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  1. Astrology tracks the movement of and relationships between the planets and other celestial bodies and interprets how they influence us earth babies and our daily lives. If you're an avid astrology.
  2. The Astrology of Aspects: The Dilemmas Known As Inconjuncts Posted on February 28, 2010 by Beth Turnage Once considered a minor aspect, the energetic connection known as the inconjunct is now recognized as a powerful force in our charts.

There are so many aspects in play this summer – the planets are interacting with each other in ways that suggest massive change. Some aspects have not occurred for decades, some for centuries and although none are new, they describe a tumult that will touch each of us.

Astrology and statistics never work the other way around. Here is an example of a priest who abused hundreds of boys without a Venus-Pluto aspect in the natal chart, like in the cases mentioned in an earlier post. However, Father Murphy (not the television character) had progressed Venus quindecile Pluto at age 25, when he became a priest.

Astrology Inconjunct Aspect

13 hours ago, Jupiter joined Uranus in Aries and the Moon sidled by them both. The Moon in Aries brought a personal touch to the inspiration and energy that Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus suggests. Even so, I’ve heard folks describe a feeling of lacking energy and will keep an eye out for this flux. Will we feel energized or just overloaded? There is a possibility of either – one approach in a time like this is to observe whether the energy you are attuned to is nourishing you or burning you out. If the latter, take a walk, recenter.

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There is another aspect, Neptune opposed Mars, that is acting as a drain on energy, resulting in a dreaminess vs. a motivated and focused energy. An approach to this effect is to dream big, to write or somehow capture the incoming information for review later, when you can do something about it.

Inconjunct Definition In Astrology

My focus is on the trine to Mars from Pluto, with Jupiter inconjunct the fiery planet. There could be eruptions of old or unresolved issues, sort of elaborate reminders of situations we thought we put behind us. These circumstances/energies/feelings could be potentially unpleasant, generally heavy, and could surface dramatically to remind us why we submerged them in the first place.

A trine is generally considered a good aspect – meaning it works, that it combines the energy of the planets easily. Pluto represents energy of transformation, sacrifice even. An easy combination of this energy with Mars, the planet representing vitality, potentially aggression – well, it could be a bit heavy. This combination could bring up issues that you’d rather not take a look at – this aspect would have a personal resonance if you have planets in late Leo/Aquarius or early Capricorn/Cancer.

Inconjunct definition in astrology

Inconjunct Astrology Symbol

An inconjunct is an aspect of lack of balance. There is a general sense of discomfort with the planets in relation – in this case Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, of “plenty” for good or for ill. When that energy, generosity, say – isn’t comfortable with the energy of Mars, it could result in giving too much or giving in a way that puts people off. Combined with the trine from Pluto to Mars, this could demonstrate a pattern – we can take a look at how we give and whether there’s a relationship with that generosity and how we respond to our difficulties.