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What is Karmic astrology?

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Karmic astrology is a practice of astrology that incorporates the belief in reincarnation, without it being directly related to Vedic astrology. Indeed, if Vedic astrology is closely related to Hinduism, it is not necessarily the case of karmic astrology. Karmic astrology takes up the concept of Karma to apply it to the reading of the natal chart with regard to the positions of the planets and especially the moon.

In this Past Life Incarnation, rebirth & karma REPORT(Vedic Astrology Based PLUS Hebrew Numerology(Vedic Swara Vigyan))- you get additional value apart from the BASIC Report above, the value of cross checking your past life based on Vedic astrology and Also Hebrew Numerology.This is a rare opportunity for anyone. This Karma astrology is calculated by your date of birth. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Whatever you did in your past life, however you lived in your past life, the way you dealt with people and situations as well as how you expressed your personality is the reason why your life is the way it is today.

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According to karmic astrology, a person’s horoscope corresponds in a way to the recording at a specific moment of one’s past lives or the inter-planetary travel of one’s soul between two terrestrial lives. The interpretation of the lunar nodes of a person’s birth chart allows one to consider past lives in order to learn what can be learnt and improved in his / her present life.

List of astrologers

Paul de Senquisse

Specialty: Spiritual astrology

A professional writer, Paul de Senquisse has been using and studying the tarot for more than 20 years. With an approach combining historical, academic, psychological, and spiritual elements, he always keeps an open mind and does not believe in any single “universal truth” about the tarot arcana, their meaning, or any “proper” way to use them.
Website: Ask Astrology
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Joan quigley astrology for adults

Jeffrey Ito

Specialty: Predictive astrology

Jeffrey Ito is a professional astrologer and site owner of numerologynamecalculator.com. Founded in 2017, it is the world’s largest resource for Astrology enthusiasts and experts of all things numbers.
Website: Numerology Name Calculator
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Karma Astrology Calculator

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