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In Vedic Astrology, Kethu is said to be the south node of Moon or descending lunar node. Kethu does not own any zodiac sign but is conceived exalted in Scorpio and fallen in zodiac sign Taurus. Ketu is ever stronger planet than other planets whether it is aspected by a planet or conjoined with the planet. Ketu shows the achievement of the past life. It represents illusion just like Rahu. At the same time, Ketu is also a planet that gives liberation and moksha. Ketu represents enlightenment, isolation, separation, spirituality, mystic world, other dimension and things related to other dimension.

Aquarius Lagna Chart

Ketu in Aquarius in Vedic Astrology (All about Aquarius Ketu) South Node in Aquarius - Duration: 6:57. KRSchannel - Learn Astrology 49,469 views.

Ketu in 1st house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:

Results will always be favourable & if placement of Shani is good, Ketu here will give more good results
  • New heights to personality of native in dasha-antardasha
  • Good activation of health & personality
  • Advantages for mind & wisdom
  • Favourable regarding/from children
  • Possibility of uncertain gains
  • Success in love-affairs
  • Good for married life, partnership & for daily wagers
  • Native will be in good terms with father
  • Will believe in dharma
  • Possibility of foreign travels

Ketu in 2nd house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:

  • Tone would be diplomatic
  • Finances will be in bad shape. Financial instability persist
  • Family won't be supportive. Native will be far off from family
  • Tone will be aggressive
  • All negative results regarding disease, debts/loans, enemies, accidents, court-case/litigation & failure/delay in competition persist
  • Unnecessary obstacles will persist
  • Problems regarding work-profession

Ketu in 3rd house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:
Ketu here will always be unfavourable as in enemy sign
  • Misunderstanding with father/siblings
  • Even siblings may go for hatching conspiracy against native
  • Tone will be aggressive
  • Reduced gains
  • Minor health problems persist
  • Problems in married life, partnership & for daily wagers
  • Even too much hard-work wont result in gains
  • Native wont believe in God/dharma
  • Problems in/from foreign travel

Ketu in 4th house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:

Here, Ketu gets Exalted (उच्च), Will never give favourable results
  • Mother's health will always have problems
  • Problems for mother
  • Problems in buying to home, land & vehicle
  • Chest related problems
  • Obstacles/problems in work/profession. Work won't get settled in dasha-antardasha
  • Wasteful expenses will be high
  • Possibility of foreign settlement & native will be success in sub-ordination on foreign land
  • Native won't be able to do business/work of own by investment

  • Failure in love/romance/affairs
  • Possibility of uncertain loss
  • Weak yoga of male child
  • Mental peace will remain disturbed
  • Depression related problems as Ketu is getting getting debilitated in house of mind/brain/wisdom. So, mental depression persist
  • Misunderstanding with father & elder siblings
  • Reduced gains
  • Aspect on lagna will create health issues
  • Problems with elder siblings
  • Problems in gains/benefits
  • Minor health problems persists

  • All sorts of problems in dasha-antardasha. One problem ends & another gets initiated
  • Problems regarding disease, debts/loans, enemies, accidents, court-case/litigation persist
  • Job related problems
  • Fights-enmities in dasha-antardasha
  • Native have to be calm here, else more problems
  • Work-profession related problems
  • Wasteful expenses will be high
  • Finances will be in bad shape. Financial instability persist
  • Family won't be supportive. Native will be far off from family
  • Tone will be aggressive
  • If dasha of Ketu at younger age, native may go far off from native land for studies
  • Problems in foreign travels. Native won't be at good position in foreign land.. will always be in subordination position


Ketu In Aquarius Vedic Astrology

Ketu In Aquarius Vedic Astrology
Ketu in 7th house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:
Ketu here will never be favourable
  • Problems in married life, partnership & for daily wagers
  • Partner will be vicious/crook & suggested that native shouldn't go for partnership
  • Daily wages will be hit badly, inauspicious results
  • Misunderstanding with siblings
  • Reduced gains
  • Health related problems
  • Unnecessary hard-work
  • Useless short travels

Ketu in 8th house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:
Ketu here will never be favourable
  • All sorts of obstacles/tensions in dasha-antardasha
  • Wasteful expenses will be high
  • Finances will be bad
  • Family will never be supportive
  • Tone will be very unpleasant
  • Worse downfall in dasha-antardasha
  • Native will get negative results unnecessarily

