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The concept of Kala Purusha, the Cosmic Man, is a very abstruse philosophical principle. All astrological predictions, in fact, are derived from the relationship existing between Kala Purusha and the individual human being whose future is under consideration. The assumptions underlying this relationship have never been spelled out, but a little. Different Types of KaalSarpa Yoga kalasarpa dosha Kala Sarpa Yoga in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter Rahu – A Worst Connection Feb 6, 2021. Astrology birth chart calculator based on Vedic (Indian) rasi astrological calculations. 100% accurate free software to get your planetary nakshatras and zodiac signs.

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Planetary Transits 2021 Upcoming Events Prediction:- Important dates:- 1 10 february 2021 – Cluster of 6 planets will be transiting over Capricorn sign 2 13 mar 2021 – 4 planets will be transiting over aquarius sign 3 28 mar 2021 – rahu mars will be closely conjuncted at. Vedic astrology basically divides it into a local and current news vs. Lord of capricorn vedic astrology. International deep wisdom and higher knowledge. Understanding this proves to be very useful. This last full moon of 2020 falls into Gemini.

Kala vedic astrology 2021 calendar​Alan Annand is an astrologer with 40 years experience in consulting and teaching. A graduate of the British Faculty of Astrological Studies, he subsequently served as the Faculty’s North American tutor for five years, with students across Canada, USA & Mexico.

KalaHe co-founded the Astrological Society of Montreal, and for several years was their President, principal teacher and media rep. During this time he also spoke at several national conferences.
He later studied Vedic astrology and palmistry with Hart deFouw in New Mexico and California, and was certified by the American College of Vedic Astrologers.

Kala Vedic Astrology 2021 Predictions

​He has a practice in Toronto, often visits Montreal, and offers Skype consultations for everywhere else.
Website: www.navamsa.com
Email: alan.annand[at]gmail.com
Astrological certification
  • Diploma, British Faculty of Astrological Studies
  • Diploma, American College of Vedic Astrologers

Astrology books publishedKala vedic astrology 2021
  • Kala Sarpa (Vedic astrology)
  • The Draconic Bowl (traditional Western astrology)
  • Parivartana Yoga (Vedic astrology)
  • Mutual Reception (traditional Western astrology)
  • Stellar Astrology, Vols. 1 & 2 (Vedic astrology)

Astrology articles published
  • “Prime Malefics & Murderers,” AFA Research Journal Vol. 19, 2019
  • “Mercury Retrograde in Disasters,” AFA Research Journal Vol. 18, 2018
  • “The World in Your Hands (Palmistry & Planets),” WellBeing Astrology Magazine, 2010
  • “Carlos Castaneda & the Myth of Don Juan,” The ACVA Journal, Spring 2009
  • “When Mercury Goes Retro,” The Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2008
  • “Clifford Olson’s Life of Crime,” The FCA Journal, Summer 1986
  • “Mayan Astrology,” American Astrology, February 1982

Kala Vedic Astrology 2021Writer
Before switching to writing about astrology, Alan was a writer for the mining and railway industries, a novelist and scriptwriter, a human resources manager, and an underground surveyor.
  • Scorpio Rising, mystery, New Age Noir #1
  • Felonious Monk, mystery, New Age Noir #2
  • Soma County, mystery, New Age Noir #3
  • Al-Quebeca, police procedural
  • Antenna Syndrome, SF mystery
  • Harm’s Way, mystery/thriller
  • Hide in Plain Sight, mystery/suspense
  • Specimen & Other Stories, short fiction
  • Commando Attack, WW2 action
  • Bearknife Gold, adventure
  • Skyraiders, WW2 action

