaucrats, government officials, doctors, and physicians, to name a few.


Every planet governs some quality or attributes in us, and the Sun is said to be the causal agent of leadership abilities.

When Sun is strong in the astrology chart:

Those with strong Sun are often leaders in their domain— whether personal or professional. Like the Sun leads the planets, these people also teach others. They have the quality to guide people on their vision.People with strong Sun are energetic and take on any task or responsibility with enthusiasm. Sun in astrology stands for energy and vitality. Sun also governs confidence, and people who have a well-placed sun in their natal charts do not shy away from the world. They are often excellent public speakers and even politicians and powerful orators. Sun represents determination, so people with a good Sun in astrology are iron-willed people who do not give up easily. Even if they fail, they persist and reach their goals. Sun also represents courage, and such people are not easily defeated in the face of an adversary. Faced with any difficulty, they come out with flying colors.Get personalized career predictions now!Creativity is another attribute associated with the Sun. Under Sun’s influence, people are innovative and think out of the box. They envisage things at greater and deeper depths and tend to do things differently. This often sets them aside from the crowd. Many people associated with any creative field- film, music, art, dance, theatre- often have a very favorably placed Sun in astrology. Sun is also generous and benevolent. People with a well-placed Sun are considerate and helpful towards others and are seen to help out people. They devote their time and energy to good causes and often engage in philanthropy and charitable acts. They treat others with the respect that they deserve and do not look down upon those in distress. Sun in astrology governs greatness. Under Sun’s influence, people reach great heights, whether personally or professionally, or even in their conduct. They are likely to achieve success in all their endeavors. Sun is also government and power. Successful politicians and ministers have a suitably placed sun in astrology. It also governs our relations with our superiors or those in a position of power and authority- at home, in school, or at the workplace. A positive Sun indicates a cordial relationship with people of power and authority. Get your FREE Kundli now!

When the Sun is adversely placed in the astrology chart:

When a planet is adversely placed in the astrology chart, several negative traits in opposition to the planet’s positive attributes are witnessed. When the Sun comes in the second house and aspect, the second or eighth house and conjunct Venus also indicate weak eyes. An adversely placed Sun will lead to arrogance. Too much power will fill the person with a leader-like feeling making the individual with arrogance and a condescending attitude. They look down upon others and consider themselves the best. They have complete disregard for others’ feelings and give importance to their selves. People with the dominating trait have adversely placed Sun in astrology. They find it in their best interest to command and dominate over others and use any opportunity for their good. Sun also governs jealousy. Such people are very susceptible to get offended upon seeing others progress. They never like it when people around them, including their close ones, achieve any good in life. With an adverse Sun, people are also cruel and ruthless. They take tough decisions very quickly and are often harsh in their treatment of others. Some even take pleasure in giving others difficulties. Sun in astrology, when placed adversely, also represents conceit. People under this influence are scheming and planning against others. It is easy for them to deceive people to advance their interests. Sun is also aggressive. People with an adverse Sun tend to be very aggressive with others, and even their near and dear ones. They pick up fights very easily and do not shy away from bashing people verbally or physically. Sun adversely placed often results in Importance Of Planets In Astrologya lack of confidence

Planets In Astrology Chart

. Such people tend to remain shy and timid and are afraid of taking up any prominent roles. They prefer to work in the background, away from the eyes of people. An adverse Sun in astrology also makes people

Role Of Planets In Vedic Astrology

disrespectful of others

Meanings Of The Planets Astrology

, especially elders and anybody in a position of power and authority. They may have detrimental relations with teachers, elders, seniors in office, and government functionaries.