Ketu here will always give good results & if placement/power of Shukra dev is good than Ketu here will give much better results
  • Very good for personality
  • Native here will get results of hard-work
  • Good terms with younger siblings
  • Possibility of short tour/travels, which will be fruitful
  • Advantages regarding children. children will progress in dasha-antardasha
  • Stomach health will be good
  • Possibility of uncertain gains
Ketu in 10th house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:
Ketu here is Exalted(उच्च).. very good results
  • Favourable results regarding work/profession
  • Finances will be good
  • Family will be supportive. Native will be close to family
  • Tone will be diplomatic
  • Native will be in good terms with mother
  • Advantages/delay in buying vehicle, land, home etc.
  • All positive results regarding disease, debts/loans, enemies, accidents, court-case/litigation & success in competition persist

  • Benefits from elder siblings
  • Minor health problems persists
  • Advantages from hard-work & short travels
  • Favourable regarding children
  • Good for married life, partnership & for daily wagers
  • Native will be very caring for wife
  • New avenues of work-profession in dasha-antardasha
Ketu in 12th house in Aquarius-Kumbha Lagna:
If Ketu is in 12th house & lord of 12th house is also placed nicely, this will be Moksha for Native
  • Wasteful expenses will be high. Mental tension due to unproductive expenses
  • Possibility of foreign settlement. Native may go far-off from native land
  • Problems in job/sub-ordination work
  • Issues in initiating work after investment
  • All negative results regarding disease, debts/loans, enemies, accidents, court-case/litigation & failure/delay in competition persist
  • Obstacles will be all time high. Even after lot of hard-work native won't get rid of mental tension. This brings negative changes in native's personality
  • Native won't be able to control his/her aggressive tone. Negativity & frustration get developed in body
  • Instability persist

  • Never wear stone or perform donation (दान) without carefully studying the placement of planet
  • Majorly all the above effects will be visible in dasha-antardasha
  • Many other factors like viprit-raajyoga, neech-bhang-raajyoga, placement/conjunction of other planets & degree/combustion/retrogression of planets in eastern horizon will impact the results
  • To get rid of negative effects remedial measures must be taken after consulting a professional Astrologer
  • Don't get worried if people try scaring you quoting Kaal-Sarpa, Pitra or Mangal dosha. Remedies are very simple which you can perform yourself easily
  • Never-ever be casual while selecting Gem-stones. Even Pearl (Moti) & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) can be fatal & spoil life badly if not suiting your chart

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Ketu In Aquarius Vedic Astrology Horoscope

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Rahu and Ketu are the most important factors of an astrological chart. Their influence cannot be overstated or overemphasized. According to Hindu myth, Rahu is the reason a Soul incarnates on the Earth plane. Many spiritual traditions say that as Spirits in human bodies, we are here to learn and grow, to experience that which cannot be experienced in other Spiritual Realms. Human beings have accelerated karma. When a person is born, he meets with physical matter. This matter, whose distinctive feature is the Earth element, accelerates the rate of experience and therefore, spiritual evolution. Rahu, which is not a planet but a point in the sky where total eclipses occur, reveals to us the earthly realm of experience where most spiritual evolution will occur. Ketu reveals the earthly realm of experience that needs to be perfected and effectively released.

The Myths of the Moon’s Nodes, Rahu and Ketu

The myth of Rahu is a myth of creation and the myth of Ketu is a myth of dissolution. Throughout world cultures there are myths of creation. Many of them involve a great flood or of water covering the entire Earth. Water represents consciousness, but not manifest creation. It is within this consciousness that creation can come forth. If we have an idea, it is not yet manifest in physicality, but can be through hard work. The same can be said of the Earth and all of its creatures. To gain experience, to grow, to learn, to create, and to perfect; these things are inextricably entwined with Rahu and Ketu and on an individual level, their placement in an individual’s horoscope.

