Jupiter Saturn Vedic Astrology

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After 59 years, Saturn and Jupiter create a major conjunction. Know its effect on your zodiac sign in detail.

As Jupiter (Guru) is the planet of knowledge, Saturn (Shani) is the planet of wisdom. Saturn’s dominance during the period of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction opens wide the door of possibility for profound spiritual transformation. It’s the unstoppable victory of eternity over time. My website: to my astrology school: consultation- http://www.astrologykrs.com/Sh.

Vedic Astrology Saturn Jupiter Conjunction

The conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn is a major coincidence since both the planets are very influential and considered to be slow moving planets. According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn changes its zodiac sign in about two-and-a-half years whereas Jupiter changes its placement in about twelve to thirteen months. Thus, it takes several years for these planets to conjunct or get posited in one zodiac sign.

Jupiter Saturn Vedic Astrology

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If Jupiter is counted as a naturally auspicious planet, then Saturn is considered to be prominent among cruel planets. Both are known to be the advocates of justice and while Saturn mercilessly offers fruits of one’s Karma, planet Jupiter exemplifies generosity and shows the right path to the native.

Vedic Astrology Saturn Aspects

Jupiter-Saturn Together After 59 Years

Saturn completes its one zodiac cycle in about 30 years, and Jupiter takes around twelve years to complete its cycle in all the zodiac signs, after which it returns back to its original place. Thus, their conjunction is considered to be an extraordinary event. Jupiter, considered to be the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology, will enter Capricorn on March 29, 2020, Sunday night at 7:08 PM, where Saturn, the lord of Capricorn, is already posited.

In this way, this conjunction of Guru and Shani will show its effect on the lives of natives of all zodiac signs. This conjunction will last for a period of about three months because on June 30, Jupiter will return to its own sign Sagittarius and remain there till November 20. Due to this planet coming back to Capricorn on November 20, 2020, this conjunction will again come into effect. Thus, Jupiter and Saturn are reuniting in Capricorn after about 59 years.

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Presence Of Mars With Jupiter-Saturn

The most important thing about the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn is that when Jupiter will conjunct with Saturn in Capricorn on March 29, then Mars will also be seen in an exalted state in the same sign and remain posited there until May 4. That is, a grand combination of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will be seen in a period of about a month or more, which is said to be highly effective in many cases.

The conjunction of these three planets also indicates a natural disaster or terrorist event, and in such a situation, the possibility of an uprising war cannot be ruled out. These three planets are said to be significantly impactful since they remain in a zodiac sign for a long time and exert their influence.

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Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in History

If we look at the history, then about 59 years from now in the past, i.e. in the year 1961, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was seen in Capricorn, which continued till 1962. We all know that at the same time, the Indo-China war had started, during which India suffered major losses. It was during this period itself that the Cuban Missile Crisis came into sight, and the situation of nuclear war had arisen in big countries like Russia and America.

Therefore, it can be mainly said that with the conjunction of these two major planets, significantly along with Mars, can emit serious consequences in the initial three months of the conjunction, including increasing hostility towards India from China or Pakistan, fear of war, conditions of internal conflict and rebellion.

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Jupiter will enter the ninth house at this time in the kundli of independent India, which indicates religion. This conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will mark a major impact on the ninth and the third house, due to which religious activities will increase and major political and religious decisions will be declared by the court. At the same time, conditions with the neighboring countries may also get affected. Horoscope reading for marriage.

During this period, power struggle and public demonstrations to strengthen the democratic foundation will be seen in major parts of the world. At the same time, the world may go through a period of economic recession. However, surprisingly India will also partially benefit from the global economic slowdown and trade agreements.

Effects of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction On Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Saturn Vedic Astrology

We have just discussed about the impact of the Jupiter-Saturn’s conjunction on the country as well as world, but now let’s read its effect on your zodiac sign:

Jupiter saturn vedic astrology midheaven


The conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn will be seen In the tenth house of Aries natives, which represents your Karma. With the effect of this combination, you will attain favourable results in your professional life and help your colleagues at the workplace. Thus, your efforts will be appreciated, and your career will move forward in the right direction. However, due to the influence of this conjunction, problems in family life may arise. You may grow concerned due to the falling health of the elders of the family, especially your parents. Some natives are likely to acquire their ancestral property.


The ninth house in the kundli of Taurus natives will be seen affected by the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, due to which these people will undertake religious journeys and pilgrimage sites will remain the subject of their main interest. Taureans will actively take part in religious events and charities and participate in social work. With this, their respect in the society will increase, and they will incur multiple chances to go on journeys. These natives will get a chance to mingle with the dignitaries of the society, but this period will prove to be important for their job, since a change or transfer is likely.


