Jupiter Astrology Meaning

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Do you feel overwhelmed reading about all the hard aspects, bad placements and scary transits?

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Jupiter is the largest celestial body; its mass is 2.5 times of the total of all other planets in the solar system. Apparently, it is also called the planet of “expansion” in astrology. The Astrological Meaning of Jupiter Jupiter, as another truly bright star in the heavens, is the planet of enthusiasm, opportunity, and spiritual upliftment. Flamboyance and ceremony are its hallmarks and it delivers the magic that truly causes miracles in life.

In this article, you will read only about good things.

We will discuss the planet Jupiter in astrology, and as you would expect from a planet which also goes by the name the greater benefic, there are more or less only good things assigned to Jupiter.

  • Traditional rulerships ascribed to Jupiter: dignities, illnesses, metals, minerals, plants, places, etc. Adapted from Lilly's 17th century text, Christian Astrology with detailed notes and link to download of the original text. Sanguine: The Jupiterian Temperament.
  • Jupiter and Saturn are the planetary pair that refers to the urge to find a mode of meaningful participation in social living. Alexander Ruperti called Jupiter and Saturn the planets of social destiny (2).

Have you ever wandered what makes someone lucky? Is it purely luck which leads us to live a good life? Is it attitude backed with hard work? Can you achieve everything solely on your own merits? When you need some luck, Jupiter in astrology will land you a helping hand.

We don’t have an answer to all these questions, but we will try to understand luck from an astrological point of view, through Jupiter in the natal chart. Jupiter in astrology counts as the planet of good fortune and expansion, so keep reading to learn more from him about how to attract luck in your life.

The Best of the Best: All About Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the biggest planet—it is a gas giant—in the Solar System. Astrologers have used it since the early days, Jupiter is visible to the naked eye. This planet got its name after the king of gods in Roman mythology who happened to be called Jupiter (and who is the equivalent of the Greek Zeus). This already gives you an idea how majestic Jupiter is in astrology. Its glyph refers to the first letter of the Greek spelling for Zeus and looks like this: .

This planet was referred to as Fortuna major which translates as the greater benefic (the lesser one is Venus). We are talking about the planet of luck, prosperity and abundance, after all. Where Jupiter appears in your chart, you can expect success and luck.

Jupiter has an orbit of 12 years. It spends approximately one year in each sign of the Zodiac. Jupiter is retrograde for about 4 months.

Jupiter rules the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter used to rule Pisces, too. In modern astrology, Jupiter is the co-ruler of this sign. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, the sign of the Moon. In Capricorn, Jupiter is in its fall and in Virgo in Gemini in detriment. In these signs it operates with difficulty.

Sagittarius is traditionally connected with the ninth house of the chart wheel. As Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, it is in accidental dignity in the ninth house. If you have this placement, Jupiter is strengthened in your natal chart. As the former ruler of Pisces, the twelfth house is also a good placement for Jupiter in astrology.

Keywords of Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter in astrology represents:

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  • the higher self
  • luck
  • abundance
  • generousity
  • spirituality
  • philosophy
  • universities
  • growth
  • morality

Faith in Life: Look on the Bright Side

There are times in life when all you can do is to hope that things will work out for you. Jupiter is the planet of faith in astrology. It believes that everything will be good, not because of desperate hopelessness but because it knows deep down there that things will turn out right in the end. It’s an unshakable faith that life is worth living, and hardships are stepping stones towards a more evolved and fulfilled life.

Jupiter in astrology has not as much to do with religion (which is Neptune) as with faith. This planet is all about expansion and growth, and spiritual quests are an excellent way to gain knowledge and level up mentally. People who have Jupiter emphasized in their charts are optimistic and believe that things will work in their favor.

When you have faith in life, you actually create more opportunities for yourself (Jupiter is the planet of opportunities, too). Good fortune has this habit of going to people who expect and embrace it.

There is something important to keep in mind when looking at Jupiter in astrology.


Remember, that you are the Sun in the natal chart. Now, in space, Jupiter has no light of its own, it reflects the light of the Sun. And in astrology, Jupiter reflects and expands the qualities your Sun radiates. If you believe in success and do everything you can to achieve your goals, Jupiter will help you on this journey.

Jupiter, the Planet of Philosophers

Most people think that philosophy is useless, but this planet shows us that this is not true. Your personal views can guide you and help you navigate through life and they give you hope during hard times. Jupiter’s role in astrology is to help you develop your opinion and world view.

Jupiter loves to wonder about the great mysteries of life (Sagittarius follows Scorpio—every sign builds on the preceding sign). Thinking about why we are here and how life should be lived requires you to look at things from a new perspective and ascend above what is already known. A fresh point of view often brings fresh ideas which create new opportunities, which is what Jupiter is all about.

