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Kabbalah astrology sagittarius compatibility

Though it is considered by some to be a less accurate form of numerology, Kabbalah, or Kabala numerology is based on ancient Hebrew mysticism and is focused on the the spiritual and the non-physical existence of the soul unlike other forms of numerology which can be more focused on what we can achieve here on earth rather than the evolution of the soul. Horoscopo chino 2021 mono. Many books on Kabbalah include reference to astrology but the main source on which I have drawn in this article is that of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi who numbers among his spiritual ancestors the Spanish Kabbalistic astrologer of the twelfth century, Abraham ibn Ezra, and the Spanish poet of the eleventh century, Solomon ibn Gabirol.

Kabbalah astrology sagittarius compatibilityKabbalah Astrology Sagittarius

Kabbalistic Astrology‘s interpretation of the horoscope for the 12 signs of the Zodiac is based on the teachings of Sepher Yetzirah, the Book of Formation.

Each sign, as many things in Kabbalah, expresses itself in 3 levels of realization of its potentials, from low to high. These 3 levels are described in the Sepher Yetzirah as World, Year and Soul. We can call them Space, Time and Consciousness.


Human beings, in their lives, may move through these 3 levels but, only a few will be able to reach the complete realization of their endowments.

A Kabbalistic Horoscope is the analysis of one’s personality in relation to the Adam Qadmon (אדם קדמון), the Primal Man expressed by the Etz Haim, the Tree of Life. Kabbalah says that the Adam Qadmon can project the Light from its eyes. It is the Archetype used for the Creation of the Man. It is the union of Female and Male.

The Tree of Life is a system of 32 clefs, 32 different tones of our personality: the 10 Sephiroth and the 22 paths, the 22 letters of Alef-Beit. 32 for Kabbalah is the number of the Paths of Wisdom.

The making of a Kabbalistic Horoscope starts from the Kabbalistic Zodiac Wheel, which is a special wheel made according to the teachings of Kabbalah as in this figure.

From here, starts the work on the Tree of Life, Etz Haim, placing the 10 planets, the aspects and the Astrological Houses on it. Having done that, one can start the work of Gematria on each component of the Horoscope. It is a very long process which requires both knowledge and sensibility.

In the following pages, I have tried to summarize the main aspects of each Sign, as a quick and superficial Kabbalistic Horoscope. Remember that your AstrologicalSign is determined by the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth. It is only 1 out of the 32 clefs of your Kabbalistic Horoscope.

Kabbalah Astrology Reading

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Kabbalah Astrology Sagittarius Sign

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