Jupiter Transit 8th House Vedic Astrology

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Disclaimer: If you have any of the benefit blockers in your natal chart or there are negative aspects made usually from Saturn being blockages and restriction it can nullify the positive effects of this transit. Consider a transit report of your own personal birth chart for specifics about how you will experience your transits.

Jupiter Transits to the Houses Jupiter Transits the First House. At the beginning of its transit through the first house, Jupiter is conjunct your Ascendant, marking a time of much optimism and cheerfulness. Throughout its journey through the first house, Jupiter’s transit brings noticeable improvements to your environment as well as self. According to the study of astrologers, Jupiter is an influential and a benefic planet. It is a planet of knowledge, which has its influence on mind, soul, education, marriage, wealth, etc. Jupiter has different impact on individuals according to its transit in different houses. The planet Jupiter or Brihaspati is one of the most auspicious celestial presence who would only provide positive impacts with its presence besides which, the arrival of planet Jupiter in 8th house will also bring some positive shades upon the native's life as altogether endowing him/her with a good worldly path upon land.

The annual transit of the Sun through the 8th House usually marks a time of the year when a person's emotional reactions are heightened. It tends to be an intense and frequently uncomfortable time in which partners and those with whom he is involved emotionally expose his desires, fears and insecu­rities. Retrograde benefic planet like Jupiter, when transiting a favorable position intensifies the good results. If the position is unfavorable, the evil effects are reduced. Jupiter’s transit results from Rasi or your Moon sign. Aries / Mesha: Transit of Jupiter in the 10th house from Natal Moon. Horoscope matches for taurus woman. Profession and Finance: This is a bad transit for you.

Jupiter transiting your 1st house- Feeling Fly!

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Look out! You are feeling good, looking good, you are on top of the world! You want to enjoy the finer things in life much more now, things like fun, leisure, and food! You also may desire to start dressing it up a bit or strutting a new makeover. People are taking notice of you because of your overflowing confidence and positive attitude! If you need a favor, now is the time to ask. People have more faith in you at this time, your boss may even notice what a good job you have been doing and decide a reward is in order. You're positive, upbeat attitude draws people to you. If you are single and looking, Members of the opposite sex will give you much more attention now, so you can find a meaningful partner at this time. Jupiter is also opposing your 7th house, so the 1st and the 7th will be affected. If you are in a relationship, your partner may give you a massage or offer to pamper you in some way, and relations between the two of you will improve and deepen from the fun the two of you will be having. All eyes are on you take advantage of this fabulous time.

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Jupiter Transits the 2nd house- Monetary Gains and Gifts

Need cash? not a problem! during Jupiter's transit to the 2nd house, you can be sure to receive it!

Whether or not it's enough to make you debt-free forever, is another story. If there are no difficult aspects being made during this transit you should expect to receive monetary gifts or gifts in other forms. These gifts can come in the form of a salary increase at work, or if unemployed you may find a job, you may receive gifts from others such as gift cards, money, or something of value. This is the house of 'I have', expect to gain something. There are some that have received a sudden windfall, or something that has been in the process of being settled is finalized and the individual is paid out. During this time, it's about receiving, earning, and increasing valuables. You may have to work hard for it, but you will be rewarded.

Jupiter transits the 3rd house- Positive Thinking and Benefits through communication, commuting, and technology!

You are a smooth talker now, so, please! by all means, ask for what you want! Communication, writing, texting, speaking and short distance travel are where your luck lies. If you are in sales you are in luck! communication is your golden ticket! Gotta crush? then this is an excellent time to let them know! You very savvy with words and can overcome just about any objection now. So write a love note, or set up a meeting at a local cafe. If you are single and looking, you don't need to go far. Love is in your neighborhood. Get out and walk your dog, or go to a local park, even a trip to the local grocery store could cross your path with that special someone. If you are in a relationship the communication will improve greatly between the two of you, you may feel inclined to leave a love note or poem for your lover. If you are a writer you are inspired during this time. You are positive in thought, speech, and pen. If you need to give a speech or a meeting during this time, luck is on your side. This is also a fabulous time to take a short trip or perhaps take on a new sport? this house also rules 'agility' you may learn quickly. If you have been wanting to 'say something' but haven't, in fear of being rejected, or unaccepted you are encouraged to speak up at this time. You also may want to learn another language? memory retention should be very good now. You are a sponge for information now so absorb all you can! Relations with siblings are greatly improved as well!

Jupiter transits the 4th house- Loving the home life!

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This transit will improve your living situation! Home is about to get a whole lot better! Whether you are looking for a new and larger home or you are looking to renovate your current home, now is the time to do it! You will find great bargains on home improvement at this time. Regardless of the living situation, you can expect to see home benefits. Perhaps, you will acquire some new furniture? or home decorations? but beautifying the home is on your mind. If you are looking to get a home loan, now is a good time to try. Even if you are looking to expand your home with new additions this is favored also. If you are simply wanting to kick your feet up and enjoy the home life more now, you will enjoy it. Your relations will be pleasant with all people living in your home. Married people will find a new joy in being at home together, laughter and fun in the home are an almost guarantee! Good relations with family members are more than likely now. All things home related will run smoothly.