Jupiter Saturn Vedic Astrology

Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct in the eighth house from your sign. With this, his event will lead you on to the path of spirituality, and in case you choose that path, you are bound to have a good experience. Physically, this is not the most favorable combination for you. There can be loss of money during this time. Due to the effect of this conjunction, favourable outcomes and prosperous situations will be seen in your family. Your health may remain a little weak. You may suffer from eye or joint pain.


Due to the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in the seventh house of Cancer, you will acquire good wealth from overseas travel and foreign trade. During this time, your business will expand and you will utilize your foresightedness. Your health will also become stronger and there will be ups and downs in married life. With the effect of this combination, your personality will enhance and your image in society will strengthen. You will see an increase in your popularity and there will be strong chances of promotion in your workplace. However, keep your ego at bay.

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Jupiter and Saturn will combine and get in the sixth house of Leo natives. With its effect, you may have to suffer from health-related troubles such as indigestion, acidity, gas, kidney problems or urinary related diseases. During this time, you should avoid filing any new lawsuit, but in case of any pending lawsuit, then the decision can be taken in your favour. This period seems favourable for you to attain desired success in competitive exams. Expenses will increase and falling health of a family member can become the major cause of your concern. This conjunction will lead you to the heights of success in your career.


The fifth house of your zodiac sign will get influenced due to the combination of Guru-Shani. As a result, several challenges in love life will be faced by the Virgo natives. You both will find it difficult to understand each other, however true love and determination towards each other will give strength to your relationship during this time. If you are a student, then it is time for you to get good results in the field of education. If married, your child may grow in his/her life. Some people will fulfil their wishes and tie the knot with their beloved. Apart from this, you will see a good growth in your income and your status and rank in society will strengthen. Some natives are likely to leave their current job and rejoin somewhere else.


With the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in the fourth house of Libra zodiac sign, there may be disturbance in the family. During this period, your place of residence may change. Construction or renovation at your house may begin at this time or you can buy a new house. Apart from this, you can install a new machine in your factory. This conjunction will incur tremendous benefits for you at your workplace, and your initiation as well as performance will be greatly appreciated. Due to the effect of this combination, any prayer or religious event can be organized within your family.


The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter will highly influence the third house of Scorpio zodiac sign. Due to this, these natives will embark on many trips and maintain a religious conduct. These natives will take a lot of interest in philanthropic works in the society and attain immense fame and reputation. Their income will also increase, but due to their lazy and procrastinative attitude, they can also lose out on major opportunities. In order to do something good for others, they may face several challenges. In this time period, you will have to pay special attention to your colleagues and be serious about the health of younger siblings.

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Jupiter Saturn Vedic Astrology


Jupiter Saturn Vedic Astrology

Your second house will witness the conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter, which will directly affect your way of speaking. There will be sincerity in your speech, and people will get impressed by what you say, which will directly benefit you. Due to the effect of this conjunction, some tension in your family will arise along with tiffs and arguments over property-related matters. In this period, you will have to think about your in-laws as well. You will have to take care of your health as well, as there is a possibility of you falling ill. This planetary combination will prove to be beneficial for you financially.


This combination of Shani-Guru will be very important for your zodiac sign as it is taking place in your sign itself. Its impact can suddenly incur immense fame for Capricorn natives. You can be elevated to a higher position by the people of the society. There are chances of you becoming the chief officer of a respected organization, however you may suffer from joint pain or gastric problems. With the influence of this transit, happiness will prevail in your married life and your life partner will openly express their feelings towards you, which will increase the closeness in your marital relationship. In terms of business, this conjunction will be more beneficial for you.


For Aquarius natives, the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn will take place in the twelfth house, due to which your expenses will suddenly rise. During this time, you can also travel abroad for some religious work. Due to this planetary event, a high sense of philanthropy will arise within you, and as a result, you will devote yourself to helping others. However, they can also take undue advantage of your help, which is why you must remain a little cautious. Apart from this, you will have to spend a major amount of your money in court cases and your opponents will become more powerful during this time. So it will be necessary for you to remain careful about them.


A tremendous increase in the income of Pisces natives will be seen due to the conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter in their eleventh house. During this time, you will meet and connect with the dignitaries of the society and attain a high stature in society. You can also attain a high designation. This time will prove to be a bit annoying for your love life, and you may have to face several challenges. In terms of academics, this conjunction will incur proper results for students. If employed, then your senior officers will remain happy with you, due to which you are bound to get more benefits.

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