Jupiter In 11th House In Vedic Astrology

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  • Jupiter in Eleventh House When you have Jupiter in 11th house, you have a lot of connections who will be ready to offer help anytime. You are equally dedicated to them too. You form quick associations with people who are intellectual, optimistic and possibly of foreign descent.
  • Jul 21, 2016 This is because jupiter becomes the karaka (significator) of the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th and 7th (for women) houses. Along with that it will rule two houses in every birthchart as it rules two signs which are sagittarius and pisces and aspects three houses from its position. It aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th houses from itself.
  • Jupiter in 11th House according to Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 11th house at birth makes the native wealthy, longlived and fearless. He gets few children; but enjoys the comforts of conveyances. Jupiter in various houses according to Vedic Astrology Jupiter in various zodiac signs according to Vedic Astrology.

LawJupiter represents intuition and hence, in a Vedic birth chart, Jupiter represents astrology and other mantrik aspects. Jupiter upholds dharma and hence is a very important planet for law. It is a strong planet in janma kundalis of lawyers, judges and similar occupations, frequently associated with 1st and 2nd house in their horoscopes. Jupiter in 10th houses vedic astrology: Should Jupiter be occupying the 10th house at birth, the native will be very wealthy and a favourite of the king. Be earns a high reputation and is virtuous. Jupiter in 11th houses vedic astrology: Jupiter in 11th house at birth makes the native wealthy, longlived and fearless. He gets few children; but.

Where we expand in life. Our last desire

Seed Principle: Our highest ambitions for the world, including wanting to save it, are shown from this last Kama house. It reveals what we desire in the highest sense. As our capacity to impact changes and grows (tenth house), so does our ambitions (eleventh house). It is here that the soul is becoming universalized and our individual desires are revealed to be empty.

The body part associated with the eleventh house is the shins, existing between two flexible joints as a straight and solid bone. The eleventh house exists between the tenth and the 12 houses, two places of enormous change. The eleventh house is the enduring, universal nature of the world, and our need to stand tall in that, amidst the great pressures of life (tenth house) and ultimate transformations (12th house).


Eleventh house people: Public figures and public servants, politicians, celebrities, famous people, highly successful and/or wealthy people, highly ambitious and motivated people.

Activities: Accumulating and money, winning, affecting large groups of people, saving the world, and
Environment: The community, the world stage, a large gathering with people in “your clan”, like at Church, a convention, a rally.


Objects: Lottery tickets, yachts, big things, anything in excess,
Planetary Indicators: Jupiter (large things, hopes) and Saturn (enduring things and ideas) are the planetary indicators of the 11th house.

Guna / Lesson: Personal Happiness
General Explanation:
Through associations with large groups of people we compare ourselves, compelled to either serve them or defeat them depending on our level of awareness.

Until our highest desires are fulfilled, we keep incarnating from form. You will eleventh house is the place where our highest individual and collective inspirations are becoming universalized. This the eleventh house underscores the hope/disappointment cycle. If a cycle that teaches us the nature of everything we imagine our life will be like “… One day”. We all hold out the dream of “… One day”, and how great things will be. But this is just a way to avoid the moment we are living in the present. That one day arrives, and it’s not what we thought. We are still stuck with herself. And yet, so much stress and effort put forth to arrive. This hope and eventual disappointment with the world teaches us the nature of something beyond our individual accomplishments and hopes, our collective duties and responsibilities. In this way the eleventh house is also the highest house of service, where our individual effort and energy is put forth toward something bigger than ourselves, something more long-lasting than what our limited time.

Evolutionary Principle: “From the highly stimulated, lustful and ruthless quest to succeed to the typical give-and-take ambition / disappointment cycle of growth, to a path of dignified service through the realization that individual achievements are ultimately fruitless is the evolutionary process of the eleventh house”

Jupiter In 11th House Astrology

The effects of planets in the eleventh house:
The Sun in the eleventh house shows a lot of ambition and enthusiasm for our worldly goals. Public service and politics are to careers often seen. One must be careful about excessive ego, however. Because the Sun is so oriented toward individuality, and the eleventh house is so oriented toward the collective (at least eventually), there can be an unwillingness to transform our personal ambitions into collective ones with the Sun in the eleventh.

