Lesbian Astrological Compatibility Chart

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By Acharya Raman

Homosexuality is sexual attraction, act of sex with a person of your own gender. This term is not at all new and there are countries where marriage between people of same sex is legitimate. In west, homosexuality is considered normal. In many countries, it is considered unsocial and inhuman. And, while the world is still debating about homosexuality, people belonging to the community are enjoying their new found identity. The international community is talking about the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights. Different organizations are working to help these people live a normal life.

Even in India, the court in an epic judgment has ruled that Homosexuality is not a crime. In this article, we will analyze Kundlis of two men who are homosexuals. Is there any relation between the placement of the stars in your Kundli and your sexual behavior? Lets find out more with the help of an example.

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Astrology is a vast science and has reasons for all things that touch human lives. Below, I am giving horoscopes of two male homosexuals and reasons that make an individual behave in a certain way. We seek answers from astrology. What are the astrological reasons that make a person get attracted to the person of same gender?

Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Male - 1: 24-9-1983, 14:48, 77w42'32'--40N39'51'

MALE 2: 6TH JULY 1981, 18:45, 75E59' 32N32'

Male 1 is from USA and male 2 is from India. For someone to be a homosexual, he or she should first of all have afflicted Moon. And since it is a sexual act we are talking about, so Mars and Venus also should have some role to play.

Please note in chart (1):

  • (a) Venus, Mars, Mercury are in 8th house in Placidus house system and Mercury is retrograde.
  • (b) Moon is aspected by Saturn, and Rahu is in 6th house.
  • (c) In Navamsa, for same chart, again the Moon is exalted but its dispositor is with Mars in a fiery sign.

In chart (2):

  • (a) Moon is in 8th house in Placidus chart system.
  • (b) Moon is hemmed between Rahu and Saturn, apart from Venus and Jupiter. Thus, Venus and Jupiter are also afflicted.
  • (c) In Navamsa, Moon is aspected by Saturn and Sun both. Jupiter is falling on Rahu-Ketu axis and Venus is in Scorpio, the 8th sign in natural zodiac.

Mars and Venus are main planets to see sexual activities of a human. Mars affliction makes one passionate in sexual activities; so does Rahu. We saw that these planets are in evil houses and are afflicting Moon.

What Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible

Also, Moon is in male signs in both the charts. Male planets in female signs and vice-versa generate a tendency of attraction between the people of same gender; it is seen in many charts. Affliction to Moon & Venus by Mars, Rahu, Saturn (Eunuch Planet), Mercury (Eunuch Planet) generates homosexuals. This has to be seen in Rasi chart and Navamsa Chart and position of planet in house in Placidus chart.

How To Find Astrological Compatibility

Now, we know that certain planets and their placement rule our sexual behavior. With this article, we hope that you can understand homosexuality with a new perspective. Astrology provides us much needed explanations to many of our questions.