Varaha is the Avatar of Rahu

Brahma, the creator, had been commanded by the Supreme Being to create. He gave this instruction to his son. His son came back to him and said, “But the Earth is submerged underneath he Waters, how am I to create with no Earth?” Brahma thought about this long and hard, but not being able to come up with an answer in normal consciousness, withdrew into meditation. Suddenly, a tiny boar emerged from his nostril and flew down to the Waters to retrieve the Earth. The boar’s name was Varaha and as he flew, he grew larger and larger, until he grew to giant proportions. When he hit the water, he swam down and retrieved the Earth from under the water. While he was swimming to the surface, he was attacked by a demon. A fierce battle ensued, but the demon was eventually slain by Varaha and the Earth was brought to the surface of the Waters. For bringing the Earth from beneath the Waters, Varaha was praised by Brahma. The Earth was then considered the wife of Varaha. Varaha then gave sacred rites on creating balance and fulfilling desires, called Yagyas after which, he disappeared.

As mentioned before, Water represents consciousness. The Earth was submerged in consciousness and Varaha, the avatar of Rahu, brought Earth to the surface of consciousness just as Rahu is said to bring Souls to the Earth, to the ‘surface’ where they can experience what has previously been buried within their consciousness.

Why did the Boar fly out of the nostril? The sense of smell is made possible by the Earth element. We cannot smell unless the Earth element is present.

The demon that Varaha encountered on his way to the surface represents all of the doubts, fears and ‘inner demons’ we encounter when we try to go in the direction of Rahu, when we try to manifest those things that are unknown and unfamiliar to us, represented by Rahu. The fact that Varaha brought the Earth into manifest creation signifies that the Earth cannot exist without Rahu or the Earth exists because of Rahu. This concept is spotlighted by the legend that Rahu is the reason Souls incarnate on the Earth to gain experience.

All aspects of the horoscope can be transmuted, or worked out, internally. Everything in the horoscope can be worked out in the mind, except for the placement of Rahu and whatever it touches in the horoscope. Rahu is married to the Earth and everything Rahu influences must be worked out in concrete, physical existence, i.e., on the Earth and not in the Mind.

Meena, the Avatar of Ketu

One day a mighty king went fishing in a pond. He caught a small fish and was surprised to learn that the fish could talk. The fish said, “Hello Mighty King, my name is Meena. Please take me home with you.” The King, knowing that this was no ordinary fish, took Meena home and placed him in a fish bowl. The next day, the King looked in on the fish and was amazed to find that the fish had grown so large, he filled the entire fish bow. The king took him to a pond in his back yard. The next day, Meena had grown to the size of the pond. The King then took the fish to a large lake. Sure enough the next day, the fish had grown so that he filled up the lake. Meena said, “Please dear King, take me to the Ocean.” The King took the fish to the Ocean and said to him, “I know you are no ordinary fish. You are the Lord incarnate come for some great purpose that you wish to tell me.” The fish said, “You are right dear King. In seven days there will be a great flood. Gather together the other six Rishis and build a boat. I will carry you across the flood until the time the Earth reemerges.”
The King did as Meena had told him and built the boat. On the appointed day, the King and the other Rishis got into the boat and Meena came and pulled them across the Waters into the next Cycle of Time when the Earth reemerged.

At the end of a Cycle of Time, the Earth is submerged under the Waters and the Fish, Meena, which is the Avatar of Ketu, is able to keep knowledge alive represented by the Rishis. He does this by pulling them in a boat to the next Cycle of Time when the Earth begins anew.
In an individual horoscope, whatever Ketu is influencing is so ingrained in the psyche that it has been kept alive in the consciousness between lifetimes. As the death of the Earth is portrayed as an end to the Cycle, a death of a human being is the same thing. But Meena, the avatar of Ketu, carries certain aspects of a person’s consciousness through death and into the next incarnation. Whatever Ketu planet, sign or house influences is an area of life the person will be very familiar with and very talented in. In this lifetime, the goal is to perfect those things Ketu influences by following the path of Rahu. Those things that Ketu influences cannot be perfected by relying on Ketu which most people do in the 1st half of their life. We have doubt and we scrutinize those things Ketu influences because we know they are not perfected and we want to perfect them, but cannot while operating out of Ketu.