Kala Vedic Astrology 2021 Calendar

The concept of Zodiac Signs

Kala Vedic Astrology 2021

The concept of Kala Purusha,the Cosmic Man, is a veryabstruse philosophicalprinciple. All astrologicalpredictions, in fact, are derived from the relationship existing between Kala Purusha and the individual human being whose future is underconsideration. The assumptions underlying this relationship have never beenspelled out, but a little imagination will reveal that the universal life-principle pervades the entire universe which, according to its own rhythm,has been externalizing all forms of creation in subjective as well as objectiveexistence.
What the concept of Kala Purusha essentially represents has only beendiscussed in religious-philosophical treatises. The Cosmic Man is imagined asan entity incredibly large, but this symbol of an infinitely huge man is onlyan approximation of the underlying concept — the extension of the humanorganism in all possible psychic and temporal dimensions. Kala Purusha isan all-pervading universal reality, a stream of omniscient consciousness everengaged in externalizing inner potentiality into actual objective reality. Thefinality of this process is still in the womb of universal possibility; thesplendor and power of this realization transcends all human imagination: theonly certainty is that an immutable law operates behind all forms of creation.One may even consider this law either as the expression of Kala Purusha oras Kala Purusha himself.
Etymologically, Kala Purusha is related to the positive creative principleoperating in time. Primeval subjective potentiality externalizes Time andDuration, wherein all forms of evolving entities are produced. Nothing flowsback to this ever active cosmic energy: it is ever in all forms of creation andat all levels of functioning. Pleasure and pain, creation and destruction, attraction and repulsion, all feelings, emotions, and thoughts, are part of thisCosmic Man who remains unaffected by the backward reflection of creation. Kala Purusha is always a positive influence, the personification of EternalTime which causes the universe to revolve around itself.The Cosmic Man is apparent in everyday phenomena — as is evident inpolitical astrology and in the expression of human feelings and emotions,efforts and disappointments, sickness and health which make up the subjectmatter of natal astrology. The vibration of this universal principle, thebreathing of Kala Purusha, can be felt in the rise and fall of humancivilizations, the changes in the earth's vast continents, the birth and death ofthe universe.
Astrologically considered, the various zodiacal signs are the inwardrhythmic pulses of the Cosmic Man. Operating on the universal level, thesezodiacal impulses are expressed as different phases of manifestation.Mesha (Aries) represents the unity between the subjective and objective states ofbeing. It exemplifies readiness to go forth and create, but no action has so farbeen taken on the objective plane; motivation has arisen for creativeinvolvement, but actualization of the intention is yet in the womb ofpotential.
The process of actualization begins with Vrishabha (Taurus), which expresses thepolarization between subjective and objective. 'I' and 'Thou,' impulse andexpression, Spirit and Matter, God and his creation, begin to crystallize atthis stage.
Mithuna (Gemini) represents the interaction between the subjective and objective.The union between the Mother and Father principles, copulation betweenmale and female, and the journeys of Rishi (Sage) Narada between the realms ofgods and men are symbolic expressions of the third zodiacal impulse.At Karkata (Cancer), the Great Depth, the animamundi or Hiranyagarbha, thestore-house of human potential is identified. Time and Duration are mademanifest, marking the first concretization of the subjective principle. Theessence or heart of man has been formed: the blood can circulate through thebody.
When the semen of the Father sinks into the Hiranyagarbha or womb of theMother and the incarnating soul takes its first karmic steps, that stage isindicated by Simha (Leo).
With this emergence of new creative energy there is a further movementtowards self-generating creative activity. A greater quantum of humanpotential is actualized, but such activity can never, under the existing laws ofnature, go unchallenged. The dichotomies of action-reaction, effort-struggle,difficulties and trials, all with a view to obtaining something from within one's own self or displaying one's creative and sustaining capacities, comewithin the domain of Kanya (Virgo).
The immersion of creative energy in matter has reached its lowest depthnow. The downward impulse results in frustration as the primeval sparkcontinues to long for expansion. A sort of balance between materiality andspirituality occurs, wherein the thirst for material, sensuous experience iscounterbalanced by the possibility of spiritualization of the self. This is what Tula(Libra) represents.
When such a possibility dawns on the incarnating soul, a kind of churningprocess takes place. The dark and hidden counterpart of the self is activated.Revolutions, cataclysms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in thelife of the individual as in the outer world. Hidden difficulties, diseases,problems with relationships all come to the surface. What was hidden isexposed, purged in order to pave the way for the awakening of the Buddhicconsciousness. This is the realm of Vrshchika (Scorpio). It provides a new foundationfor human transformation.
Dhanu (Sagittarius) is a fiery impulse which burns away the old, destroys thematerial, and purifies the alchemical gold which is the essential pristinenature in man. The unwanted chips are chiseled away from the scaffoldingof one's emotions and goals. Smoke and dirt are cleansed so that 'the imageslumbering in the stone,' as Nietzsche would have called it, can come to thesurface.
