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  • Astrologers do this through the study of planets at the time of birth and hence they foretell about the future of one individual in the most accurate manner. Indian scriptures are quite rich with holy books that tell all the techniques related to astrology and astrologers study meticulously the Dasa-Antardasa mechanism of all the planets.

Indian Astrologer Bay Area News

Astrologer Eshwar is one of the highly reputed and internationally acclaimed Indian Astrologers in Bay Area offering responsible, reliable and responsive Vedic astrology solutions to the people from all the walks of life. By fusing the modern approach of astrology with the traditional threads of seeing future and solving problems, he has garnered millions of followers all around the globe who come to him in hopes of a prosperous future and a joyful life. His is a divine and a dedicated soul who strongly believes in his rituals, prayers and mantras. His belief in the field of astrology has kept him on the forefront of helping the people find peace and prosperity in life.

Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, which shares a neutral relationship with Jupiter. When Jupiter is placed in Aquarius, which is the sign of Saturn, its energy is not as effective due to Saturn’s malefic influence. Jupiter in aquarius vedic astrology.

What Are His Areas Of Expertise?

Astrologer Eshwar possesses over 25 years of experience in the field of Vedic Astrology and Ancient Indian texts and manuscripts and a scholar in the Sanskrit, Hindi and English languages. Hailing from the family of Pandits, Healers, Readers and Astrologers, the knowledge and the in-depth teachings he has received of this genre is par excellence. This drive since childhood to relieve people of the hard lashes and brutal punches of life pushed him forward to test the frontiers of the different dimension of the field of astrology like,

Horoscope ReadingCompatibility Astrology
Palm ReadingGemology
Love AstrologyNumerology
Face ReadingPsychic Reading
Marriage AstrologyFortune Telling

What Are The Problems That He Provides Astrology Solutions For?

No matter how small or big, easy or complex your problems are, you can sure bid farewell to those after a single consultation with Astrologer EshwarJi. He is an eminent name in this field and the reason why people approach him from across the world. Astrologer Eshwar is just a medium through which you can know what your stars and planets are saying about your life and what they have in store for your future, it is mainly your own trust, fate and destiny that will pave a way for an effective remedy for your conundrum.

  • Black Magic Removal
  • Evil Spirits Protection and Removal
  • Stop Separation/Divorce Cases
  • Have Your Love Back Consultation
  • Family Relationships Issues Consultation
  • Pujas of Hindu Deities s
  • VastuShashtra

To avail the numerous astrology services of Astrologer Eshwar, get in touch with him by giving him a call or booking an appointment online.