Rahu, Ketu and the Mind

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu are points in the sky where total eclipses occur. Rahu is the north point and Ketu is the south point. In fact, currently astronomers still are not 100% sure of exactly where Rahu and Ketu are at any given moment. They can only make estimations and that is why we have 3 different astronomical measurements for the nodes. Since Rahu and Ketu are points in the sky where total eclipses occur, then they form an intersection between the path of the Moon around the Earth and the path of the Earth around the Sun. Rahu and Ketu are an intersection just like the Ascendant/Descendant axis is an intersection of the horizontal plane with the Earth’s surface.
The Ascendant represents the birth of the body and the Descendant represents the death of the body. The Ascendant is the place where the Sun rises or is metaphorically born and the Descendant is the place in the sky where the Sun sets, where it metaphorically dies. Correspondingly, Rahu is the birth of the Mind and Ketu is the death of the Mind. Both Rahu and Ketu have the power to ‘swallow the Lights’ i.e., cause eclipses. The birth of the Mind (Rahu’s placement) shows where the Mind must concentrate and where it must strive in this incarnation. The death of the Mind (Ketu’s placement) is Moksha or liberation. Another word is perfection. When the Mind is perfected, it can die and become the Universal mind, the goal of many a yogi.

Moon as the Mind

In Vedic Astrology the Moon represents the Mind. The Mind contains the Jiva or the soul particle that has the idea of separate existence or individuality. The Mind also contains the Ahamkara or Ego. In this sense, the Moon is like the Sun in Western Astrology. The Moon is the Mind and the Sun is the Soul. The Moon like the Mind, takes the light of the Sun as the Mind takes the light of the Soul, and it waxes and wanes. In other words, it changes, just like the individual changes and their character changes. The Soul like the Sun, on the other hand, does not change. It is constant and forever, unchanging and perfect; it is Truth. Truth never changes. In light of this, the Moon is the most appropriate planet to represent the Mind and the Mind is the Individual. One cannot truly experience the Soul on planet Earth unless one is an enlightened master. Therefore, we operate as individuals with all of our characteristics and idiosyncracies, which is ruled by the Moon. The Sun represents how in touch we are with our Soul Nature. That corresponds to our self-esteem, confidence and how well we can access inspiration.

Rahu is more troubling to the Moon than Ketu. In fact, one of the names for Rahu is “Moon Troubler” and the very reason we are offering this course! Whatever planet Rahu influences by conjunction it is trying to develop. It is a rather difficult task to develop the Mind. The purpose of Rahu with the Moon is to strengthen the Mind and to push the person to develop inner poise and inner peace. In the first half of life, it may be extraordinarily difficult to do this and the person may feel overwhelmed and quite fearful of outer circumstances and may develop phobias and addictions. Outer circumstances and the ups and downs of life may seem chaotic to the person. The goal is to turn within and strengthen the Mind with many types of available self improvement. How to learn astrology in telugu step by step.

In India, when they ask you, “What is your Sign?”, they really mean, “What is your Moon Sign?”. They are always referring to the Moon Sign. It is called the Janma Lagna. Whatever Sign the Moon is placed in is very much an identity factor for the person, just like the Sun sign in Western Astrology. Whatever House the Moon is places within becomes a very important area of life for the individual. The Moon’s own Sign is Cancer and its exaltation sign is Taurus. How the Moon is situated from these two signs also gives a clue as to how the Moon will behave. The Moon’s Nakshatra is very, very important as well. Probably more important than the Sign placement. In this course, we will explore the deities of the Moon’s Nakshatra of the participants and how to placate these deities to strengthen the Mind.

Moon as Femininity

The Moon is the most feminine planet, even more so than Venus. The Moon rules one sign of Cancer, a feminine sign. All of the other planets rule two signs. The Moon rules the receptivity of the Mind and the emotions that are a reaction to what the Moon perceives. To strengthen and placate the Moon is to become more aware of the emotions as they arise and to act on them in a healthy way. Most neurosis is caused by denying the initial emotion and acknowledging the compensating or second emotion, which is usually anger or fear. When negative emotions arise, it is usually due to vulnerability. When the Moon is heavily afflicted, the person does not like to feel vulnerable at any cost. It is almost always felt as a life or death situation because the Mind perceives extreme negativity, even if the situation does not warrant it. The second reaction is either anger or withdrawal in order to protect the Mind from fear. When the Mind reacts with withdrawal, this usually translates as depression.

