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The first Lunar eclipse of the Year 2020 will fall on 10th January and the eclipse will start at 10.30 PM with the max. Eclipse at around 0.40 AM and it will end in the morning on 11th January 2020 at around 2.40 AM. Lunar eclipse is very significant in Vedic astrology. This is the time when your emotions, intimate relations, the atmosphere at. 2) 2nd House: Second house of Horoscope relates to finances and possessions. If favorably expected at an eclipse, it will not only enhance the person’s assets but will also provide an additional source or sources of earning. This is good time to try his luck at speculation. Book a reading with Kari: about the future?

On November 29, 2020 there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse forming from 11:32pm-3:53am PT, followed by an Total Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020 at 5:33am-10:53am PT.

In the few days leading up to eclipses I always see a bunch of Facebook posts from well-meaning coaches and astrologers instructing us all to “plant new seeds” and “start new projects.”

However, eclipses have been considered inauspicious events for thousands of years. They have been viewed as very negative omens for material things.

How then, could they be a good time to start something new? Is it just a superstition? And what is the best thing to do during an eclipse?

As the ancient Indian legend goes, an eclipse occurs when the shadowy demon Rahu Ketu gets his revenge on the Sun and the Moon by consuming them and stealing their luminous rays. Their pure, creative energy gets twisted and dark during the eclipse and for a few days after. This myth does not exactly conjure a heart warming mental image, and that’s intentional.

The truth, according to Vedic Astrology, is that eclipses can be a terrible time to start or make key decisions about projects, relationships, jobs, or any other important thing in the material world.

This is because auspicious beginnings are blessed with light, ideally the light of a healthy, full Moon and the daytime Sun. With Rahu and Ketu gobbling up this light and warping it in unseen ways, anything you start could turn out very strangely, and you may regret impulsively ending something as well…

That said, Tantric yogis believe that special spiritual practices are exponentially more powerful during eclipses, and that personal transformations can happen far more quickly than normal.

Eclipses are a great time to stay in, meditate, and do your inner work. In fact, they provide an especially rich opportunity to connect with spirit because the ‘veils’ are thin.

Back on the topic of material reality: I always receive a lot of phone calls from clients who just made major decisions during the eclipse cycle (i.e. in the 2-4 week period that separates the Lunar and Solar eclipses).

They want to know if things will work out, despite the timing. For example, one had just bought a house. Another had signed a contract for her dream job. One more had met a man she was over the moon about.

While I assured them that things would work out the way they needed to, I couldn’t honestly say that everything was going to be a-o-k in the short term.

Sure enough, 2 weeks later, I learned that the newly purchased house turned out to be near the site of an undisclosed crime; the dream job dissolved into a heap of unfortunate misunderstandings and miscommunications; the relationship disappeared as quickly as it came.

Am I saying that nothing that begins on an eclipse can go well? No, like I always say, nothing in astrology applies to absolutely everyone all of the time. But the odds are not in your favor.

Do not, on the day of an eclipse or the few days surrounding it, start an important new project, sign a contract, make a deal, or any other material activity if you have another option.

You’re probably not being shown all of the details about the situation, or you may not be thinking completely clearly at this time, so it’s best to wait.

Something I’ve noticed is that the 2-4 weeks between eclipses (the eclipse cycle) is a bit of a “Twilight Zone.” Things suddenly veer off into an unexpected direction, only to course correct after the last eclipse.

You’re not truly out of the woods until after the Lunar Eclipse on July 4 (there are 3 eclipses in this cycle).

One of the most important things to check about an eclipse is to see if it’s visible where you are at the time that it happens. Where it’s visible, its effects are more pronounced.

The Penumbral Lunar eclipse can be seen in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America.

The Total Solar eclipse is only visible in Chile and parts of Argentina. A Partial Solar Eclipse may be seen in southern South America, Africa, and Northern Australia.

Solar eclipses are usually tougher because the Moon is always new/dark, which removes the Moon’s vital energy from our environment at that time. However, the most important factor is whether or not the eclipse is visible to us.

So the next time someone tells you to do something important on an eclipse, send them this link so that they can learn another perspective and make an informed decision. You could be doing them a huge favor!

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THE two Biggest Planets in the Solar System

Saturn Shani and Jupiter Brihaspati

are in Great Conjunction since December 2019 in Sidereal Sagittarius ONLY until Jan 24th 2020, when Shani Saturn moves into Sidereal Makar Capricorn

Lunar Eclipse bringing Intense, ferocious, sharp & pungent feelings regards Relationships to the Fore
The Penumbral Eclipse which begins on the 10 Jan 2020 at 17:07 UTC and reaches maximum point at 19:10 UTC. It will be visible in the U.K. This Lunar Eclipse is in the benign and auspicious sign of Sidereal Gemini Mithuna, in the Fixed Star Constellation of Punarvasu, 2nd pada. This fixed star is very fruitful, carries with it the energy of its deity Goddess Aditi. She is the Mother of all the Devas & Gods. Hence she lends to this Constellation of Punarvasu, a deep sense of nurturing in the form of Knowledge, wisdom and making things repeat and redo them. Swift and quick moving Star of Punarvasu can then help one to resolve issues that have been tied up and find fruitful resolutions. All matters to do with food, grains, sustenance regards the earth element is highlighted. Moon in Punarvasu in the sign of Gemini with an exalted and very elevated Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, is in Fixed Star of Ardra. All Eclipses are trigger points to making drastic changes in your natal chart. Lunar eclipses have a slightly easier energy of the Moon and the Nodes, more so in this case, as it is in very powerful Nakshatra of Gemini Punarvasu and Ardra. This has a flavour of cleansing and laughter after tears, rain and heaps of turbulence created by the Moon-NorthNode & opposed by four Planets, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and South Node of the Moon.
All this is in the sign of Sagittarius in the Ugra-Krura fixed star of Purvaasadha. Ugra-Krura star of Purvasadhahas a lot of aggression, ferocity, cruelty, strong & war-like passionate, thunderous and mighty like the God of Storm, Marut. Having the presence of 4 planets there, means in the realm of relating, relationships matters from the past will come to fore.

