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Those who follow my writings may recall that the U.S.A. began its Rahu mahadasha cycle back on October 1, 2015 and this period ushered in a major change in orientation, focus and attitudes of the country as a whole. The beginning of Rahu dasha marked the last year of the Obama presidency and the commencement of the Trump campaign and his eventual rise to the presidency. So, that set the tone for the U.S.’s Rahu mahadasha experience.
It helps to understand the nature of “Rahu” in order to appreciate the full context of what the country will continue to experience during the full 18 years of this major planetary cycle. The Rahu mahadasha continues until October 1, 2033. Recall that there are a total of 9 sub-cycles (bhuktis) within the 18-year span of Rahu. These sub-cycles fine-tune the direction and outcomes that are expected to manifest during any given year. This is true for individuals as well as entire countries. We are about to enter the second sub-cycle of Rahu, that of Rahu/Jupiter which begins on June 13, 2018 and will last until November 6, 2020.
(As a point of reference, I use James Kelleher’s birth time rectification for the U.S.A. birth chart, 7-4-1776, 18:30, Philadelphia, PA.)
The beginning of any new major planetary cycle ushers in a completely new and different set of karmas or implications/events that are bound to ripen and manifest. Like any other mahadasha planet, Rahu has its higher, more positive side as well as its lower, more devious side. The basic nature of Rahu is to relentlessly go after its desires at any cost. Rahu is kind of like the “Pac Man” head gobbling up the prize and going after the next one. Rahu takes an unconventional, and individualistic approach, it is a loner, a separatist, an outcast and moves toward excitement. Rahu also moves on impulse and inspiration rather than solely on logic or facts. Rahu is worldly, whereas Ketu (its opposite pole) is other-worldly. Rahu is the outcast, individualist and the foreigner. Ketu is the hitchhiker, the spiritual seeker or a person on a journey seeking perfection and enlightenment, who denounces the boundaries of the world, preferring to be unattached. Rahu follows his own unique compass and Ketu doesn’t use one.
The predictions described cover the specific time frame between June 13, 2018 – November 6, 2020, which addresses the entire Rahu/Jupiter period for the U.S.A.
A more complete explanation and discussion follows the list of predictions.

Predictions For the U.S.A. During the Rahu/Jupiter Cycle: (From June 13 2018 to November 6, 2020)

1. Overall gain, expansion and growth in the U.S.A. with increased financial prosperity throughout most of the period.
2. New alliances, contracts and trade agreements are made between the U.S. and other foreign countries, while other old agreements are dismantled or discontinued.
3. Rise in real estate values and increased sales/expansion of real estate dominate this period.
4. Significant changes in the structure of the public schools and the larger educational system manifest. New curriculums and teaching methods are introduced. Several colleges either go bankrupt and dissolve or merge with stronger institutions of higher learning.
5. Continued large mass protests involving human rights, freedom and speaking out about a broad range of issues (Gun Control, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Immigration, etc.). Protests against the old status quo policies grow in numbers.
6. Different levels of government bodies/agencies attempt to reorganize and redefine itself and what its priorities are.
7. Possible change to the Constitution or a new Amendment is added.
8. Change in the membership of the Supreme Court is likely, with the loss of at least one Supreme Court Justice currently on the bench.
9. Much higher propensity for major windstorms, flooding, excessive rainfall, hurricanes and tornados. The summer of 2020 is of particular concern for a massive hurricane.
10. Rapid advances in molecular genetics, biotechnology and medical research yielding innovative treatments, diagnostic methods, new medical and surgical procedures and techniques flourish.
11. Alternative healing methods advance and gain in popularity, becoming more widely accepted and becoming more mainstream.
12. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence efforts and advances in technology continue to grow rapidly during this period.
13. New communication devices/tools are invented, and new methods for communication are introduced.
14. Controversy surrounding religious beliefs, religious institutions and religious freedom grow. There is likely to be a major scandal involving a religious leader and the downfall of that organization.