Rahu and Ketu through the Signs and Houses

Rahu and Ketu in Signs shows the underlying psychological and emotional issues the person must confront to resolve the house placements of Rahu and Ketu. For example, if someone has Rahu in Aries and in the 2nd house, then only through acting on impulse (Aries) and going in their own direction no matter the imput from others (Aries), will the person be able to accumulate and utilize their own resources (2nd house). This will resolve the underlying issues of diplomacy, trade and partnership (Libra) in the areas of life such as other people’s or the spouse’s money (8th house) and occult practices (8th house).

Rahu in Aries or 1st House and Ketu in Libra or 7th House

Aries is the first day of Spring. Everything is alive, growing and full of life. Aries is the ram high on the mountain taking in the big picture. Aries is a sign of impulse and following your own path. Aries and the 1st house are about developing your self-esteem and expressing yourself in your own unique way. When Rahu is in Aries the person is unfamiliar with expressing themselves in their own, unique way. These people must usually rely on diplomacy and tact when dealing with others rather than expressing their opinions and ideas unfettered. Rahu in Aries people are also psychologically adverse to acting on impulse and try to weigh the pros and cons before taking action. This almost never works and they end up indecisive and doubtful of their decisions. The remedy is to act on their initial impulses and avoid weighing pros and cons.

The placement of Ketu in Libra will resolve, complete and perfect the significations of Libra, mainly relationships and business, by acting through Rahu’s placement. There are some exceptions to this rule. When the lord of Ketu is with Ketu or when the lord of Rahu is with Ketu, then there is much more emphasis on the sign and house placement of Ketu and the native must work in the areas of Ketu, rather than Rahu to achieve balance.
For Rahu in the 1st house and Ketu in the 7th house the above description applies here as well. The house position reflects more of the concrete, physical manifestations of events, rather than psychological quirks and blockages.

Rahu in Taurus or the 2nd House and Ketu in Scorpio or the 8th House

Taurus is the sign of self-sufficiency and wealth. It is represented by a bull, which signified wealth in many cultures for centuries. Taurus is also a sign of food, the face and one’s family and environment. The Rahu in Taurus person (or in 2nd house), is a person trying to develop their self-sufficiency and wealth in this lifetime. It usually takes a while for someone with this placement to acquire any savings. Rahu in Taurus people are do not have a sense of their own self-worth. They may not ever ask for a raise or take low-paying jobs because they cannot instinctively feel their inherent worth. To feel worthy, they may seek fame, because fame is a type of material validation. Rahu likes to compensate by going very far from the direction of Ketu. This means the person may set their sights on becoming very wealthy. However, this is not the proper remedy. Taurus and the 2nd house are places where we have responsibilities and where we must take care of things. Being validated for the task of taking care of what is your responsibility is the way to develop Rahu in Taurus or the 2nd house this lifetime. If you take care of animals, your home, your spouse, your children, in a way in which you are truly fulfilling your responsibilities, then you are developing Rahu.

Ketu’s placement in Scorpio or the 2nd house, shows someone who has developed a lot of emotional security in past lives. These people do not need a lot of emotional support. They are very secure emotionally and do not need help from friends or family when they are feeling down. However, they are not completely secure until they develop material security shown by Rahu’s placement in Taurus or the 2nd House. Focusing on Rahu’s placement will give them a more well-rounded view of what it means to be secure in life. There are exceptions to this rules, however, which apply when the ruler of Ketu is with Ketu or the ruler of Rahu is with Ketu. In that case, the native will be perfecting Ketu’s placement of emotional security and learning to effectively use other people’s money and resources.

Rahu in Gemini or 3rd house and Ketu in Sagittarius or the 9th house

Gemini is a sign of skill and communication. It is also a sign of self-effort and experimentation. When Rahu is in Gemini or the 3rd house, the person must learn to develop skill and rely on discovering truths from their own efforts and experimentation. These natives tend to all the information about something before they take action or before they use it as a skill. For example, a native may want to learn about woodworking. This person will take classes on woodworking, buy all the tools, read all the books they can about woodworking, perhaps dabble a little with it in their workshop. But when it comes right down to making something and selling it or showing it off as an actual skill, they will balk. They don’t feel that they know enough. In fact they will never feel this way.

