Legal Matters In Vedic Astrology

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The seventh house in Vedic astrology also deals with the darker side of our relationships, the partnerships we form. Legal battles, divorce, quarrels, enmity, and fines also fall. The 1st, 10th, 7th and 4th house are main pillars of a horoscope. They are called the Angu­lar or Cardinal or Kendra (meaning center in Vedic Astrology) Houses. The next houses to the angles or Kendra viz. 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th are called the Fixed or Succedent or Panapara (meaning material or money related in Vedic Astrology). As per Vedic astrology, two planets that play a major role in choosing ‘Law’ as a Career: Sun and Saturn. Sun represents authority, law, higher ranks, and the likes. On the other hand, Saturn stands for higher ranks and posts in the field of Law such as the post of a ‘Judge’ or any other higher judiciary posts. Writer, Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist & Vastu Expert Shankar Bhattacharjee, a respected & “well known” name in Vedic Astrology field. He was born in a traditional Brahmin family in India – West Bengal – near Kolkata, “The City Of Joy”, which is one of the major.

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    • My name Hemal,,place-Jetpur,Rajkot dist.Gujarat.St.time 10.30AM.
      We have Farm land at Rupavati bill.Jetpur of my late Grand father with other family members legal heir,but due to dispute in ownership due sale deed mistakes,our application rejected.I want to know how support my kundli to fight or settle with opposite partner.This is very old case,we are finding documents,good lawyer etc.Please check it as we face lot of financial crisis. So far.

    • You are asking answers to questions which cannot be evaluated using astrology. Legal fights based on Indian Penal Code or Civil codes do not come under the purview of our ancient astrological axioms. Wayside astrologers will answer any question put to them in your favour and such answers will have no connections with astrology. You can get a scientific evaluation of your own horoscope if you come through Paid consultation which will answer your income/expenditure strengths and possibility of bankruptcy or affluence.

      Mangaluru, Mar 1: There is information that the Jaguar car belonging to certain persons accused in a case, which reportedly was sold during November last when it was with the police, was seen moving around the city even thereafter. Therefore, it has been decided to conduct an investigation based on. Luxury astrology. If you're in the market for some luxury candles whether you want to impress guests or splurge, here are 28 that'll make your home feel fancier. What is a South Node and what does it mean for my zodiac sign? Come and find out. What is a South Node in Astrology? A South Node is an inherited part of your soul that now describes who you are. The South Node is trying to persuade you to change your life because you are different from the past, which is trying to cling to you. When you are born, you are given innate strengths and weaknesses.