15. Growth and expansion of vehicle sales and increased air travel (routes) are anticipated in the U.S.
16. During the second year of Jupiter/Rahu (running between Nov. 2019 – March 2020) is a particularly strong expansive phase since Jupiter will be transiting through its own strong sign of Sagittarius concurrently, through the 1st house of the U.S.A.’s chart. This will yield more spending, growth and infrastructure expansion in the country.
17. The final year of Jupiter/Rahu (after late March 2020 – November 2020) is more difficult financially for the country, (including from late March 2020 – April 2021), since Jupiter will transit into its debilitated position of Capricorn, moving through the U.S. 2nd house of income/finance. During this phase of the Rahu/Jupiter bhukti, there are likely to be serious debt concerns, a financial downturn and the strong possibility for a major recession. Excessive debt (years of overspending) will likely be the source of the problem and it will influence the entire economic spectrum at that time. The U.S. then moves into its Rahu/Saturn period as of 11-6-2020 as well. Jupiter transiting through Capricorn promotes a much more conservative attitude toward spending and allocation of resources.
Some Background into the Larger Rahu Planetary Cycle:
Rahu in the U.S. chart is placed in the 8th house, at 16:51 degrees in the water sign of Cancer, in the nakshatra of Ashlesha. Rahu’s dispositing planet, the Moon, is in the 3rd house, at 7:14 degrees in the air sign of Aquarius, in Shatabhisha nakshatra. Notice that the 3rd house has 8th house qualities since it is eight houses away from the 8th house itself. All of the above indicates that Rahu mahadasha brings substantial transformation in the country as a whole, putting great emphasis on 8th house indications. Some of these prominent changes are strongly directed at health care delivery, medicine and healing modalities in particular since both Ashlesha and Shatabhisha are intimately associated with traditional medicine and alternative healing methods.
Rahu itself is an indicator of separation, breaking through social convention, indicating areas of restlessness, dissatisfaction with the status quo, intense focus, creating turmoil, taking risks and seeking excitement, going into situations where a person does not belong, and taking extreme positions. When Rahu is activated, it becomes a driving force in the psyche. It is an area seen in the horoscope that is hard to control or fully understand, without clear, focused awareness. However, once Rahu is understood, it is possible to harness that energy and direct it with intelligence to promote more beneficial outcomes and experiences along the way.
Rahu also governs the unusual and unconventional, getting fame & recognition, innovative technologies, new approaches to solving problems, research, computers and also the field of Astrology itself. Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the “outcasts” of the planetary cabinet and they also represent foreigners and immigrants. So, while the U.S. is moving through Rahu, all of these areas become highlighted during the 18 years of this cycle.
For these above reasons, we witness many more groups of people who used to live more hidden/private lives or in the shadows of society moving more into the public sphere to gain recognition, pressing for their rights or to simply be seen and heard as legitimate individuals who are part of the fabric of the larger society. What used to be considered “odd” or “unusual” or “exceptional” human behavior or self-expression is now more of the norm.
Note that the 8th house also governs taxes, insurance, inheritance, banks, and borrowing money, so these areas are up for change in the U.S. as well. We are in the midst of a massive overall of the U.S. tax code this year, reflecting the impact of Rahu dasha and Rahu in the U.S. 8th house.
The 8th house placement of Rahu also refers to privacy issues and secrecy. While Rahu in the 8th house promotes profound changes, and the development and implementation of new approaches to solving problems, it also brings out deeply personal/private issues that have been buried and need to be dealt with at some point, including those of sexual abuse, trafficking and other issues involving sexuality in particular. There are mass group movements that have formed, particularly among women’s groups, during Rahu dasha to advocate and openly work to change erroneous deep-seated societal beliefs.