The Rahu in Gemini or 3rd house person will be reluctant to put certain strategies to the test or experiment with different ways of doing things. It is important that Rahu in Gemini get out there and utilize what they learn, test it in the real world and not be afraid that they ‘don’t have enough information’ or ‘don’t know enough’. Rahu in Gemini, on their quest to obtain as much information as possible, will be overwhelmed by said information. The antidote is to learn just one or two things about a subject they are interested in, then use that knowledge in real world situations, rather than obtaining too much knowledge, then feeling overwhelmed and doing nothing.
Rahu in Gemini or the 3rd house also needs to work on communication skills, elocution, articulation and vocabulary. They need to bring their natural spiritual abilities and ability to see the big picture down into everyday life and communicate it with others.

Ketu in Sagittarius or the 9th house will rely on faith for workings in their daily life. In the beginning of their lives, these natives most likely had a strong belief system, however as they go through life, their belief system is challenged. The idea is to go in the direction of Rahu in Gemini and experiment what gives concrete results in everyday life and what does not.

Rahu in Cancer or the 4th house and Ketu in Capricorn or the 10th house

Cancer is the sign of emotional security and groundedness. Rahu in Cancer or the 4th house can subject the native to very chaotic emotions and severe mood swings. Emotions can be overwhelming and the person can swing very rapidly from one end of the spectrum to the other. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so Rahu being here or in the 4th house will give similar results as Rahu with the Moon. There is also a lot of emotional emptiness with this placement and a very substantial fear of vulnerability. The person with Rahu in Cancer or the 4th house will feel very vulnerable in emotional situations. That is their first reaction. However, they do not act on the vulnerability, but rather compensate for it either with anger or control. Fear is the motivating factor behind any type of controlling or manipulating behavior. It is the fear of feeling intense emotion that they are not accustomed to and the fear of being vulnerable. Rahu in this sign or in the 4th house is a challenging placement for peace of mind. In fact, peace of mind is what the native must work on throughout life.
Ketu in Capricorn or the 10th house will push the native to let go of power and control and develop the much needed emotional side. Capricorn is the sign of action and feeling that we are always responsible for the outcome. By letting go of actions and methodical planning for an outcome, and embracing the unpredictable realm of emotions and going with the flow, the native learns how to develop their emotional security thus perfecting their action oriented life. Action without emotion is boring and dull and the natives with Ketu in Capricorn or the 10th house are learning this. The exceptions are when the ruler of Ketu is with Ketu, or the ruler of Rahu is with Ketu. Then the emphasis is on developing Ketu’s position of power authority rather than the emotions of Rahu in Cancer or the 4th house.

Rahu in Leo or the 5th house and Ketu in Aquarius or the 11th house

Leo is the sign of creativity and inspiration. It is ruled by the Sun which also rules these things. Leo is solitary like the other fire signs. Leo likes to be inspired to do things himself alone and not be dictated by others as to what he should be inspired by. Leo rules confidence. When Rahu is in Leo or the 5th house, the native is developing their creativity and learning to get in touch with their ‘soul’ nature. They are learning what inspires them and acting on those inspirations. What inspires them and what gives them pleasure is what makes them individuals. They are developing this individuality and creativity.

Children are an important part of the 5th house. These natives should learn to work with children and develop that wonder that children have. The childlike quality of wonder goes a long way to alleviate anxiety stemming from low self-confidence and getting in touch with what inspires them. Children are creations, so any type of creation such as a work of art, a novel or short story, or any type of project where these natives get their creative juices flowing is essential to building confidence and satisfaction in life. It is also important to ascertain what inspires them without input from other people.
Ketu in Aquarius will make the native appear very charismatic and influential. The person usually does very well within groups of peers in the first part of life. But there is always a nagging voice in the backs of their minds telling them that the group is not where they will find true happiness. These people usually put enormous effort into fitting in with a group in their early years. They will take on the likes and dislikes of the group as their own. However, they are not satisfied with this because in this lifetime, it is more important to understand what inspires them as an individual. They will try to identify with the group but eventually become very dissatisfied with this and eventually leave the group to pursue their own interests.

