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Taurus and Leo Relationship

Taurus is not the most obvious match for the domineering, free spirit in Leo, however, these zodiac signs may be lucky in the stars to find a life pairing. A relationship between Leo and Taurus is a delicate balance, with both signs being fixed and super hesitant to make a change. Once either of these signs decides they want something or makes a decision, changing their mind is difficult at best.

Both the Leo and the bull are stubborn, but in two different ways. Taurus is ruled by Venus, making this person feminine and emotional. They are traditionalists who want the best family life and the most incredible home with beautiful children and a loving partnership. Leo is more of a free spirit who likes to enjoy things that give them a rush. This desire brings excitement to the relationship; however, it is not always pleasant when these two disagree.

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Taurus and Leo Love Match

With love, Taurus and Leo make an outwardly stunning couple. They are extremely productive when they have the same goals in mind. If these two want to marry, then nothing will stop them from finding the most spectacular venue, meals, and decorations. These two like the best things in life, so luxurious overspending is often a problem. They will indulge at every chance, so having lucrative employment helps keep up the opulent lifestyle they desire so much.

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Taurus and Leo Soulmates

In astrology, making a deep connection as soulmates may or may not be in the stars for this match. They will have to work at it to make sure they understand each other. The hard part of this relationship is making sure they both can endure the discussion long enough to come to a compromise. Disagreements between Taurus and Leo can last a long time, and they will harbor resentful feelings because these two do not like change. Fixed signs are stubborn and do not like to change their mind when they are set on something. If it has to do with the family, Taurus will be the one to stick firm. When the relationship is on a rocky precipice, then Leo is the one who will have the issue with staying in control and compromising.

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Leo yearns for prosperity and notoriety as much as Taurus wants the best home and family. They can spend hours talking about life and what they want to do in their futures. People will see the bull and Leo pair as a power couple whether they are fast friends, long-time coworkers, or inseparable love birds. On the outside, they get along extremely well. Things may be brewing under the surface when these two are not seeing eye to eye, but they usually keep their composure until they get home to discuss things in private.

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Marriage Compatibility

The finer things in life and dreaming about marriage are huge discussions that can easily move these signs past friendship. Courting is a fun time for Leo and Taurus because they want to spoil each other rotten. Leo will find exciting places to take Taurus and lavish them with expensive gifts. Taurus will make homemade dinners, luscious desserts, and plan intimate gatherings at home to surprise their bold lion. Marriage works between Leo and Taurus as long as they can learn to appreciate how much each wants to be the dominant partner. Neither will give, yet finding a way to encourage each other through disagreeing points of view is a challenge.

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Sexual Compatibility

As a fire sign, Leo is a bold lover who will introduce new ideas to Taurus. They will get them to see that change is nice once in a while. Taurus will keep Leo feeling safe when their work-life or other relationships start spinning out of control. Sex is passionate and sensual at times for Taurus and Leo. As long as the lion remains true to the bull and shows them a little romance and sensual time before sex, then Taurus will respond by stroking Leo's ego.

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Taurus and Leo in Bed

Taurus can smother Leo with stagnant sex. The lion needs something new to keep life fresh and exciting. Working through problems in the bedroom will go smoother if Leo and the bull learn how to listen to each other before voicing their feelings. Communication will help iron out problems in the bedroom as long as these two work together on the problem.

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Taurus and Leo trust each other deeply when they fall in love. They will stop at nothing to ensure their partnership remains intact and survives any obstacles. Love will become the top priority for both signs as long as Taurus stays out of the ruts and Leo spends enough time making their partner more comfortable. They can ease the tension by making holidays lavish and spending time working on the home or projects to make family life better for everyone.

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Taurus and Leo Summary

While life is a hard go for the Taurus-Leo pairing, these two are so stubborn they will devastate anything that gets in their way of happiness. These two are a force for whatever they set their minds to change, give, or do together. When these two find love in one another, nothing will stop them from creating the best home and family of any other house on the block. Top of the line means everything to these two, and they will demand better if they feel anything is inferior in their life. Taurus and Leo Celebrity Couples

Celebrity Couples

Mick Jagger asked his fiancé Bianca to sign a 28-page pre-nuptial, to which she vehemently disagreed. Timothy Hutton convinced Debra Winger to marry him with romantic dates. Mel Ferrer wooed a 15 years younger Audrey Hepburn, and they had one son named Sean. Compatibility Rating:

A perfect love match made in heaven

Love match and wedding bells

Love match with potential

This relationship may require some work

A Leo and Leo match ranks very high on the love compatibility meter. Here we have two Fixed Fire Signs joining forces that makes for a very passionate connection. So many sparks are flying between this dual Fire Sign match, that they often even garner attention when they are out in the world. This is the kind of match where the partners are unable to keep their hands off each other. But also both zodiac signs being ruled by the Sun have a special aura around them, and literally glow with each other when they are out in the world. The Leo and Leo match is one that is inspired, passionate, and romantic, and has all of the makings of a steamy and creative romance!

leo and leo Compatibility - The Pros

There is a lot of energy in this dual fire sign love compatibility match. In a Leo and Leo pairing, we have two signs that are ruled by the Sun, and this means that all is glowing and glorious in their worlds almost all the time. You can't get two more optimistic and happy people together in love. Both of these signs are also symbolized by the lion, and thus they both have traits they admire in each other. Those are loyalty, courage, admiration, and bravery. They also both share this unique need to be flattered, and they intuitively understand this about each other as well. This means that they will not think twice about doling out the attention and flattery on their mates. They can't help themselves! So this leads to a mutually satisfying match with a lot of sexual and intuitive chemistry that has the potential to last for some time.

leo and leo Compatibility - The Cons

In the Leo and Leo match, we have two zodiac signs that are ruled by the Sun, and so egos are going to take front and center in this union. Most of the time their passion will feed each other in this area, but on occasion, those egos are going to clash. And you know what happens when two lions go at it in the ring, there can only be one winner. So both of the Leos in this match are going to have to be very careful about how to approach conflict. As well, Leo is a flirt, because they love the attention. And so when you have a match where both parties enjoy this, you can imagine some ruffled manes are going to be the result. This match is an exciting one, but one that swings like a pendulum. The bad times will feel like the worst of times, and they will need to learn how to focus on the positive in each other in order to keep that love flowing.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for the Leo and Leo match to work, both parties in this union are going to need to embrace the good, and let go of the bad. Tempers will need to be kept at bay, and day to day livings will need to not be taken so seriously. The qualities that the two share that are good are the brave, loyal, and inspired qualities that lead to passionate connections. This match is certainly not short of sexual chemistry, and their Fixed nature makes them loyal and committed to each other. Both Leo and Leo will need to reinforce these qualities, and their partner's egos, regularly for this match to last into many decades of love.

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