The Moon in the eleventh house is a mindset oriented toward service and emotional restlessness. The Moon once connection, and in this case connection is often through large groups and communities. However, there may be a week self-image and confusion about what makes us peaceful in our own heart. The Moon rises wisdom from the fourth house, the place deepest inner heart. Whereas the eleventh house is very public and oriented toward others.

Mars in the eleventh house shows up a lot of passion and enthusiasm toward fulfilling our worldly goals. One loves to compete and will often be a winner with this placement. However, it is often more competitive than graceful and higher lessons of service may be hard to come by. Mars is similar to the Sun in clarifying our individuality. There may be resistance to the collective goals year.

Mercury in the eleventh house brings the realm of skills and intelligence into the public sphere where all can benefit. The flexibility and curiosity of Mercury allows for the higher qualities of the eleventh house to come through. Mercury is also not really interested in power and ambition, preferring to enjoy the world. Eleventh house Mercury can make a great spokesman for larger themes and success as an orator.

Jupiter and the eleventh house show an extremely high level of idealism, hope and love of higher causes. However, Jupiter in the eleventh house also brings high levels of disappointment, as the world can never satisfy Jupiter’s true nature, the great ruler of the sky. Yet, a person with this placement will try to do the highest good and will often be aligned with social causes that are idealistic and for the betterment of humanity.

Jupiter In 11th House In Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Venus in the eleventh house shows a lot of romantic disappointments and high expectations in relationships. There’s often disappointment with people in general shown by this placement. However, once understood, a deeper level of service, surrender and devotion comes forward. There’s often interested in causes that benefit women, children or animals and the desire to make the world a beautiful place and one with more manners and delicacy.

Saturn in the eleventh house shows one who has made peace with the nature of time, the wins and losses and the ups and downs of the world. Although this awareness may be the result of a lack of confidence in themselves or being disappointed by authority, etc. There’s a lot of creative power with this placement, as the typical “hope/disappointment” cycle is not so active with Saturn. Practical and determined effort leads to a deep awareness and the potential for being of great service.

Rahu in the eleventh house shows a lot of ambition and desire to succeed. There may be a very stimulated nature and a very competitive one. But also a great desire to serve things higher than themselves, such as art and culture, will be seen. This often makes for a lot of popularity, as Rahu morphs into whichever role best serves the personal seen through the eyes of the collective.

Ketu in the eleventh house often has a strong aversion to large groups or things that would bolster our public standing. The idea of conformity and fitting in in order to be accepted by the culture, somewhat abhorrence to dictate to eleventh house person. This may hold them back considerably if they wish to make an impact in the world. However, when more evolved a person’s natural people skills and understanding of service, culture, etc. may lead to big things.

Jupiter in 11th house in vedic astrology meaning
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The planet Jupiter or Guru is one of the most pleasant celestial presence which provides supreme results upon the astrological arena as it won't ever leave any malefic impacts. The arrival of Jupiter in 11th house would bless the person with supreme heights of success that would be adorned with a wiser & respectful blend.

The natives of this placement of Jupiter in 11th house would be truly humanitarian & generous in the social arena and would carry a mature & wiser approach towards them for which they would develop true & strong relationships around in the social arena. This brings them great benefits from their social enclosure and keep them fortunate in their relationships. They would receive true & admirable support from the surroundings and this is one of the most significant part of their success.

The natives of this placement of Jupiter in 11th house would be truly attached in their relationships in their social circle as that meant to them and they find true pleasure in their friends and group involvements. They remain truly helpful for almost every one around due to which they are blessed to receive great helps as well. These people having Guru in eleventh house are untouched with selfishness and respect everyone's presence in this world. They are free souls from the core and are very open to this world and possess high endurance.

Jupiter In 11th House In Vedic Astrology Ephemeris

The presence of planet Jupiter here in eleventh bhava would leave adverse impacts upon the things & relatives associated with planet Mercury, Venus & Rahu for being inimical towards them. Besides this, it will also impact over the spouse of the native, sisters, daughter and father's sister in an adverse way and would bring difficulties to them.

The natives of this placement would possess dept in life and would live a comfortable & happy life till the time he/she would live with father and in a joint family comprising mother, sisters and brothers. These natives should always wear something of gold as that would reduce the malefic impacts of this placement and they should wear a copper bangle. They are advised to worship and offer water at Peepal tree.

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