Rahu in Virgo or the 6th house and Ketu in Pisces or the 12th house

Virgo is the sign of the Harvest. It signifies reaping what we have worked for and there is a lot of work involved in reaping the harvest. The key word here is work. Virgos have a tremendous work ethic and pay a good amount of attention to details. Virgo is the mundane, detailed, drudgery work that one must do to get anything important done. It is not a sign of the career, but the work done in the career or in everyday life as the case may be. Rahu in Virgo people are coming from a past where they were secluded and sheltered. A lost of these people were in monasteries, convents, ashrams and the like. Some were invalids and had all their needs taken care of. Pisces is a sign of spiritual liberation, so these natives were most likely working on that in past lives. Pisces is also the sign of vacation and relaxation. If these natives were not involved in spiritual practice and bliss, then they lived a life of complete relaxation. As is always the case, there is no free lunch. Occupants of ashrams, monastaries and the like have everything given to them. Someone has to pay for the clothes on their back and the food they eat. People with Ketu in Pisces did not have to do much work for what they received in the recent past.

In this lifetime, it is important to develop a work ethic. Usually, the people with Ketu in Pisces have very relaxed, easy-going, light-hearted and pleasant personalities. They are not usually plagued by emotional and psychological issues unless there are afflictions in the chart. This is due to the fact that more often than not, they experienced bliss in the past life and made quite a lot of spiritual progress. Since they are coming from a place of “This is as good as it gets”, they need to take their world vision and implement it for others through working hard.

Rahu in Libra or 7th house and Ketu in Aries or 1st house

Rahu in Libra is meant to develop sharing and interest in other people, especially the partner, in this lifetime. The 7th hosue is the house of the spouse or partner and also a house of foreign countries or foreigners. The ability to go through the give and take of relationships may feel extremely unfamiliar to the Rahu in Libra person. As a result, relationships for the first part of life are difficult.
Ketu in Aries or the 1st house makes the person suffer from self-doubt. These people only reveal what they want to reveal to others. They may appear aloof and distant. Anxiety and fear surround thoughts of relationships. It is important for these people to branch out and engage others in conversation and not isolate themselves. They can do this by finding activities that they enjoy plus are experienced in, so they can feel a certain comfort while dealing with others. Sharing of themselves and not remaining aloof is also a goal for these people.

Rahu in 7th house people are also attracted to foreigners. Travelling to other countries and imbibing the culture, getting out of their shell, is a great way to interact with others as well.

Rahu in Scorpio or 8th house and Ketu in Taurus or 2nd house

Scorpio is a sign of intense emotions, manipulation, hidden secrets. The 8th house is a house of the occult or “the knowledge of the past, present and future”. The 8th house symbolizes other people’s, and especially the spouse’s, resources. It is also ‘the wealth of the dead’. Rahu in Scorpio is someone who must develop emotional security in this lifetime. These people must also develop trust in others. Relying on, and helping to develop, other people’s resources, is also a way to develop that trust. Ketu’s placement in Taurus signifies someone who in past lives has developed material security but not emotional security and trust. They have learned to trust in their ability to materially provide for themselves. However, we are not truly secure if we are not emotionally secure. These people tend to be very sensitive. Developing and strengthening the emotional life is very important for them.
Helping others to develop their resources is also a goal of the Rahu in Scorpio person. Developing their awareness of hidden forces or the occult, is also something that will make them aware of the more psychological aspect of life, rather than the material aspect. When the person with Rahu in Scorpio begins to develop their own emotional security, the material security will begin to follow. The Universe is trying to teach them that balancing the need for emotional security with material security is the only way to become truly secure.

Rahu in Sagittarius or 9th house and Ketu in Gemini or 3rd house

Sagittarius is a sign of faith, grace, adventure and purpose. Gemini is a sign of experimentation, facts, communication and self-effort. Rahu in Sag people need to find a worthwhile purpose to build their lives around. The purpose may change throughout life but Rahu in Sag really needs to keep a goal or purpose in mind in everything they do. Purpose is something we are inspired towards. If the Rahu in Sag person does not feel inspired, then the purpose is not worthwhile. Inspiration is God talking to us. Inspiration causes faith and when faith is present, grace soon follows. As the 9th sign, Sag is also a sign of foreign and long distant travel for adventure. A sense of adventure and wonder is something that also needs to be developed. Going on a boat trip or safari is a great way to let go of the need for knowledge of everything, represented by Gemini