The individual is transformed and his consciousness is merged in theuniversal consciousness. His pituitary gland is activated and his consciousness is established in the universal stream. This is where Makara (Capricorn) operates.The current now flows in a radically different direction. In Kumbha (Aquarius), theindividual works under Divine inspiration; heaven descends to earth andthere is social transformation. Humanity is prepared for a new kind ofrelationship; a new civilization dawns under this impulse. This is the stagewhere the one universal life is released. With such a new dawn, the old orderends and a new beginning takes place.
If Kumbha (Aquarius) represents the seeds for a new cycle of manifestation, Meena (Pisces)heralds the close of one cycle and the readiness to begin the next. Kala Purusha rests on his feet before taking the next step.
Such an orderly exposition of inward impulses of the Cosmic Man is notmerely a well-integrated philosophical system, but strikingly reveals thecelestial impact on the everyday experiences of man. One of the uses of the Kala Purusha concept is to superimpose his personified human form on thenatal chart of the individual to assess the vitality of the different aspects of his life. With the personified Cosmic Man, one may associate the variousyogic force-centers or chakras emanating from different parts of the humanbody. Depending upon which chakras are activated, different kinds ofparanormal forces are energized and related faculties strengthened. Onsuperimposing the personified representation of Kala Purusha, one will findsome of the chakras lying within the zone of certain house divisions. Theliterature on yoga identifies seven such chakras, each with a specializedfunction and operating in a different part of the human body.The Muladhara or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spinal cordwhere the Serpent Fire or kundalini lies coiled. The Svadhisthana or SexualChakra is ruled by Tula, while Vrshchika has dominion over theMuladhara. The vitality flowing from the Surya (Sun) is absorbed by theSvadhisthana Chakra. Part of that vitality nourishes sexual urges whileanother portion of it is directed to the Manipura or Navel Chakra, comingunder the rulership of Kanya, which produces various sensitivities andfeelings. The Anahata or Heart Chakra in the zone of Karkata, receivingits share of solar energy, enables the individual to understand the nature andfeelings of other people and life forms. When the energy flows to theVishuddha or Throat Chakra in the region of Mithuna , the individual acquiresthe faculty of clair audience. At the Ajna Chakra, located between theeyebrows in the region of Vrishabha, the individual can maintain continuityof consciousness between dreams and waking life, as well as betweendifferent incarnations. Reaching the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra underMesha, the individual is said to attain liberation and is free from thebondage of birth and death.
From the above, it can be observed that the last three chakras (Vishudha,Ajna and Sahasrara) are concerned with higher levels of consciousness,while Anahata (Heart Chakra) purifies human emotions and producessympathy and compassion. The first three chakras (Muladhara, Svadhisthanaand Manipura) are more concerned with the nourishment of physical andpsychic faculties. On rinding the relationship between these chakras withdifferent house divisions of the horoscope, one may comprehend the deeperforces activating the various levels of one's being and the direction towardswhich they are channeled.
The diagrammatic representation of Kala Purusha appended shows therelationship between different parts of his body and the zodiacal signs. Mesha(Aries) represents the head of Kala Purusha, Vrishabha (Taurus) his face, and Mithuna (Gemini) his neckand the upper portion of his chest and shoulders. Karkata (Cancer) is connected withhis heart, Simha (Leo) with his stomach, Kanya (Virgo) with his navel, Tula (Libra) with hisintestines, Vrshchika (Scorpio) with his generative organs, Dhanu (Sagittarius) with his thighs, Makara (Capricorn) with his knee joints, Kumbha (Aquarius) with his calves and Meena (Pisces) with hisfeet. The soul of Kala Purusha is represented by the Surya (Sun); Chandra (Moon) is hismind, Buddha (Mercury) his speech, Mangala (Mars) his strength, Guru (Jupiter) his wisdom andhappiness, Shukra (Venus) his sexual life and Shani (Saturn) his misery.
By studying the nature of the signs and planets in relation to Kala Purusha,the astrologer succeeds in predicting the strength and well-being of differentaspects of the individual's life. The association of these features with thenatal chart of the individual is very useful, especially hi relation to physicalhealth. In the case of afflicted Mesha (Aries), there could be head injuries, braindefects, etc; the kind of affliction depends upon the nature and strength ofthe afflicting planets.
Such associations lead to numerous predictive possibilities. Physicalmaladies, marital relationships, professional hazards, the general direction oflife and its different aspects are all easily understood by superimposing theconcept of Kala Purusha on the horoscope of the individual. This will showhow the universal life-force wishes to direct the life of the individual; it willshow the direction of his Divine pilgrimage. Astrologically, the concept isimmensely productive, opening many deeper aspects of prediction whichreveal the unknown depths of the individual, but also linking him with thegreater source which is always close to him, assisting and directing him tohis goal.