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Institute Of Vedic Astrology In Ahmedabad

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In September 1951, responding to a newspaper article about an astrologer predicting an imminent war with Pakistan, the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru expressed his desire to pass a law against astrology and sooth-saying. In January 1962, Indian astrologers predicted a global catastrophe on Sunday, 4 February 1962. Indian Institute of Astrology (R) is “an online learning,correspondence and regular classes ” based educational Institute. Indian express daily horoscope 2021. We at Indian Institute of Astrology, are committed to provide our students and scholars the best in the ancient Indian Astro-Science i.e. The Vedic Astrology, through various significant courses.

Global Online Astrology 6th Batch
Sarvamangala Institute of Vedic Astrology (SIVA) is starting a 6th batch of online scientific astrology classes soon. Interested candidates may please enroll to enhance your understanding of planetary actions. And, while you are at it, share this information within your circle of friends and family to join.
There is no fee. No conditions. No certificates. The goal is to promote a genuine understanding of Astrology and promote more research. We encourage youngsters to participate.
Classes will be weekly on Skype and the tutor Shakuntala N, MS in Computer Science from California, will be delivering the classes from Dallas, USA. The classes is planned to commence on Wednesday the Jan 15, 2020..tentatively the timings are 9.00 pm-IST, GMT-3.30 PM, Central time-8.30 AM

Institute of vedic astrology. INSTITUTE OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY TAROT READING. Among the various tarot spread formats that exist, 3 card tarot spread is the easiest format to get a quick and easy reading. Unlike other formats that reveal, 3 card tarot spread reveals the information about past, present and future. Learn astrology, numerology, Vaastu Shastra, palmistry, tarot card reading, KP astrology, and more at the leading training courses centre in India and USA. Visit Institute of Vedic Astrology Now!

Level 2 - Advance - further discussions and group analysis of planetary movements and its effects. Duration - 1 year
Level 3 - Research - Group will engage in advanced understanding and analysis. Duration - 1 year

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