Leo August Horoscope 2021

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  • No one puts baby in a corner, Leo! But at times this year, it can feel like you’re being asked to make yourself small. With Jupiter and Saturn in your opposite sign of Aquarius, others seem to be getting more attention.
  • Leo Horoscope 2021 is based on planetary transits and moon phases to your decan. This is a more accurate and authentic method than the use of houses, zones or sectors. October 31, 2020.


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Leo Horoscope 2021: Get Ready To Roar Loudly Leo natives, you are born between July 23 - August 23 and this year you will adopt different points of view and consider making a radical change, whether that’s in your relationships or your career. But, certain circumstances will slow you down and fears will hold you back. 2021 Leo Love Horoscope: Relationships are your raison d’etre in 2021, as expansive Jupiter tours the most twosome-focused parts of your chart—Aquarius and your committed seventh house, and Pisces, the ruler of your intimately bonded eighth house. Indeed, pairing up can bring the greatest adventures this year!

According to the monthly horoscope, you may experience a hitch in your plans in August 2021. Tensions exist between your desire to act and the necessity to take time to firm up the details.

Information comes haltingly in bits and pieces. Expect more “prickly” interactions, as many are more critical or picky and seem to constantly change their minds.

De-stress, not do-stress. Expect small changes and glitches. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Relax on your compulsion to be in control. Be more flexible, accepting and adaptable.

Leo August Horoscope 2021


Love and relationships may have you confounded this month. With Venus as your ruling planet this is an extremely “karmic” month for relationships.

Existing difficulties come to a head. Doors may close or new ones open. If a new love surfaces now it is likely to move quickly into a more serious commitment.

Be aware of your most important relationships. Tread gently—if you close the door now it will be difficult to open again. Watch for ill-considered actions or a cold heart that creates permanent walls.


Slow down, you move too fast . You are likely to feel flooded with too much input, choice, activity or change. You are more prone to nervous tension due to an overstimulated mind or mouth. Slow your mind and body down. Try to find more peace of mind.

Postpone major decisions or important conversations until after September 3. Breathe more deeply—inhale then exhale each to the count of seven to steady your mind and help you synthesize disjointed thought.

Practice techniques that center your energy such as making love to ground yourself back into your body.


Your maternal urge dominates as Venus transits your Sun sign from August 7 through September 6. You are more able to nurture and emotionally support yourself and those around you by providing a stronger emotional cushion or comforting home environment. Just watch going to extremes with too much care taking especially toward the end of the month.

Ask yourself, “Who and what nourishes me?” Consciously bring those people and activities into life now. Take family vacations especially to childhood homes, summer cottages, etc.


The heart of the Lion is restored. Leo’s who have recently suffered ego or heart wounds are renewed and you are revived on the solar return of your birthday. A Solar return, especially for sun-ruled Leo, helps you restore a weakened heart and weariness from life’s troubles. Faithfulness and loyalty are rewarded. Indian vedic astrology institute.

Surround yourself with who and what you love. Don’t push at life with your Leo will rather be receptive to be nourished by those who love you. Try Aloe Vera from the *California flower essence line as it helps you to flow with feelings from the heart outpouring of creativity and spirit results.


Virgo’s are hardest on themselves. In August 2021, you are probably forced to deal with many changes and little daily frustrations.

You may be required to be in hyper motion and feel the nervous tension of so much activity. As a consequence you let the little things upset you and are inclined to pick and nag.

Tension for Virgo’s translates into stomach upset or trouble with lower intestines when overstimulated so stay away from eating when emotional or in a hurry. Avoid caffeine, eating rich foods or eating late at night. Soothe and calm your system rather than stimulate it.


You may feel issues of self-worth or self-esteem rise up. Old relationships may surface or you yet again confront the same tired issues. This creates feelings of barriers and distance.

You may be sensitive to criticism especially about your creative ideas, sense of style or beauty or lack of availability in personal relationships.

Respond gently with the relationships that matter to you most. Be more loving and kind especially to yourself. On the other hand, end difficult relationships now with a sense of relief, as endings can be clean and permanent.


If you are in a committed partnership (personal or professional) this month may be filled with important conversation and discussion.

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Use this month to clear the air. What have you been thinking and not saying? If you have not talked deeply lately take the time to do so.

Try this useful technique, popular with therapists. Daily light a candle between the two of you and each take five minutes to speak what’s on your mind.

The listener agrees to be silent, non-reactive and receptive—although this may take some practice for you fire (Leo, Sag, Aries) and air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Take Calendula* from the California flower essence line to help you be more aware of what it is you are actually feeling.


This one of your most powerful times of the year and is a crucial turning point for your tactics. Huge potent action brews as Jupiter, your ruler, is in auspicious aspect to Saturn especially mid month.

This is much like the opening salvo of battle, a potent auspicious moment, when the Gods are on your side. Genuine co-creative magic can occur.

Don’t underestimate this month. Use it to your advantage. Act courageously, consciously and decisively.


All work and no play Capricorn makes you a good provider but also unavailable or exhausted at home. With your ruler in good relationship to Jupiter, especially mid month, you can move to diffuse underlying tensions.

If your home and family life has suffered from the necessity or compulsion of work, now is the time to remedy this.

Family time should prevail. Restore your connections to your children, partner, family and friends. Family vacations, gatherings, reunions are all favored.

Focus on the needs of children or doing child’s play. It will remind you both of what you are working for and to reclaim the playful child within your hard-worked Capricorn soul.


The August 8 New Moon is the half -year point from your birthday. As such the last two weeks of August is a fine time to re-evaluate this year from a higher perspective.

Literally or figuratively, get ye’ to the mountaintop to reconnect to your greater dreams and vision.

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Practice your “spiritual sadhana,” which is “devotion with effort”. Reaffirm and restate any intention you made six months ago. Keep reinforcing this intention from August 8 through the full moon August 22. Watch the magic happen.


This month is one of the most revealing cycles of the year for Pisces. The planetary combination, acts like a spotlight, making it easier for you to discern between the materialistic, dense and technologically abstract world and the subtle world of intuition, dreams and symbols.

You have greater ability to draw the meaning out of your dreams and to see your life from a more subtle, spiritual or symbolic perspective.

If you have felt cut off or spiritually isolated this is the time to try to get reconnected. Try Angelica* from the California flower essence line. It helps you be more open to and experience genuine feelings of spiritual presence, guidance and protection.