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Justin Toper Astrologer Predictions

The phone numbers to call to hear more of your horoscope are at the end of each. Occurring in mid-January, at the same time as the Sun and Mercury converge at the Lunar Eclipse, this is a Stellium (or planetary pile-up) that will change the world. Neptune retrograde happens every year, but this year, it’s effects may be felt more than usual due to its timing and what you have been experiencing recently. Use your contacts from the past this week. Jupiter, the planet of philosophical and moral integrity, sometimes encourages over-indulgence and excesses we come to regret. As Mercury (the cosmic messenger) allies with the Sun, crystal clear innovative ideas shine the way towards a more prosperous future. Saturn's conjunction with Jupiter, as the year draws to a close, indicates that forward-thinking efforts and hard work will be rewarded. You know what has to happen next, so take a deep breath and cast your eyes to the future, not the past. The Lunar eclispe in the sign of Capricorn is three times more potent than a regular Full moon. No matter what your sign, you should feel free enough to do whatever goes through your mind right now. First you may feel the tension rising, a feeling that you cannot turn back any more. Although Saturn and Pluto aren't traditionally seen as relationship planets, their convergence at the start of the year means that they exert a powerful influence on affairs of the heart in 2020. This week, you begin to meet with like-minded people, and you have the chance to plan the future of your dreams. To arrange a text reading with Justin Toper, please contact him today! It also helps you manifest desires you’ve had for a long time. Ring now for more on this. Change is the one thing you can expect with a Uranus transit, though quite what that will be is hard to predict. There might be things you need to discard or reject, and in fact you are likely to meet your destiny face to face. Don’t give up but try to focus on what needs to be done for you, rather than what others are trying to load on you. Rather than just chasing short-term gains and individual glories, this new dawn calls us to lay foundations for sustained progress. Opportunities can reveal themselves under the strangest of circumstances. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving and if so how? Be courageous, keep moving forward- you should be unstoppable. From Capricorn to Sagittarius, our free horoscope touches on all aspects of life including family, friends, home, work and love, plus uncover astrology symbols, meanings and characteristics for each star sign. Free Horoscopes BY YASMIN BOLAND. Book a reading with me on my page to explore all things astro. Read More Services Good Morning Britain PIERS MORGAN TV, Media described Justin as ‘The best astrologer in the galaxy’ Guardian.co.uk. 0905 789 4222. You’re a gift from God. Be aware that the opportunity you are being given may come only once in a lifetime. Indian astrology marriage compatibility software free download. Share it with everyone, and yourself, because we’re all going through big scary changes right now, even if they are ultimately for the best. With Uranus, something unexpected always happens. As a Scorpio, you should have learnt by now that your self-worth is defined by you. Let's address the elephant in the room, or the piggy in the bank! You’ve found out this year, that scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. It opens a much happier chapter in your life. Always remember, Libra, you have the strength within you and the patience to reach for the stars and change the world. Oct 20, 2020 - You will feel much better about yourself if you get things done today, Libra. Weekly Monthly 2020 Oct 17, 2020 - Don't let fear of failure or fear of success hold you back, Libra. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week Now with Venus turning to direct motion in the sign of Gemini, you should find that you are more free-spirited and open-minded. Find out your free daily Libra Horoscope with Russel Grant at Mirror.co.uk What seemed to you like a more or less distant possibility suddenly becomes an unavoidable necessity. What does this mean for 2020? Talks you have with family this week, give you more freedom in your choices for the future. You have done such a good job of keeping your eye on the ball in recent months. Yesterday’s Horoscope. Ring me now to find out why it’s not worth telling tales on those you work with, or for, this month. For your daily horoscopes make sure to follow me on Facebook. Pluto however, is often seen as a powerful planet that deals with the struggle for control - sometimes bringing about an ending so that a new phase can begin. Find out what lies in store for you with our daily & weekly look at the stars brought to you by Justin Toper An eclipse is always a time when you meet your destiny face to face. My oh my. Libra (Sept.22-Oct 23): Libra your free daily astrology horoscope suggests that with the Moon in Scorpio (Fall) there's determination and intensity that's best applied to financial matters, money and spending. All right Reserved. Truth be told, it’s a bit of both! Spoke Helpline: 0333 205 3390. So lovely that the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival and my amazing friend Jacinta, are supporting my new Tarot cards. My daily horoscope, his, hers, ours, theirs – there’s something here for everyone! Even though you may feel a natural tendency to want to shrink into the background and take the easiest route, you might be sacrificing your true purpose when you do. Radiating like a beacon of hope, the rare Solar Eclipse at the June Solstice will be the celestial highlight of 2020. It can, of course, be disruptive, sending us to lovers who aren’t good for us. Justin Toper is one of the UK’s leading astrologers, having previously provided horoscopes for The Sun, Daily Express, and the Daily Mirror. When it comes to buried resources (both metaphorical and physical), this is a chance to to alter our troubled relationships with power sources.

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  • I think Justin Toper is the most accurate astrologer (and I am not just saying that). Quite often some of his readings have been very accurate for me!:eek: 0.

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Justin Toper Astrologer Youtube

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