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In January 2013 strange things were happening to my body and everything around me started to shift. It began with vibrations running through my physical body at night and the feeling of bugs crawling underneath my skin. I would toss and turn but nothing seemed to make it stop. I had skin eruptions, a crushing pain on the top part of my head, an achy pain in my cervical spine that caused stiffness, pain in the lungs which caused coughing of phlegm, and pain in my heart area which felt like I was having a heart attack. After this I had a sharp localized pain in my ovaries, cramping in my uterus and 2 days of constant urinating. I thought maybe I was getting the flu because it traveled into my digestive system for a couple of days but then something bizarre happened.

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  • Asteroid #: 4227 (type it in the additional asteroid section in Astro.com). If Pluto is the masculine, physical destruction and transformation, Kaali is the female, emotional/mental destruction, manipulation, and mind control. Pluto is obvious control, Kaali is psychological influence. Kaali is one bad bitch.

I was sitting at my desk at work like any other ordinary day when out of the blue an electrical energy surged through my right kidney. I sat up in shock not knowing what had just happened. It was one of those situations where I knew it happened but I second guessed it because it was so bizarre. I wrote it off and continued on with my work day.

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I was at lunch with my boss and again an electric energy surged through my kidney but this time the left side. He suggested I should see a doctor but after what happened with the birth control incident years prior I lost hope in the medical field and decided I would wait and see. Whatever this was had gone through every body system and caused temporary chaos. Although the fear wanted me to think something was wrong, deep inside of me I felt better and more pure.

During that same time period my peeps told me to meditate on the beach every day to transform my vibration. They guided me along the way telling me how to breathe and what to visualize. I did the same technique every day on the beach when the meditation turned to a different direction. My spine began to stiffen which made my back completely straight and I felt like I was levitating off the ground. I was blissed out in pure love with the world. I was vibrating a love I had never felt before and it had nothing to with being in love with a person.

I had tapped into the divine love! After I came out of the meditation my peeps told me to look up at the sky to the right. There in the sky was a cloud shaped like a hummingbird. I had learned along the way that hummingbirds represent the ascended masters and for me this was a that I was being guided by someone in a higher dimension.

I was still perplexed by the surge of electricity in my kidney and I wondered if it could be connected to the meditation. I researched electric energy kidney and found the answer to what I was experiencing. It’s called a kundalini awakening and this energy moves through the body purifying for higher levels of consciousness. The experience on the beach was the kundalini energy moving from my base chakra to the crown chakra combining the male energy of the earth with the female energy of the divine creating a new energy of the pure divine love.

My peeps then guided me to search for kundalini within the astrology chart and I found the asteroid Kaali. Kaali represents kundalini energy and purification. Kaali had moved over my natal North Node which is the point for a person’s destiny, life purpose, soul’s growth. This pattern of purification from the kundalini energy happened 3 times because Kaali conjunct my NN, retrograded over my NN, and then conjunct one more time before she went on her way. Each time she moved over this point I experienced the same symptoms in the exact same order with each time feeling more pure and more connected to spirit.

Fast forward to the present moment. I was in meditation recently when my breath and focus shifted without thought. It was the same technique I had learned 5 years prior. This time I knew it was the purification with the kundalini energy, but I wasn’t sure the purification of what. I was told to look up Kaali in my astrology chart.

Kaali was within 3 degrees to my natal Black Moon Lilith. During this same time Neptune was leaving my 8th house which my BML resides in. I was going through a purification of what I had experienced with my relationships regarding karma (Neptune and 8th house) and primal fear (BML).

House of health astrology daily. At first, I thought it was just the 11 years Neptune was in my 8th house but then I had come to realize Neptune had been affecting my relationships my whole life. I was born with Neptune in my 5th house. Since the day I was born it has always been about another person and me. The 5th house is about self-expression that is experienced through others, 6th house sharing/cooperating, 7th house mirror image through others, and 8th house merging/sharing of power with others.

I had been told on many occasions by psychics and mediums that I would experience a challenging life and then one day it would transform into peace. The two lives were like black and white. They all explained that I was doing this for a higher purpose. It now makes sense to me knowing astrology and the energies that are at play.

With Neptune entering my 9th house, it was a new beginning for my relationships because for the first time in my life Neptune was out of my relationship houses. The 9th house is about the individual and spirit. It is a time of miracles and connection to something more. I believe this because I can feel something shifting inside of me and the thoughts and behaviors of the past no longer exist or are fading away.

Kaali Astrology

The other night a pure white dove flew to me on my walk. I stood contemplating for a few seconds if that was my sign that the hardships were over and it was time for peace. I continued on my walk and on my return walk back to my home the dove was sitting on the sidewalk right in my path. That was my sign without a doubt and a miracle to me. A dove represents love, peace, and tranquility.

This purification continues through-out the year as Kaali conjuncts my natal Descendant in my Venus Return. The Descendant and Venus Return are the same energy involving relationships. It is the Libra energy of balance, harmony, and cooperation with others. I have spent many years within this lifetime understanding and experiencing relationships from old belief systems that no longer apply to me.

My astrology chart was set up so that I couldn’t follow what other people did or believed and I would encounter all walks of life from the good to the “bad”. This allowed me to understand the astrology chart from every angle as an observer and experiencer. It also made my energy resistant and protective from other people as I was being guided by my peeps to the next step in my journey.

I was in a constant state of connection beyond me so that I could have the exact teachings of Earth School that I needed in that exact moment of time. Now the energy has relaxed and the intensity of the 8th house has left leaving me to feel at one with JUST BEING. That is the 9th house energy of Sagittarius and also the house that rules my North Node. The 9th house is the philosophical meaning of life through being a participant of the journey.

Asteroid Kaali Astrology


Kaali Astrology

The journey has shifted gears in many other ways as well. The Black Moon Lilith in my Solar Return is at 0 degrees which means it is a new beginning in the way I use my BML energy. I can now use the higher attributes of my BML to help bring positive change into the world whether for myself or for others.

Asteroid Kaali Astrology

Recently the transiting Sun was conjuncting my natal BML which is a time of rebirth for the primal fear. This would normally be an extremely uncomfrotable time for a person because the Sun shines light on the primal fear and creates situations that intensify the fear. I sailed through it with ease and with peace. The energy had a natural way of connecting to the higher attributes without my needing to make a conscious decision.

Kali Astrology

Currently, transiting Mars is conjuncting my natal Neptune. This also signifies a new beginning because Mars is the activating planet. He fires up the engines of anything he comes into contact with. This truly is a new beginning for me. If all this was to make me a believer, then I can honestly say I BELIEVE!!!!!!

Asteroid Kaali Astrology Meaning


Kaali Asteroid Astrology


What started out as physical chaos from Kaali transformed into a life changing experiencing of the meaning of life, spiritual connection, and how it applies to the journey with Self and others.