A bit of earthy energies are necessary, though, to execute on the plans and really achieve your goals. Even the best idea is worth nothing if you don’t know how to utilize it.The downside of Jupiter is an overpromise underdeliver attitude. Sometimes you are not ready to level up yet and even if you get what you want, you won’t be able to utilize the opportunity to full extent.

Ways to Grow

Expansion and growth are two important keywords when it comes to Jupiter in astrology. This gas giant is the biggest planet of the Solar System, and what it touches, expands it. Jupiter wants you to grow, too!

(Sometimes this is true even literally. People with a prominent Jupiter in the birth chart, especially if it is in contact with personal points tend to gain weight, too!)

There are many Jupiterian ways to grow. The position of Jupiter in the natal chart shows what experiences make you personally evolve and level up your mind. But Jupiter governs some universal mind-opening experiences which are beneficial to all of us.

First of all, Jupiter in astrology rules higher education. The ninth house in the natal chart shows this aspect of your life, which is associated with Jupiter. College is a place full of new people and experiences, plus you are constantly bombarded with new information—an excellent way to grow, isn’t it? All this new knowledge helps you see things in a different light and be more open-minded, what Jupiter is all about.

Another matter associated with Jupiter in astrology is long-distance travel. The ninth house in the natal chart governs foreign countries. Can you imagine a better way to expand your mind than traveling and meeting new cultures? Jupiter rules foreign countries and foreigners. Visiting new places help you see the world from a new perspective even literally.

Jupiter in Astrology and Luck

Luck is definitely one of the most important keywords when talking about Jupiter. But what is luck at all? And how is it related to the rest of the associations of this planet?

Jupiter is known as the greater benefic. A gas giant itself, Jupiter represents BIG money, BIG opportunities and expands everything it touches.

Think about what else governs Jupiter in astrology: faith, generousness, humor, abundance, travel, education. It’s interesting to think about how all these things are related to luck.

Jupiter can make you lucky. If it is emphasized in your chart, (especially if it touches important personal points like the Sun or the ascendant), you can often feel like there is some higher force directing your life and giving you amazing opportunities.

Jupiter also governs higher education, and expanding your knowledge has a lot to do with good fortune and abundance. Here we are not talking only about universities which are important and can make your path easier. Self-education is also important here. If you keep learning and actually put your knowledge into use, you will recognize new opportunities and see the door where others only see a wall.

You regret most the things you did not do. This is very important to keep in mind when talking about luck. When you out yourself out there, you drastically increase the chance of something good happening to you. If you meet new people, they can offer you new opportunities you haven’t even dreamed about.

Jupiter Rising Astrology Meaning

One more thing is that Jupiter will bless you the more you act like he does. Jupiter in astrology is a beneficial and generous planet ,helping you without expecting anything in return. If you are generous yourself and seek to help those you can help, you increase your chances to be favored yourself by the universe.

Dangers of the Fourth Leaf

Jupiter in astrology fulfilling all your wishes sounds like a dream.

But as always, there is a catch.

If you get used to being lucky, you will stop working hard for your goals. Having such a powerful helper as Jupiter can make you straightforward lazy.

(By the way, this is a potential issue with grand trines, too: you take all that talent and skills for granted. And the truth is, no planet can help you if you don’t help yourself first.)

Lucky coincidences are great and we all love them. Trouble begins when you count on them by default, waiting for your good luck to save you.

What Does Jupiter Represent

Jupiter also represents abundance and expansion—but this is not necessarily good. Sure, an expanding bank account sounds like a dream come true, but Jupiter simply doesn’t know how to stop. A person with an afflicted Jupiter is prone to over-indulgence and destructive hedonism. It’s important to remember that too much of a good thing is not good.

Jupiter Ascending Astrology Meaning

Jupiter Astrology Meaning

Jupiter in the Natal Chart

Looking to Jupiter is one of the best parts of chart reading.

Jupiter Represent In Astrology

Where you find Jupiter in the natal chart, you can expect good things coming to you.

Both the sign and the house of Jupiter suggests you how you can be lucky. The house of Jupiter in the natal chart represents the life area where you can achieve success the most easily. For example, a person with Jupiter in the second house has an above average earning power, money comes very easily to them. Jupiter in the seventh house suggests that you will marry an amazing person who will fulfill your wishes.

Jupiter is such a good planet that it is considered a good planet even if in the twelfth house of the natal chart! (This is the most infamous house in astrology, also called the House of Sorrow and Self-Undoing).

The house of Jupiter tells the life areas where you will find your luck.

The sign of Jupiter shows how you can be lucky. Jupiter stays for about one year in each zodiac sign. You will feel the blessings of Jupiter in astrology when you live in tune with the qualities of its sign.

Jupiter Astrology Meaning

If Jupiter is in aspect with some personal points of your chart such as the Sun or the ascendant, this planet is prominent in your natal chart and you should pay attention to it. Depending on how harmonious the aspects are, it makes you lucky but also prone to self-indulgence and relying on others too much.