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The areas ruled by 10th house are profession, occupation, honour, fame, promotion, and so on. The Moon in the 10th house deals more with their profession and related areas. So, when Moon is placed in the 10th house, it may better the professional prospects of the natives. The natives of Moon in 10th house seek to learn new things, and they usually have a clear vision of what they want to. Leo Moon Sign Vedic Astrology Passionate, Ambitious, Romantic and Creative, individuals with moon sign in Leo love to be in control and in spotlight. Even the shiest of Leo moon native craves to be the centre of attraction and attention. They have amazing management and organizing skills.

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Indian Vedic Astrologers give supreme importance to the moon sign (also known as your ‘Rashi’) in the birth chart.

  • Well, the 3rd house stands for short trips, communication, courage, writing and siblings. The presence of the Moon in the 3rd house leads to excessive travelling. As Moon is to do with creativity and originality, so the person becomes imaginative, innovative and intuitive. These natives are usually attached to their siblings and share a good bonding with brother/s and sister/s.
  • Women with Leo moon are forceful, materialistic, and preoccupied with status. However, they are also able to accept responsibilities as a matter of honor, and behave with exceptional grace and dignity in the face of insult and adversity. Men with Leo moon can be braggarts who always want the last word.

Moon impacts mind of a person - emotions, feelings, thinking, behaviour, attitude etc and hence plays a very important role. Moon sign also represent the long term love relationships of a person by representing how they emotionally connect with others.

The first letter of the name that a baby is given during is directly related to the baby’s moon sign. It is advisable to keep name that starts with the given letter, for the maximum impact of the moon sign on the child.

Moon Sign plays an equally important role, if not more, as your Sun Sign especially in Indian Vedic Astrology system. It changes in every two and a half days and hence becomes a more accurate descriptor of us and our life than the sun sign (which changes once in a month). Astrology is a lot more than your Sun Sign!

If you do not know your Moon Sign or Rashi, find it for free by filling your Birth Details here.(We will send you your Horoscope details, note it down for future references.)

Leo Moon Sign Vedic Astrology

Passionate, Ambitious, Romantic and Creative, individuals with moon sign in Leo love to be in control and in spotlight. Even the shiest of Leo moon native craves to be the centre of attraction and attention. They have amazing management and organizing skills. They love to order but also give a sympathetic ears to anyone who is having a hard time. Flattery will take you a long way with them. Leo moon have strong sense of pride and hence may come across as egoistic and arrogant at times. And yes, they are a bit of Drama Queen at heart. ;) Silence and boredom is like a death to them.


Leo moon lives in present and that too quite extravagantly, doing everything with a style. Looks matter a lot to them and how they present themselves to other matters a great deal to them. People with moon in Leo dislike failure and hence take only calculated risks. With a dynamic personality, they are quite popular among their peers. Born leaders, they make a good supervisor but at times may come across as overbearing. They do not take rejection kindly and get sullen when faced with it, making it a matter of their pride. There may be times when they end up playing blame game, just to protect themselves and their loved ones.

It is truly said that no one can truly break a Leo. Leo faces the toughest of time with grit and determination. Optimistic at heart, they know they can overcome everything witht heir will power. It is only very rare to find a Leo moon down in dumps. They always get up to face adverse situation in face.

Institute of vedic astrology in indore delhi. Attached to their family and home, they love being the heart, if not head of the family. They take up every responsibility seriously. Hungry of constant attention, they feel lonely at times, when not given proper attention. But do something even small for them, and watch how this Leo's face and world lights up!

To keep a Leo moon happy, make them feel special. They love being pampered in every way. A romantic gesture, thereaupatic message, extravagant dress, anything that is quite flamboyant makes a good gift for them. Individuals with moon in Leo are very transparent and clear in heart. They show how they feel on their face, no maniplulation.

Leos may need constant attention, but they also demand their independence. They love being hero (or heroine) to the damsels in distress, but only if they listen to advice and follow it to the T. If Leos feel that they are giving advice in vain and other person is only crying and doing nothing about the situation, they stop wasting their time and move on to find another damsel. Leos love needy people but hate getting their personal space invaded.

Leo Moon Sign Compatibility with other Moon Signs

Leo Moon Woman Vedic Astrology Home Decor Love

Moon Sign defines your long term relationships and also determine your success and failure in a relationship. Moon sign compatibility is a very important factor to consider in any love or marriage relationship.

Below is a table showing brief compatibility between Leo moon sign and other moon signs according to Indian Vedic Astrology

A bit of flattery and flirting can melt a Leo heart easily. A Leo moon may come across as attention seeker to some, affectionate and roamtic to others. A Leo moon minds everyone's business, because he/ she is so curious to know about others and to help them. To capture the heart of a Leo, you may have to spend quite a bit on luxurious and stylish gifts. But once you do, you find a heart that takes care of the loved one every moment, through thick and thin.

Vedic astrology leo sun

Leo Moon Woman Vedic Astrology Home Decor 2020

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