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KP or Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrology Software is based on the study of Stellar Astrology. In this, stars are studied to predict an event accurately in one's life. It is most simple and famous in Hindu astrologyas it is easy to apply and understand conceptually. Marriage & Child Astrology Predictions 2021 indicate that during this time, your children will make progress and be seen doing better in their professional life. With this, love between you and your children will grow, which will make your life partner happy.

KrishnamurtiPaddhati normally known to be KP System is sheer hardwork of 20 years of Professor K S Krishnamurti who died in 1972. This system has been invented with the background of difference in the life of twin births, where all other systems failed miserably and could not give any satisfactory explanation. Prof K S Krishnamurti studied all the systems available at that time including Vedic, Jaimini, Western, Nadi in detail and integrated all the useful inputs to give a definite answer to the seekers. This system is capable of pin pointing the occurrence or otherwise of an event. Prof Krishnamurti chose the most accurate astronomical data, placidius chart and well verified Ayanmasa, which is the life line of Nirayana Horoscope. This system significantly stresses on the astronomical data required to form a radical chart. Prof K S Krishnamurti enumerated all the details of this system in the six readers which can be treated as holy books of astrology. He divided the horoscope in two parts:


Kp Compatibility Astrology Sign

  1. Natal: for life long study in which anything to be known can be pin pointed
  2. Horary: for predictions in the absence of the natal horoscope or the accurate time of birth

Free horoscope for taurus 2021. In brief, it can be said that KP System is the only system which is fully scientific to forecast the future without any ambiguity.


Horoscope analysis based counselling can be used (to exemplify a few)

Kp Astrology Chart

  1. Profession/Career: suitable field of career including business, private company job, government job, modelling, acting, politics, field of business, expansion of business, promotion, transfer, deputation, etc;
  2. Higher education- field, whether financed through scholarship or otherwise, whether successful in competition or not, education in a foreign country;
  3. Marriage: marriage-when, materialisation of love affairs, marriage life;
  4. Property issues: when will I own my own house/ vehicle, sale and purchase of property including vehicles- when, whether beneficial or not;
  5. Higher Status: in business, politics, religion, national/ international fame;
  6. Abroad: whether settlement abroad feasible or not, beneficial or not;
  7. Disease: depression, anxiety or surgeries/ accidents etc;
  8. Progeny: infertility, impotency, IUI, IVF, surrogacy required or not, child custody in divorce cases etc.;
  9. Legacy issues: disputes in ancestral property and related issues