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It is true that our mind and heart rule our actions. But, it is not the completetruth as hidden ruler of our actions is heavenly bodies. It is surprising fact forthose who are not aware about Vedic Astrology horoscopes.Hindu or Vedic astrology depicts the right position of planet in anyone's birthchart that is main reason behind all your actions and all the incidents of yourlife.

Feb 13, 2020 - My website: to my astrology school: consultation- http://www.astrologykrs. In an interview with Kapiel Raaj, titled Secrets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Vedic Astrology (KRSchannel, 2015), Vedic astrologer Ernst Wilhelm describes Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in terms of the three gunas or ‘impulses’ of Vedic thought: rajas, sattva and tamas; simply translated here as ‘creation, ‘preservation’. You can’t learn this without first understanding your chart fully. This is why I opened KRSchannel on youtube and bought forth my website astrologykrs. My whole passion in the world of occult is to go deep into the birth chart and divisional charts of astrology, especially Navamsa D9 chart. It has been my obsession since 2003.

The relationship of Leo woman and Virgo man has to go through a lot of rough patches to actually make it work. Virgo man, although it is not easy for him, needs to be more complimenting and less critical of his Leo lady and she has to try to be more generous and less arrogant. Leo man and virgo woman compatible astrology relationship. The Leo man is the zodiac’s king of the jungle – a regal lion of a man who never fails to find the spotlight in any situation, be it social or professional. When a Leo struts into the room, with his catlike lazy swagger, he might seem the picture of nonchalance – but you can bet that he is secretly gauging the effect he’s having,. The association between Pisces man and Virgo woman is very fruitful, as they are one of the most compatible sun signs. Inspite of having such a great connection, there are issues to be taken care of while they are in a relationship which may help in growing the Pisces man and Virgo woman love compatibility stronger.

Since the time immemorial, Vedic astrology has been the vital part of the life ofHindus. Vedic astrology, Indian astrology and Hindu astrology are the synonym termsfor each others. It is solving life's mystery from very ancient time. Vedic astrologycan predict about any sphere of your life on the basis of the position of planetin your birth chart. Vedic astrology horoscopes are decided on the basis of thetime and place of your birth.

Free Vedic astrology report covers every aspect of your life such as health, family,profession, love, lucky factor and many more. Vedic horoscope or Kundali tells theexact position of stars and planet at the time of childbirth. To prepare the kundliafter the child's birth, is very old trend of India. Vedic astrology horoscope alwaysshows the right path to person for whole life with the help of astrological predictions.One can recognize lying opportunities around him as well as solution of problemswith the help of birth chart or vedicastrology horoscope. It indicates towards future actions as well as suggestsmeasures for preventing any kind of unfortunate occasions in your life.

Vedic astrology horoscope clears the dust that is hiding everything from you relatedto your life. Astrological predictions or Horoscope helps you lot when you want to take any crucialdecision of life such as decisions related to the starting of new business, choosingany field as your career, moving into new home and many more. The natives of particularzodiac sign enjoy some sets of characteristic that cause great impact on each andevery action. Due to this fact, Vedic astrology horoscope is very necessary to bestowthe right guidance to any person. Astrological predictions become very essentialduring the selection of spouse to know the compatibility level. Sometimes, peoplewalk on accurate path but they are not able to reach at their destination. It happensdue to the unfavorable impact of planets. In that situation, Vedic astrology horoscopebecomes very important as both reason and remedy can be found with its help.

There are twelve zodiac sign accordingto Indian astrology that are assigned to any person according to his date of birth.These signs are ruled by different planets. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius,Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are the twelve zodiac signof Hindu astrology. The daily horoscope, weekly, monthly, and annual astrological predictions are made on the basis of zodiac signs. Everyzodiac sign is ruled by particular planet such as moon rules cancer while mars ownsAries and Scorpio. Gemini and Virgo are owned by mercury and Jupiter leads the lifeof Sagittarius and Pisces. Venus is also the ruler of two houses one is Taurus andanother is Libra. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn.

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Now, the old tradition of the preparation of birth chart has come into the influenceof technology. These days, anyone can access to online kundli software for preparingthe birth chart. It is very easyto use astrology software as you just need to fill some specific details regardingyour birth to get your birth chart and other details. Online software can be foundon reputed astrology websites. Online birth charts have become trend as they giveright astrological predictions. Online birth chart gives the description about annualpredictions, Dasa Predictions, Sade Sati, Mangal Dosha, Transit, Lal Kitab lifeand Lal kitab astrological predictions. You will also get the suggestion for theBaby names. It is advisable to use vedic astrology horoscope software fromastrological website rather than purchasing them as these websites offer their freeusage.

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So, if you want to increase prosperity and delightful moments in your life thenit will be best to take the aid of Vedic astrology to move forward in right path.Vedic astrology is a proven science that is based on facts and figures. Predictionsbased on Vedic astrological horoscopes prove helpful in every phase of human being's life from the time of till closingof eyes forever.

It’s so hard to define myself as a Vedic astrologer as many think I am. I have never fitted into the traditional scene of anything whether it was school, work, job or the world of traditional Vedic Astrology. I am kind of like James Dean: A Lost rebel without any direction and I like it. A scotch drinking, cigar smoking, basketball playing Jyotish with no mission or destiny. I simply wanted to learn astrology the way I now teach it to the world. I wanted to make things easier of the stupid by a stupid. Yes, I couldn’t understand the higher educational way of learning anything. It was too dry for me to comprehend. I was a stupid who wanted to learn through colors, images and fun. But how could Vedic Astrology be fun, how can someone present it in a way where it’s not dry and bleak like every other website, book and articles? this is where I just said to myself I will be myself and that’s it. The way I react to the world and preserve the world that’s the way I will learn and teach this subject.

For me it has never been about making videos on weekly and monthly horoscopes. That to me is junk astrology which I myself do it without any passion, only on the request of the public. What I an really passionate about is something I wanted for myself; which is to know all the details of our set karmas, our set birth chart. What are my planets doing the moment I was born not what the planets are doing currently. It was more about the past, more about looking into why and how things happened and where am I coming from. You can’t learn this without first understanding your chart fully. This is why I opened KRSchannel on youtube and bought forth my website astrologykrs. My whole passion in the world of occult is to go deep into the birth chart and divisional charts of astrology, especially Navamsa D9 chart. It has been my obsession since 2003. In 2018 I am finally embarking on the journey of having others enjoy my passion for Navamsa chart by bringing the series of planets through houses and signs in D9 on youtube.

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Krschannel Vedic Astrology Mekarbaru Youtube Telugu

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