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Scorpio and Libra compatibility takes a hit when it comes to trusting each other. And in that case, it is not the fault of the Scorpio person either. With analyses and observations of centuries, astrologers have concluded that Libra is a sign that seeks so much public approval and praise, it effectively lives off it. Libra and Scorpio can bring great, diametrically opposite energies into any venture they work together in. Libra brings a beautiful mix of creativity, logic and philosophical touch and Scorpio infuses passion, hard work and smartness.

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Scorpio’s unpredictable nature immediately intrigues Libra, who enjoys collecting interesting people. Scorpio satisfies Libra’s need for affection— and then some—and Scorpio’s jealousy will flatter Libra.
But Libra is an inconstant flirt, and Scorpio is supersensitive and touchy.

Intense Scorpio takes love and commitment seriously; Libra wants a partner to enhance its own image.
Libra’s on-again-off-again attitude toward love will frustrate and upset Scorpio. This mating isn’t likely to lead to anything permanent.

Scorpio Woman Libra Man

You are apt to find men born under the sign of Libra too wrapped up in their own private dreams to be really interesting as far as love and romance are concerned.

Quite often, he is a difficult person to bring back down to earth. It is hard for him to face reality at times.

Although he may be very cautious about weighing both sides of an argument, he may never really come to a reasonable decision about anything.

Decision making is something that often makes the Libra man uncomfortable. He would rather leave that job to someone else. Don’t ask him why for he probably doesn’t know himself.

Qualities such as permanance and constancy are important to you in a love relationship. The Libra man may be quite a puzzle for you.

One moment he comes on hard and strong with declarations of his love; the next moment you find he’s left you like yesterday’s mashed potatoes. It does no good to wonder what went wrong. Chances are nothing, really. It’s just one of Libra’s strange ways.

He is not exactly what you would call an ambitious person. You are perhaps looking for a mate or friend with more drive and fidelity.

You are the sort of person who is interested in getting ahead—in making some headway in the areas that interest you.

Libra is often contented just to drift along. He does have drive, however, but it’s not the long-range kind.

He’s interested in material things. He appreciates luxuries and the like, but he may not be willing to work hard enough to obtain them. Beauty and harmony interest him.

He’ll dedicate a lot of time arranging things so that they are aesthetically pleasing. It would be difficult to accuse the Libra man of being practical; nine times out of ten, he isn’t. Leo sagittarius compatibility cafe astrology.

If you do begin a relationship with a man born under this sign, you will have to coax him now and again to face various situations in a realistic manner. You’ll have your hands full, that’s for sure.

But if you love him, you’ll undoubtedly do your best to understand him—no matter how difficult this may be.

If you take up with a Libra man, either temporarily or permanently, you’d better take over the task of managing his money.

Often he has little understanding of financial matters. He tends to spend without thinking, following his whims.

Libra And Scorpio Compatibility Cafe Astrology

The Libra father is patient and fair. He can be firm without exercising undue strictness or discipline.

Although he can be a harsh judge at times, with the kids he will radiate sweetness and light in the hope that they will grow up imitating his gentle manner.

In the interest of harmony, the Libra father may hide a few unpleasant facts of life from the youngsters. You will have to intervene and teach the kids about the birds and the bees, as well as the education needed to prepare them for real life.

Scorpio Man Libra Woman

As the saying goes, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Whoever said it must have had the Libra woman in mind.

Her changeability, in spite of its undeniable charm, could actually drive even a man of your patience up the wall.

She’s capable of smothering you with love and kisses one day, and on the next avoid you like the plague.

Scorpio is a man of steel nerves, so you probably can tolerate her sometime-ness without suffering too much.

However, if you own up to the fact that you’re only a mere mortal who can only take so much, then you’d better fasten your attention on a woman who’s somewhat more constant.

But don’t get the wrong idea. A love affair with a Libra is not bad at all. In fact, it can have an awful lot of pluses to it.

Libra women are soft, very feminine, and warm. She doesn’t have to vamp all over the place in order to gain a man’s attention.

Her delicate presence is enough to warm the cockles of any man’s heart. One smile, and you’re putty in the palm of her hand.

She can be fluffy and affectionate—things you like in a woman. On the other hand, her indecision about which dress to wear, what to cook for dinner, or whether to redo the rumpus room could make you tear your hair out.

What will perhaps be more exasperating is her flat denial of the accusation that she cannot make even the simplest decision.

The trouble is that she wants to be fair or just in all matters. She’ll spend hours weighing pros and cons. Don’t make her rush into a decision; that will only irritate her.

The Libra woman likes to be surrounded by beautiful things. Money is no object where beauty is concerned.

There will always be plenty of flowers in the house. She’ll know how to arrange them tastefully, too. Women born under this graceful sign are fond of beautiful clothes and furnishings. They will run up bills without batting an eye—if given the chance.

Once she’s cottoned to you, the Libra woman will do everything in her power to make you happy. She’ll wait on you hand and foot when you’re sick and bring you breakfast in bed.

She’ll be very thoughtful and devoted. If anyone dares suggest you’re not the grandest man in the world, your Libra wife will give that person a piece of her mind.

