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Solar Writer Solar Returns - Jodie Foster Page 2Page 3 Astrological Summary Chart Point Positions: Jodie Foster Solar Return: Nov 19 2011 5:19:05 am PST +8:00 Los Angeles, California Planet Sign Position House Comment The Moon Virgo 8°Vi39' 10th The Sun Scorpio 26°Sc51' 1st Mercury Sagittarius 18°Sg32' 2nd Venus Sagittarius 21°Sg20' 2nd. CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Jodie Foster, 58; Meg Ryan, 59; Allison Janney, 61; Ann Curry, 64. Happy Birthday: Share your knowledge, and be resourceful when you have doubts. Ask, and you shall receive what you need to reach your goals. Embrace change, but don't take risks that can lead to injury or illness.

I want us to be very careful how we approach this subject, because astrologers new to this study are jumping on the asteroid bandwagon, and there is much that is not known about these drifting clumps of rock.

One thing that is known about them, however, is that they change color and they endure a kind of earthquake when they hit Earth’s atmosphere.

Jodie Foster Astrology Movie

The infrared technology I mentioned last month is discovering interesting things about asteroids, including the wonderment that when meteorites (chunks of asteroids) land on Earth, they are not the same color as when they started out in the heavens, and that contact with Earth disturbs the asteroid’s surface, so that it is, in fact, resurfaced as it passes by us.

Dr. Clark Chapman, an astronomer from the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States, explained that these asteroids were “not monolithic, solid bodies”, because they were more like “rubble piles”.

Those of you who see this when they look at asteroids:

Jodie foster movies

are seeing the romanticised version of reality. In reality, asteroids look a little bit like this, an artist’s rendering of spacedust:

Now, according to, this is their take on asteroids and their usefulness to chart interpretation:

Some asteroids have been found to have astrological value, especially with relation to women’s issues and the development of influences more related to the feminine side and the power of the goddess. These tiny planetoids are generally found orbiting the Sun in a belt between Mars and Jupiter comprising thousands of cosmic boulders, some as little as a few meters across and some reasonably large. However, their orbits are variable and those described in this article have been found to be useful in modern astrology.

As always, I caution against easy acceptance of the value of a piece of spacedust, and want you to ask yourself, why am I naming this piece of space rock, why am I giving it value when it could disintegrate any time now, what do I hope to gain by applying a Greek myth to my life… etc. You know the tune by now.

However, having said that, asteroids are pretty interesting, but are they what we need in astrological study? As a woman, I want something sturdier than spacedust representing my issues, let me tell you. I’d like a few more honest-to-god planets, for one thing, not piles of rubble representing “the goddess.” This goddess is crumbling fast, and an asteroid’s resurfacing as it touches Earth’s atmosphere is one more reminder that I need to keep my supply of L’Occitane’s Orange Oil sugar scrub on hand, to resurface my own decaying exterior shell.

Asteroids seem to function mostly as a way to open up our imagination to the pantheon of gods and goddesses, and if they teach us the structure of Greek mythology, or other cultural myths, that’s great. That is ideal, in fact. By doing so, asteroids (and planets, of course) have taken on the role for modern humans that worship of gods and goddesses had for the ancients.

They went to a shrine and contemplated the ways in which the god or goddess reminded them of their daily lives, and if asteroids become attached to a storyline, and that story tells us something about ourselves, maybe we’ll learn something profound.

So do not stop looking at asteroids and thinking about them; just keep in mind that they crumble into dust really easily. They also go missing. Jodie Foster, the actress, had an asteroid named after her. The asteroid is now lost, and hasn’t been seen again. I hope this doesn’t have negative ramifications on her career, although it would appear that her life and Asteroid 17744 Jodiefoster (a Mars-crossing asteroid discovered on January 18, 1998 by the OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey) probably have little to do with one another.

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Jodie Foster
natal chart (Placidus)
natal chart English style (Equal houses)
natal chart with Whole Sign houses
Foster, JodieGender: F
Alicia Christina Foster
born on19 November 1962 at 08:14 (= 08:14 AM )
PlaceLos Angeles, California, 34n03, 118w15
TimezonePST h8w (is standard time)
Data source
BC/BR in hand
Rodden RatingAA
Collector: Wilsons
Astrology data26°51'03°22Asc.17°56'

Jodie Foster
photo: Franz Richter (User:FRZ), license cc-by-sa-2.5


American actress with TV commercials from age three and a vet of various TV series that included shots in 'My Three Sons,' 'Gunsmoke,' 'Ironsides' and 'The Partridge Family.' Her androgyny blonde looks and deep voice were seen in small film roles before her first starring vehicle as a 12-year-old child prostitute in 'Taxi Driver.' Foster's early experience included Disney films and European films. At the age of nine, she was mauled by a lion on the set of a Disney film, 'Napoleon and Samantha.' He picked her up in his mouth and shook her like a rabbit. When the trainer order the beast to put her down, she was rushed to the hospital where she was given shots and stitches for puncture wounds. She made her own choice to return to the film.

