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Well I thought I would first go annonymous about it because of the sensitivity of the story, but then if I don't accept the truth about myself who else is going to? Greenstone also makes predictions about politics, sports and celebrity-related events. December full moon 2021 astrology. Some of his well-documented/published predictions have proved spot on time and again. You can find them in the Popular Predictions section on this website.

  1. Lobo Astrologer Predictions
  2. Lobo Astrologer Predictions
Greenstone Lobo

The author of the book, ‘What is your true zodiac sign’, Greenstone Lobo, is a modern research based scientific astrologer. He read his own birth chart at the age of 16 and since then has been fascinated by this divine science. An interesting saying goes, 'An expert is one who has made all possible mistakes in a narrow field'. Greenstone would like to believe himself to be one. At the time of his graduation in chemistry, his notebooks were filled with more horoscopes than chemical formulae. He has been committing mistakes and correcting himself since then.

What started as a hobby in 1989 became a passion and he has spent the last 26 years delving into various aspects of Astrology. As of now, he has a personal collection of over 15000 horoscopes of celebrities and people from all walks of life. Besides birth details, he has also tabulated some major events of these people's life. Very few astrologers have such a huge systematic collection.

Initially Greenstone approached astrology with a lot of skepticism. Later he developed a scientific temperament towards it and got into a discovery mode. Over the years he has painstakingly built much evidence to convince himself that astrology works … scientifically. He has elucidated different theories with numerous examples and these can be duplicated by anyone.

In the process, he has busted many myths about astrology, and laid out the correct interpretation and explanations. He has propounded the correct and appropriate planetary combinations for Sade sati, mangalik, kala sarp yog etc., based on his extensive research on each of these interesting but myth filled subjects.

Lobo Astrologer Predictions

Greenstone continues to do research and has pioneered some scientific methodologies to calculate longevity, widowhood, wealth, fame, marriage, family, marital discord, sex and related issues, career, secret areas of life, travel, death etc.

Greenstone has bridged the gap between Vedic and western astrology and created a revolutionary method of including all these outer planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in his predictions. But most importantly, the calculations were done in the vedic way or the nirayana method. The purist would scoff at the idea of including Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in the Nirayana system. But, this is the best fool proof method that Greenstone has found after numerous trials and errors and he has proved time and again that this works and this is the right way to do it.

Besides these three outer planets, Greenstone has also researched planets which are not known to and not used by western astrologers as well. He has discovered four more planets, asteroids and comets which also affect us. He has conclusive evidence that these planetary bodies too have a major impact on the life and times of human beings. He currently refers to two of these celestial bodies as 'Planet-X' and 'Planet-Y' in his predictions. In an appropriate forum, he would reveal the true identity, cause and effect of these planets in the future. These planets are extremely powerful and some of them are even more powerful than Uranus or a Pluto. If these planets are not included in the horoscopes then accurate readings cannot be done. Greenstone has spent the last 15 years researching these external planets and would reveal more about them in the future.
Greenstone also makes predictions about mundane, political, sports and celebrity related events. He has made some brilliant predictions which are well documented and published. Greenstone writes a Saturday weekly column for the popular newspaper, DNA titled 'Octozone', which focuses exclusively on sports predictions. His most popular set of prediction include India’s winning the cricket world cup in 2011 and Australia’s winning the same in 2015.

In his maiden book on astro-psychology, Greenstone has busted the myth that human beings can be only divided into 12 categories. He would attempt to bust many such myths about certain interesting aspects of astrology in future too.

Lobo Astrologer Predictions

To know more about Greenstone, his research, his works and predictions please do visit the below link.