Another area involving the 8th house involves death and dying, and longevity. Changes in perception about death, allowing euthanasia for terminal illness patients, expansion of hospice and how the country perceives and deals with terminal illness are also prominent during Rahu dasha. Legal policies may change in this regard as the dasha progresses. It moves the hidden and private concerns out into the open to deal with in the larger society.
Rahu in Ashlesha nakshatra emphasizes healing and specifically allopathic medicine, which employs pharmaceutical agents, drugs, and various chemicals/toxins to treat disease. The 8th house itself governs research into all hidden areas. These domains are up for great change and further advancement due to the 8th house placement of Rahu. Breakthrough treatments for a long list of diseases coming from advances in molecular biology & biotechnology will expand, as will medical research involving this newer approach. Innovative medical diagnostics, surgical procedures, transplants and techniques will grow, change and improve enormously over the next 18 years.
Notice that the Moon (Rahu’s dispositor) is in Shatabhisha nakshatra, which is symbolized by 100 physicians and is also specifically associated with addictions. Rahu is the planet associated with this specific nakshatra as well. Just as the country moved into Rahu mahadasha, the exponential increase in opioid addiction has turned into a serious national crisis. Prior to the Rahu dasha, this problem existed in the shadows, but it grew substantially and became a public focal point for the country to acknowledge and work to resolve once the U.S. entered the Rahu period.
The 3rd house placement of the Moon (dispositing planet for Rahu in Cancer) highlights the changes that will come in both the communications sector and involving transportation modalities. Not only is the self-driving car now legitimate and in development, but all forms of technology and artificial intelligence will expand and grow in leaps and bounds during the 18 years of Rahu. It brings the combination of new technologies with transportation and the desire to change the status quo in this area. There are likely going to be new modes of transportation that arise during this period, or least significant changes will manifest involving vehicles, airplanes and ships over the entire 18 years. Space travel opportunities will continue to expand as well. The methods used to communicate will likely undergo even further advancement and change during Rahu’s dasha. What seemed inconceivable a few years ago will become the new normal.
It’s important to note that Rahu itself behaves much like a roller coaster, with ups and downs and sudden swings. This volatile, uncertain tendency will manifest in many areas. There is a general tendency under Rahu’s influence to cling to pleasure and to seek more satisfaction of one’s desires, without consideration of the consequences. This is where intelligence, slowing down decisions and considering the impact of words and actions becomes paramount for the country to thrive in the long run. The better side of Rahu’s impact will manifest if self-control is employed. Otherwise, decisions and actions based purely on impulse, excitement and the unconventional will get the country into deeper problems down the road. Such in the nature of Rahu.
The Rahu/Jupiter period (From June 13, 2018 – November 6, 2020):

Jupiter in the U.S. chart is the Lagnesh (ruling planet of Sagittarius Lagna—1st house of the U.S. chart) and Jupiter resides in the 7th house, with Mars, Venus and the Sun in the air sign of Gemini. Jupiter resides in Ardra nakshatra at 15:12 degrees Gemini, which is governed by Rahu. Jupiter also receives the 10th aspect of Saturn. Jupiter is disposited by Mercury which is in the 8th house with Rahu. Jupiter also aspects the Moon in Aquarius (3rd house), creating a greater sense of optimism, the desire to grow and feel greater confidence as a nation.
The bhukti, or sub-period of the Lagnesh is a prominent cycle since the Lagnesh represents the health and overall status of an individual or entity, in this case the U.S.A. With Jupiter in the 7th house, this period is likely to elicit more recognition and involvement with other countries, in terms of contracts, agreements and joint ventures, including trade. While Rahu governs foreign entities and being in the 8th house produces more isolation and separation, in contrast Jupiter is in the 7th house of partnerships in Gemini, which emphasizes impersonal relationships that are friendly and communicative, but more detached. This applies to how the U.S. will engage with other countries or partners. Rahu in the 8th house seeks control. So, the U.S. is going into a period where it seeks to control its partnerships and joint ventures, while trying to remain friendly, to convince and mesmerize other countries to join it with new agreements. During Rahu/Jupiter, The U.S. will appear more open toward partnership and friendly toward other countries as compared to the previous Rahu/Rahu periodsince October 2015.