Then we have the fleeting Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn in the Sidereal Sagittarius zodiac sign Dhanu Rashi, in Fixed Stars of Purvasadha & UttaraAsdha respectively

Before we understand the Conjunction of these two biggest Gas planets in the Solar System, we need to understand the nature of the Jupiter and Saturn and their relationship when they come together. Every 20 years, they come together, thus making a cycle of 3rd from the periphery, from East-West direction.Logical to say that 3x 20 years = 60 years, the trigon formed completes the whole circle. Thus between 2 conjunctions, it forms 1 x 20 years, 3 conjunctions, 2 x 20 = 40 years, 4 conjunctions , 3 x 20 = 60 years. 5 Conjunctions there are 4 x 20 years = 80 years.
BY moving forward, we reach a total of 40 x 20 equals 800 years for 41 Conjunctions. Thus completing one cycle of Kepler’s trigon of the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction IN one ELEMENT. So the cycle begins in another triplicity every 1000 years.
Jupiter’s cycle, around the zodiac is approximately in 12 years, spending approx 1 year per sign. Saturn’s travels the same zodiac approximately 291/2 – 30 years. ‘Samvatsara’ Jovian year, roughly means the period of one full year. Jupiter with his average speed crosses the journey of a single Rashi Zodia sign is ‘Samvatsara’. Naturally other planets and the Sun aspects have a lot to do with the Samvatsara and its quality and nature per year.` It is because of this fact that the effects of every ‘Samvatsara’ are unique each year.Sixty Samvatsaras repeat again and again in a cycle. More so to come on this…

At the beginning of creation Jupiter and Saturn were on the zero degree of Aries. Varahamihira in ‘Brihat Samhita’ has regarded the beginning of the Samvatsaracycle, from the 35th Samvatsara of Prabhava. Since Varahamihira’s times it is this sequence which has been accepted. To find out which Samvatsara you are born under go to www.circleofdivineastrology/Your-Planets
Naturally, the Shani Brihaspati in the sign of Sagittarius works brilliantly, and is the highlight of this Lunar Eclipse. Saturn in JUpiter signs works very well. Saravali, Varahmihra both attest to this.

According to Saravali – Saturn in Jupiter’s rasi in aspect to the Sun, native will be father of other’s children ad through these children will atttain wealth, name, fame and honour.

And if Moon, be berefit of Mother, will have two names and will be endowed with wife, children and wealth.If by Mars, he will be troubled by windy diseases, will dislike people, be sinful and mean,blameworthy,etc.If Mercury is aspecting it, he will be equal to a KIng, happy,be a preceptor, be honorable, rich and fortunate.

If by Jupiter, he will be equal to a King, or be a King, or equal to a Minister, or an army cheif, be free from all kinds of danger.

If by Venus aspect, then he will have two Mothers and two Fathers, will live in a forests and hills, will be unsteady and be endowed with many kinds of assignments.Here two Mothers and fathers, means, he could be brought up with one set of relatives and be born of another.

Thus, in this Lunar Eclipse, it will Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury & Moon will be aspecting Saturn in Sagitarrius. So although the fierceness of the Purvasadha & Uttarasadha will come about, but will be pacified as per the above. as put forward by Saravali.
The Vedic Tradition, that I follow by Pandit Sanjay Rath that dates back to Sri Achyutananda Das, 16th century Scholar, attests to this great dictum ‘Guru Budhaye Yuti, Sarve Karye Siddhi’. Here Jupiter & Mercury are aspecting the Moon, so this eclipse will be superb for
So take heed, do not be rash and impetuous which can be a tempting option.Relating, relationships, creativity, children, young people will be strong focus. This Conjunction falls on a fridayso naturally, questions of wealth, pusti prosperity, abundance etc arise and especially in the realm of relationships. How is this relationship serving me and encouraging me to be better version of what I currenttly am? Does it bring me to an increased awareness by holding space for some of my shadow, negative side of me that it mirrors?
One great way of deriving benefit over this potent eclipse is be to try over the period of the eclipse, calmly sitting in silence facing the Eastern direction, chanting the seed sounds of your Moon Nakshatra Star, or even simple ‘OM’ .
Natives who have Ascendant, Moon sign or Sun in the dual signs of Sidereal Gemini or Sagittarius will be most affected. The other two dual signs (Virgo & Pisces) will also feel the impact. Also, Capricorn Aquarius Ascendants too will feel the pinch.
Take a few moments before leaping into cross words or taking impulsive action. Being clever and careful in resolving the contentious issues may have favourable and far reaching impact on your wellbeing. After all, it is the Fixed Star of Punarvasu ruled by Goddess Aditi, who will protect with her wisdom grace and prosperity, ensuring the return of all things bright and beautiful!

Mantra for Punarvasu

अदित्यैनम: om̐ adityai nama:

Mantra for the Moon Sign in Sagittarius : Om Hrim Shrim Krim DharaniDharaya Nama

Jan 2o Eclipse Vedic Astrology Horoscope

Mantra for the Moon Sign in Pisces: Om Krim Rathang Chakraya Namah

Mantra for the Moon Sign in Virgo : Om Hrim Pitambaraya parmatmane namah


Mantra for Moon sign in Gemini : Om Keshavaya Namah

Jan 2o Eclipse Vedic Astrology

Krishna Ashtakam is a Great Remedy over the Eclipse period to calm the mind down…. June 5th 1996 horoscope.