Foster won Oscars as Best Actress on 29 March 1989 for her role of a rape survivor in 'The Accused,' and as an FBI trainee in 'The Silence of the Lambs,' 1991.

When Foster was born, her parents were already separated and she was raised by her mom with supportive approval. The youngest of four kids, she had an eclectic and unconventional upbringing, exposed to Hollywood from youth due to her mom's job with a movie producer. When her brother Buddy tried out for a TV commercial, she stole the scene at three, leading to other roles. By 1970 she was working consistently on various shows and by 1974, honing her acting skills with performances that were intelligent and hard edged. Her performance in 'Taxi Driver' won her an Oscar nomination.

Making an effort to be a 'normal' teen, Foster enrolled in Yale University in 1981. She graduated magna cum laude in 1985 with a B.A. in literature. Her attempt to have privacy during her education was interrupted by the unwelcome attention of an admirer, a stalker-type fan, John Hinckley Jr. On 30 March 1981, he made an attempt to assassinate President Reagan after writing a series of love letters to Foster.

Free indian astrology question and answer online. Foster took on the role of director with 'Little Man Tate' in 1993 and the following year, created her own production company, Egg Pictures. The company's first release was 'Nell' for which she received another Best Actress Oscar nomination.

In 1976, she again received unwelcome publicity when her brother Buddy published an unauthorized biography, 'Foster Child,' in which she charged that she abused drugs and was 'probably a lesbian.' She remarked that Buddy had left home at nine and the book was 'a cheap cry for attention and money.' She has always guarded her privacy and normalcy.

In 1998, Foster announced her pregnancy but would not discuss the ways and means. On 20 July, she gave birth to a son, Charles. She is finding plenty of support in raising Charles with her friend, Cydney Bernard. Her production company was thriving with several films in the works and she came in at No. 40 on the Premiere magazine list of Hollywood's 100 Most Powerful People, the highest ranking woman.

On 29 September 2001, Foster, 38, gave birth to a six-lb.-three-oz. boy, Kit Foster, in Los Angeles. As with her older son Charles, three, the Oscar winner will not identify the child's father.


  • associate relationship with Stewart, Kristen (born 9 April 1990). Notes: co-stars in 'Panic Room'
  • parent->child relationship with Foster, Charles (born 22 July 1998)
  • parent->child relationship with Foster, Kit (born 29 September 2001)
  • sibling relationship with Foster, Buddy (born 12 July 1957)
  • sibling relationship with Foster, Connie (born 30 October 1955)
  • compare to chart of Hinckley, John Jr. (born 29 May 1955)


  • Health : Job related injury 1972 (Mauled by a lion on a movie set)
  • Social : Secrets revealed 1976 (Brother Buddy said she was lesbian)
  • Social : Great Publicity 30 March 1981 (Hinckley Jr stalked President; wrote her love letters)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Work : Prize 29 March 1989 (Oscar as Best Actress)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Work : Prize 1991 (Oscar as Best Actress)
  • Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1991 (Film 'Little Man Tate')
  • Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1994 (Acclaimed film 'Nell')
  • Social : Great Publicity 5 March 1998 (Announced pregnancy)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 20 July 1998 (Son Charles born, unnamed father)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 29 September 2001 (Second son born)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.

Source Notes

B.C. in hand from the Wilsons

Jodie Foster Astrology


  • Traits : Body : Other body (Androgyne looks and voice)

Jodie Foster Astrological Chart

  • Traits : Mind : Education extensive (B.A. from Yale, magna cum laude)
  • Traits : Mind : I.Q. high/ Mensa level (Mensa level: Yale magna cum laude)
  • Traits : Personality : Night Owl (BA from Yale)
  • Traits : Personality : Private
  • Family : Childhood : Order of birth (Fourth of four)
  • Family : Childhood : Parent, Single or Step (Dad deserted family before she was born)
  • Family : Parenting : Birthing - Unusual (Did not name her son's father)
  • Family : Parenting : Extraordinarily nurturing (Of son and nieces and nephews)
  • Family : Parenting : Hardship-Little spousal support (No father on the scene for her sons)

Jodie Foster Horoscope

  • Family : Parenting : Kids 1-3 (One son)
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Gain - Financial success in field
  • Vocation : Business : Business owner (Film production company)
  • Vocation : Entertainment : Actor/ Actress (Commericials, age three)
  • Vocation : Entertainment : Child performer (Early TV and small film roles)
  • Vocation : Entertain/Business : Director
  • Notable : Awards : Oscar (Two)
  • Notable : Famous : Top 5% of Profession
  • Notable : Famous : Other Famous (Named most powerful woman in Hollywood 1998)
  • Notable : Book Collection : Profiles Of Women
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