Jupiter In Eighth House Vedic Astrology

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The planet Jupiter or Brihaspati is one of the most auspicious celestial presence who would only provide positive impacts with its presence besides which, the arrival of planet Jupiter in 8th house will also bring some positive shades upon the native's life as altogether endowing him/her with a good worldly path upon land.

HouseJupiter in eighth house vedic astrology horoscope

Eighth house is the second of Moksha Trine 4-8-12 (final emancipation). Eighth house can give lots of surprises in life; This is just not the house of death it also talks about rebirth. Starting up life with a new agenda or attitude, a new hair style a new motto of life all are the area of 8th house.

  1. In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is known as ‘Brihaspati’. It is also characterized as ‘Guru’ or ‘Dev Guru’- the one who gives guidance to the Devtas – Gods. Besides, Brihaspati is also addressed as Bachaspati (master of speech or Lord of language, fluency, and wiseness).
  2. The influence of eighth Bhava on the Native as per Classical Texts are as follows- 6. Joint Assets: The Time, Money, and Creative Energy Invested in Partnership are ascertained from Randhra Bhava. 8 th House is the house of mysterious pooled assets. One invests money in a corporate stock or a government bond, but one cannot exactly know what.
  3. Jupiter in the eighth house truly rises to the occasion, bringing good values, morals and conduct into this place of fear. The eighth house leads us to philosophies and a deeper probing nature, Jupiter is the planet of philosophy. A person with eighth house Jupiter has the potential to be a great teacher and guide in occult matters.
  4. Jupiter in 8th House / Benefits of Jupiter in 8th House of Horoscope /Characteristics of Jupiter in 8th House of Horoscope Jupiter in 8th House This is also an important placement for Jupiter because it determines loss of money, losses in share and stock speculation, diseases like asthma, diabetes and kidney trouble.

The natives of this placement of Jupiter in 8th house would attain good affluence upon land through variant ways as they are blessed to posses a strong and respectful financial stature. They are believed to attain true success upon land besides which they are endowed with pleasing pictures of relationships around them as they are truly sincere and concern towards the matters of relationship as well as about finances. They are devoted givers in their professional as well as personal relationships.

On the other hand, they are born with a strong intellect as a core strength of their success path and they are fortunate enough to acquire profits at most of the places. These people having of Jupiter in eighth house are born with a sharp mind and strong understanding along with a vivid vision for pursuits associated with research and investigation besides which they are makers of worthy and true strategies. These people having Brihaspati or guru in eighth house are proficient enough to reach the depth of all the complex oceans and to bring out the new and easier ways and they really love to do so as in clear words, untangling the tangled threads is among their best interests.

The presence of Jupiter in 8th house could lead the person towards a quiet complex path of life and could bring them some difficulties but it also provides a vision to see the path for emerging safe. These natives are deeply spiritual in their approach and his/her involvement in religious aspects would further strengthen his/her fortune. Besides this, wearing gold would keep him/her safe in a happy arena.

The placement of Mercury, Venus or Rahu in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th and 12th bhavas along with this placement would bring some adverse impacts as including some health problems to the native's father and some loss of respect or fame to the person. The natives of this placement should pursue the remedies of Rahu and should offer things associated with Rahu like wheat, barley and coconut in a running water. These people should plant a peepal tree in a cremation ground and should offer ghee, camphor and potatoes at sacred places.

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