The Libra mother is well-balanced and moderate, and will overcome any extremes or disharmony in the family household. She will create an environment sensitive to the needs of every child.

The Libra mother understands that young ones need both guidance and encouragement as they grow and change. Her youngsters will never lack for anything that would make their lives easier and richer.

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Romance and Love Life between Scorpio & Libra

Romance and love between Libra and Scorpio can be delightful because both have similar relationship needs. Libra and Scorpio love compatibility involves both wanting a long-term, loyal and stable connection. Libra brings the romance to the relationship and Scorpio brings the passion. Libra won’t struggle with expressing their love with words, gifts, and gestures. Scorpio will adore this, but it will take time and patience on Libra’s part before Scorpio reciprocates. Libra might love Scorpio to bits but still enjoy flirting at times which Scorpio will not tolerate. For their love to flourish, Libra might need to scale down their provocative and teasing qualities. Scorpio might need to accept that Libra needs freedom in a relationship and be more flexible and open-minded.

Sexuality and Physical Compatibility between Scorpio & Libra

Sexuality and physical compatibility between a Libra and Scorpio involve shared chemistry but also plenty of effort and understanding where each other’s needs are concerned. Both love and need regular sex in their lives. Libra will be taken aback by Scorpio’s intensity, passion, and confidence initially, but could find Scorpio to be too physically and emotionally demanding and not bringing enough love to their connection. Scorpio needs deep emotional bonding and could find Libra to be too reactive and shallow. However, with both putting considerable emphasis on the need for a committed relationship, any hurdles can be overcome with a willingness on both sides.

Intellectual Compatibility and Communication between Scorpio & Libra

Libra And Scorpio Compatibility Cafe Astrology

Intellectual compatibility and communication between a Libra and Scorpio can be strong but also strengthened with a bit more trust between them. Libra craves balance in their connection and won’t understand – or tolerate – Scorpio’s desire to control it. Scorpio can also be intense with questioning. Although this is done to learn everything about Libra and isn’t done to be interrogative, it can create a further imbalance that Libra will struggle with. Amorous Libra is open with emotions while secretive Scorpio plays it cool, leading to frequent misunderstandings. Libra wants a loving, intellectually-stimulating relationship. Scorpio wants an intuitive bonding of souls but entirely on their terms. Both can enjoy deep conversations, but Libra might draw the line at how deep and dark Scorpio can be inclined to take them.

Strengths and Weaknesses between Scorpio & Libra

Strengths of a Libra and Scorpio relationship will likely involve deep levels of intrigue on both sides that brings them together. Both are very creative and will have many shared interests in films, music and possibly the arts. Libra will be flattered to receive such focus and attention from Scorpio – initially, anyway. The weaknesses of a Libra and Scorpio relationship could surround Libra feeling as if they’ve revealed everything about themselves to the deeply curious Scorpio only to find Scorpio has no intention of opening up to them. Libra avoids saying anything hurtful, and Scorpio won’t think twice about making cutting or sarcastic comments if they feel slighted in any way. Libra’s flirtatious tendencies can provoke Scorpion jealousy, and unless the bond of love between them is exceptionally strong, both could soon tire of each other’s contrasting attitudes toward relationships.

General Compatibility between Scorpio & Libra

General Compatibility between a Libra and Scorpio combines shared intrigue and charisma. However, once the intrigue wears off and the charm has waned, they might question if their relationship offers the longevity they need. Libra is on a lifelong mission to find ‘the perfect partner,’ and with Scorpio, Libra might feel they’re with someone too dark and mysterious. Libra needs a well-balanced relationship, while Scorpio puts deep, emotional connecting and passionate, sexual intimacy at the top of their list. Libra understands and encourages balanced companionship, while Scorpio can be too jealous, possessive, and secretive for Libra.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman compatibility will likely take time to form and won’t be instantaneous. The Libra Man is accommodating, charming, and could find the Scorpio Woman to be intense, dramatic, with an abundance of nervous energy. It will be a shared sense of intrigue on both sides that take a casual introduction into deeper territory. However, the Libra Man views the world calmly, intellectually and through intelligent use of words and stimulating debates. The Scorpio Woman is powerfully intuitive, highly volatile and driven by emotions. The Libra Man might struggle to understand why the Scorpio Woman’s life is so rollercoaster-like emotionally. The Scorpio Woman might not understand how the Libra Man can get through life so calmly and without releasing intense and passionate emotions frequently.

Are Libra And Scorpio A Good Match


Libra Woman and Scorpio Man

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man compatibility can get off to a great start if the Libra Woman’s intrigue surrounding the Scorpio Man is based on her wanting to get past his brooding intensity to the sensitive and protective person behind it. She will sense the importance he puts on trust, and, to her, trust is integral to the relationship balance she needs. The Scorpio Man will use his sharp intuition to see past the Libra Woman’s charming, sociable, and elegant qualities to the caring, generous and amorous person behind them. With a Libra Woman and Scorpio Man, compatibility involves carefully assessing each other before one makes the first move. If true love exists, then this relationship can last for a long time past the initial stages of fascination.