Jupiter’s placement in Ardra nakshatra and Rahu in Ashlesha is a combination for more intense weather patterns than we have witnessed in recent years. Ardra refers to storms and is symbolized by a teardrop. While the U.S. goes through Rahu/Jupiter there are likely to be more intense and larger windstorms, hurricanes and tornados. This situation is magnified by the transit of Saturn concurrently aspecting the natal Jupiter from the 1st house of the U.S. chart (Sagittarius). Historically, the last time the U.S. went through Rahu/Jupiter, a major hurricane hit Galveston, Texas at the very end of the Rahu/Jupiter on September 8, 1900. While I am not suggesting this will happen exactly on the same date this time, the current Rahu/Jupiter period lends itself toward a higher propensity for more intense major storms, greater flooding and damaging winds. In terms of timing correspondence, this would be equal to the period between late June 2020 to early November 2020.
Just as Jupiter in Ardra points us toward increased storms (as the bhukti in force under Rahu) in the U.S. chart, this astrological influence also points to increased dissatisfaction with the U.S. government in power and the status quo. Ardra’s deity is Rudra, known as the lord of tears, as a form of Lord Shiva, who rules storms. Rudra was a bit unconventional in his behavior, and he is also known as the first physician. This indicates the potential beneficial influence of Jupiter (a natural benefic planet) in Ardra toward improvements in medicine. Rudra is also connected with financial gain, granting prosperity and growth. These are the themes that are to be expected in some manifestation during this Jupiter phase of Rahu dasha.
Protests will continue strongly through November 2020. People will become more discontent with the status quo, and become even more outspoken during this phase. Rudra is known as the “howler.” There is a powerful search for identity and defining oneself in the world when Ardra is activated. Hence the U.S. will be trying to find new footing, trying to redefine what it stands for as a nation and there is often a struggle, storm, shedding of tears or turmoil before things settle down. This will be a stormy, tumultuous period through November 2020, just before the next presidential election.
Jupiter is also the planet governing higher education and during this Rahu/Jupiter period there is likely to be some major transformation of the public school system, especially while Saturn transits through Sagittarius, concurrently. This impact involves the consolidation of smaller colleges and the demise of others that have not been performing well or are too expensive to maintain. There will be a stronger desire to have more freedom of choice in regard to schooling. The curriculums are likely to be redefined. The creation of new forms of teaching or more web/Internet-based learning are also plausible. Perhaps, public high school will combine with college level courses (or Community Colleges) and a college degree will be granted? Look for significant changes to the entire public educational system during this period.
Jupiter is associated closely with Venus, and both are the main financial planets sitting together in Ardra nakshatra. With Rudra’s influence governing Ardra, we can anticipate financial gain and growth in the prosperity of the country during this time. This is confirmed in several vargas (divisional charts) involving finances. It is also a strong period for real estate values and building expansion in the U.S. during this phase of Rahu. Even with trade issues and much turmoil present, the country appears to thrive, grow and prosper materially and financially during most of this Rahu/Jupiter phase.
Note that Jupiter is also associated with Mars, and together they form a Raja (kingly) yoga, as well as Guru-Mangala yoga. These yoga combinations create strong confidence, will and motivation for the country to succeed in its endeavors. Jupiter forms a second Raja yoga with the Sun, as ruler of the 9th house. This grants high confidence, support, gains, opportunity, protection and the ability for the U.S. to rise above its problems and dilemmas. The activation of these powerful yogas in the U.S. chart further indicates the country will gain in strength, status, prosperity, and wealth even in the midst of turmoil, change and uncertainty through November 2020. In sum, the Rahu/Jupiter period is one of the stronger and more positive periods of the 18-year mahadasha of Rahu in the U.S.A.

Ivanka Trump Vedic Astrology

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