Jupiter transits the 5th house- I found love and had fun doing it!
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Romance is all around, creativity abounds, and Love is in the air. Relations with children are a pleasure, and if you are hoping for a child now is a good time to try. The opposite sex finds you irresistible at this time so take your pick of the litter! Many find the love of their life at this time, or at least a significant love affair! You are lucky to gamble at this time so why not buy a lotto ticket? Your creativity is at an all-time high so take advantage of this time if you are in the creative field. Children are bound to be around and you will find yourself pondering having children yourself if you haven't already or perhaps you will at least have an enjoyable time with nieces and nephews. If you are already involved your relationship will become much more romantic and playful. You can expect to have fun together and enjoy each other's company much more. Love, Romance, and fun are in store!

Jupiter transits the 6th house- Perfect, Fine Tune, Fitness, and Health.

This is a time when you want to take better care of yourself, your health, and looks become a focus, and That tiny piece of lint on your sweater is much more of a bother than it has been in the past. You're a stickler for perfection now. You will have more energy in your day to day activities and chores, but you will mostly want to spend time on cleaning things up, getting healthy, and beautifying yourself. If you want to lose weight now is a good time. It's also a good time to take on a new health regimen. Your health will be good and you will feel great too! You will have a higher need for cleanliness and hygiene. You may invest in new cleaning supplies or a spa treatment. This is also a good time to look for a part-time job or a full-time job if you need one. Your house cleaner will put in extra time and do an extra good job during this transit. You will get along well with the co-workers and work will be less daunting. This is a great time to get in shape for when Jupiter transits your 7th house of marriage, you will be looking good!
Jupiter transits the 7th house- Social butterfly

Get ready to speed date! you will be expanding your social circle big time. This is a great time to meet business partners or your new wife or husband. This is the house of marriage and partnership. Your close friend's relations will improve greatly during this time and you will find yourself busy mixing and mingling with new associates abroad. This is when the person you met while Jupiter was in your house of true love and romance, may want to make it official or you could get engaged. There is a chance of getting married during this time, but that's more likely to happen while Jupiter moves into your 8th. All relationships improve during this time. You will be thinking heavily about getting married if you're not already or at least you will have the desire to form a long-term partnership. This is a socially busy time and you will most definitely acquire a very close friend during this time will probably last a lifetime. You will be positive and warm and people will take a liking to you.

Jupiter Transits the 8th house- Sex and Money

Jupiter Transit 8th House Vedic Astrology

Steamy hot times are ahead! You know how you want it, and you want it now! Fearlessness overtakes you in the bedroom these days. The great thing about his transit besides, the 'fabulous sex' is the money! This is the house of sex and our significant other's money. Great sex and presents are on the way. This is also the house of other people's money including banks, so if you are looking for a loan now is the time to apply. Other's may offer to help you start a new business or financially assist you because you are radiating enormous confidence at this time. If you are looking for an investor? you may very well find one now. If you have a sugar daddy he will be more generous, and if you are in a stable relationship expect things to get superbly hot! You will feel much more expressive with your feelings now and not afraid to say how you really feel in intimate relations which can help you make your relationship deeper. You are likely to want to merge resources and if you are expecting a tax return it may come now. Long-term couples often get married during this transit, to merge resources, wedding bells anyone?

Jupiter Transit 8th House Vedic Astrology
Jupiter transits the 9th house- Where to honey?

You want to get out and explore now, learn new things, expand your horizons if you have vacation time, now is the time to take it. Luck will follow you far and wide! Get your passport it's time to go! If long-distance travel isn't possible, then try to get out to an 'authentic foreign restaurant' or try something different with your partner, explore something new together. If you are single you may fall for someone foreign, hence the foreign restaurants. Investigate new realms and search for answers to life's questions, you may also very well find the answers! You could meet people from other cultures or maybe a spiritual guru, whatever the case your desire to try new things will be prevailing. The possibilities are endless! There is no better time to further your education if this is something you have contemplated. You will absorb higher concepts readily and easily.

Jupiter transits the 10th house- Roll out the red carpet, am I famous?

You sure will feel like it! Everyone is looking at you, and you look good! If you are employed you can expect a promotion or a pay raise along with more responsibility. Your boss is apt to put more faith in you and you will receive some well-deserved recognition. If you are unemployed now is the time to pursue your dream job your talents are on display now being seen by all the right people. You are respected and appreciated by others. This is your chance to make the best of your career! Don't let it slip by, take risks! go for it! If you are single you may meet someone at the workplace. Serious relationships may plan a wedding! but one thing for sure, You are hot to trot!

Jupiter transits the 11th house- Popularity

If you haven't felt popular lately you most certainly will during Jupiter's transit to your 11th house of friends and groups. Old friends from the past are likely to reach out to you during this time and you will probably find yourself entertaining friends more often. Getting out in the group environment is where your luck lies and you will likely end up with a new Rolodex of numbers. Your circle of friends will increase and so will your self-confidence because of this. Your hopes and wishes are likely to come true so don't be shy on wishes! This is a great time to network and get involved in a group cause. You are much more popular these days so live it up!

Jupiter's transit to the 12th house- Me myself and I

The spiritual side of life is now illuminated! You may feel like locking yourself away from it all just to live in this fantastical dream world. Truly

Jupiter Transit 8th House Vedic Astrology Compatibility

there is hardly a better time than now to do it. Being alone is a vacation in itself which you enjoy now more than ever. Your dreams are much more colorful and vivid and you feel as if you are getting to know yourself better which indeed you are. If you are single you may get involved with someone unavailable or end of in a clandestine affair because deep inside you want to be alone anyway. If you are involved you may experience a world of your own that you both enjoy getting lost in your fantasies together.

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