Gemini is a sign of gathering knowledge. The knowledge is in the form of facts and trivial matters. Sag knowledge is knowledge of the philosophical or spiritual kind, seeing the big picture. Ketu in Gemini people must let go of what they think they know, usually in the form of facts and trivia, then experience an expansion of the mind, the building of a philosophical platform, that will also provide them with a purpose. Ketu in Gemini people are moving from Air (Gemini) to Fire (Sagittarius). The Fire element is the most spiritual element because it illuminates, it enlightens, it inspires. The Air element is one of communication and intellectuality. Move away from being a professor, investigator or even a statistician and move toward being an adventurer, a spiritual teacher.

Rahu in Capricorn or the 10th house and Ketu in Cancer or the 4th house

Capricorn is a sign of action and duty. The 10th house is a house of career, responsibility and one’s influence over others. Rahu in the 10th house is actually the best house placement for Rahu. A person with Rahu in Capricorn will need to develop a sense of authority and control in this lifetime. Usually these people are a little wary of exerting power or influence over others because they are not in touch with their inner authoritarian. However, when they do try to exert influence, they are pleasantly surprised by the reactions they receive and they often come across as someone who is in firm control of what they are doing. Rahu in 10th house also must learn to take on more and more responsibility. The people with the most responsibilities are the people with the most influence and power. This is what Rahu in Capricorn or 10th house is trying to develop. Rahu in Capricorn or 10th house is a very good placement for Rahu because Rahu represents hidden or subconscious desires and longings, chaos. Capricorn and the 10th house are the exact opposite of chaos as these placements represent authority and control, so naturally Rahu here would have its chaotic nature tempered.

Cancer is the sign of emotions. Ketu in Cancer will rigidly control the emotions. Through developing control in the outer world, Rahu in Capricorn, the person with Ketu in Cancer will then be able to feel the emotions in a balanced manner, rather than rigidly controlling them.

Rahu in Aquarius or the 11th House and Ketu in Leo in the 5th House

Aquarius is a sign of individuality amongst the group, of accepting all of your quirks, personality characteristics and failings completely and totally. Aquarius is a sign of self-realization and self-actualization. When Rahu is here, it is time for the native to take their creativity, ideas and individuality and show it to the world, give their unique gifts to their peers so that they may benefit others. Aquarius, being Air, is a very intellectual sign. Because it is fixed, it is not malleable, as the person with Rahu in Aquarius must relate their fixed identity to their social network.
Ketu in Leo shows a person who is has developed confidence in themselves by following what inspired them in past lives. This person is usually very creative and has a lot of new and interesting ideas. However, the problem lies in the fact that the Ketu in Leo person is shy or unsure about sharing those ideas and creativity with others. To perfect and balance Ketu in Leo, this native must give their gifts to the community no matter if they are ridiculed for them or not. It is important to become influential with your individuality.

Rahu in Pisces or the 12th house and Ketu in Virgo or the 6th house

Pisces is the sign of enlightenment, escapism and relaxation. It is symbolized by water. The 12th house is the house of enlightenment, seclusion transcendental states of consciousness. When Rahu is here, the person needs to let go of work for work’s sake and concentrate on relaxation and a worry-free frame of mind. It is good to do work, but these people need to know when to quit and to go with the flow. Letting go of planning (Virgo and the 6th house) to just set out without a plan or direction is something these natives need to embrace.

Virgo is the sign of the Harvest and when harvesting, much work needs to be done. Ketu in Virgo or 6th house people tend to overwork themselves and do not leave any time for relaxation. Their minds also get cluttered with too many details so they cannot see the big picture. It would do them good not to get too obsessed with details and to take a more spiritual outlook, a more ‘go with the flow’ outlook, instead of trying to control situations through interference and human achievement. Ketu in Virgo people can just burn out on life, and then overcompensate by reverting to extreme escapism through addictions.

A good way to counteract this tendency is to set aside time each day where they completely relax, whether through meditation, a hot bath, or doing something soothing and relaxing. Their minds become too cluttered with duties and details, that they must have time to escape in a healthy way.